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Take a walk on the wild side! Double Leopard is an online casino game from Everi Interactive. The game features a green fauna-themed background, with a pair of leopards watching your every move above the slots. The game includes the chance to double or quadruple your winnings when combined with either one or two Double Leopard symbols in a combination of either 7s or BARs. If you land the trifecta of Double Leopard symbols, you’ll receive 10,000 credits! The RTP of this slot is 95.95%.

Double Leopard RTP (Payout) & Volatility

Double Leopard from Everi Interactive has an RTP (return to player) or payout ratio of 95.95%. The payout ratio means the percentage of money that players on average could win back from their total wagers. Hypothetically, if you bet 100 on Double Leopard, you might expect to win back 96. However, please note that this number is an average and not a guarantee. As always with games of this type, some may win bigger sums of money, and some may lose money. Because the Return To Player is less than 100 per cent, even with the highly volatile games, players will encounter some losses along the way. Double Leopard is considered a high-volatility game, which means that you can win big if you’re lucky - but the wins are few and far between. This is opposed to a low-volatility game, which would have more regular but smaller wins.

Double Leopard Slot Graphics & Theme

With a green fauna-themed background, and a pair of leopards watching your every move above the slots, you’ll feel as though you have been transported to the jungle to take the risk and win double. When you hit a winning combination of 7s or BARS, coupled with any number of Double Leopard symbols, the screen will appear to throw gold coins at you to really show how big you’ve won.

A leopard symbolizes strength, perseverance, and power - with its distinctive blue eyes showing how rare and mystical this creature truly is. To catch a glimpse of a leopard is seen as lucky - just as in the Double Leopard game catching a symbol of this kind is lucky for the player, as it means a big win! The graphics are in a very traditional casino style with a jungle twist. This classic style may not be as exciting as more modern games on the market, such as Double Da Vinci Diamonds free slot, which has a similar gaming set-up. However, Double Da Vinci Diamonds free slot has more of a narrative and a variety of interesting graphics.

Double Leopard Slot

How to Play Double Leopard Slots

When you play the Double Leopard game, you’ll see that there are six reels, three rows and a multitude of ways to win. The goal is to line up a winning combination on adjacent reels, beginning with the reel furthest to the left. The more Double Leopard symbols that you can line up in combination with 7s or BARs, the bigger the opportunity to win!

There are nine ways that you can win, with a maximum bet of 45 credits. To start the game, simply press the SPIN button or alternatively you can press the spacebar. You can also press either the SPIN or space bar to stop the reels.

The Double Leopard set-up includes a section below the game which shows how many credits you have, how many wins you have obtained and your betting information (how much you bet per play, as well as the betting feature that you have selected). To the bottom left corner, there’s also a blue help button and a volume button.

There’s also the Auto button, which can help you to have a fast and streamlined gaming experience. As the player, you can continually make bets to create a range of spins that will only stop to rack up your winnings. Once you’ve set the process of Auto spins in motion, you can press the Auto button to finish the series of bets.

The lines that you can win are clearly marked as a visual guide when taking your spin. The lines that successfully create a win are highlighted when you match up a winning combination. For those of you familiar with Everi gaming, Double Panther is essentially the same as their Black Diamond Slot game, which also features a three-reel, nine-line set-up. Another feline-inspired slot with the same set-up is the Super Jackpot Double Lion, which only differs by having three different feline symbols that can be combined to claim progressive jackpot prizes.

Double Leopard Bonus Features & Free Spins

Double Leopard is somewhat of a traditional machine with worthy extras, features and free spins. The Double Leopard symbol acts as a wild and can also be combined with a winning line of either 7s or BARs to double or even quadruple your earnings.

Double Leopard Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

Double Leopard runs on an RNG, which means that there’s no way to strategize or manipulate the outcome of the game. The best tips we can offer for Double Leopard are to make sure you’re on top of your bankroll management - in other words, you’re only spending what you can afford to. That way you can calculate having enough spins (we recommend being able to afford at least 50) so that you have enough wagers to ensure that you can accumulate wins during your session. It also helps to play the game in its demo version first so that you can get the hang of how the game works and be ready for when the stakes involve money. This way, you’ll also benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of how the game works and the features before you start your session, so you can avoid any beginner’s mistakes.

Double Leopard Demo Play / Free Play

Double Leopard can be played here at Slots Temple as a demo slot. If you enjoy giving this game a spin, there are plenty of other exciting Everi games for you to enjoy for free too. You can also play to win money at other online casinos that feature Everi casino games.

Made by Casino Gaming Veterans

Slots Temple is one of the best online casinos to play Everi online slots free. Everi is the combination of two industry gaming companies, Global Cash Access, Inc. and Multimedia Games, Inc. Their repertoire of products includes both software and products that provide secure casino interactions. Everi is an established casino brand, owning over 300 licences, providing services and products (including over 20,000 slot machines) for over 1000 international casinos. As of 2012, Everi began distributing online casino games via third party platforms, with their products ranking highly against other games on each site. In 2017, Everi launched their first fully loaded online casino games and has gone on to develop its own remote game server to deliver their own content to casinos and online casino channels with ease. The interactive division of the company has two goals in mind: to build loyalty between players and gaming operators and to allow casinos to provide the best possible gaming content.

Double Leopard Review & Rating

Double Leopard is a wild but fun online casino slots game which translates perfectly to become popular both as an online game and as a physical game on the casino floor. The graphics portray a traditional casino vibe but with a jungle-inspired feline twist.

It’s a game that is straightforward to use. It doesn’t take too much to figure out the ins and outs of how to work the variables to work to your advantage. The fact that there are plenty of almost identical games on the market, even from the same game distributor, is proof that this style of casino games is popular. However, because it’s almost identical to other games, there’s nothing that particularly stands out about this game over its other variations. Overall, we would give this game a medium review rating, as it is essentially a remake of a classic - and classics never go out of style.

Double Leopard FAQs

Can you tell me how to win at Double Leopard Slot?

To win while playing Double Leopard, you have to land more than three of the same symbols in a group. So long as the sides or tops and bottoms are touching, you’ll win. If you’re lucky enough to land a winning combination of 7s or BARs with at least one Double Leopard symbol, you’ll double your winnings! Whenever a win occurs, coins will flow from the screen!

Can I play Double Leopard Slot on mobile?

You can play Double Leopard slots on any iOS, Android or Windows device. The game is optimised to fit any screen. There is no need to download Double Leopard - it’s a game built in HTML5 so that you can launch it in your browser on both desktop and mobile.


Disclaimer: Double Leopard trademark / license is owned by Everi Interactive. This site is not endorsed by Everi Interactive.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Double Leopard
Software: Everi Interactive
RTP: 96
Volatility: Low volatility
Paylines: 9
Reels: 3
Min Bet (all lines covered): £0.90 (GBP)
Max Bet: £450 (GBP)
Top Win: 500000
Features: 3 Reels, Low volatility, Wild Symbol, Multiplier
UK Available in GB? Game is not available in GB.

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