New Free Spins Widget from NetEnt

NetEnt is committed to providing players with the best online gaming experience possible. Over the years, the company has created plenty of exciting innovations that aim to keep players entertained and reward them as they play their favourite games. Now, NetEnt has introduced a new tool that keeps the excitement coming.

The new Free Spins Widget from NetEnt offers online casinos a new way to reward players, adding a whole new level of excitement to online gaming. Whenever online casino operators provide players with free spins, they’ll be able to use the widget. It is a prize wheel minigame that offers players a random number of free spins. Rather than just offering players a set number of free spins, the widget puts some control into the players’ hands.

To get an idea of how it works, check out the video below:

Casino operators will be able to fully customise the widget to suit their promotions. They can decide which games and how many free spins will be on offer, making the widget unique and engaging for all players to enjoy.

“Free Round Widget is a great addition to NetEnt Engage™, which is packed full of performance-boosting products and features, and another example of how NetEnt is committed to driving the online casino market forward through better gaming solutions. We understand the huge value in placing player engagement at the fore and are constantly working on innovative and exciting ways to facilitate this.” 

This is the first tool in the new NetEnt Engage portfolio. We hope to see more exciting new developments from NetEnt in terms of online gaming promotions. The company is certainly establishing itself as a leader in online casino reward tools, and it will be great to see what other great tricks the company has up its sleeve.

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