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Forbidden Throne drags us deep into fantasy land - with ice, fire and themes that make you think of Game of Thrones. While the game loads, the background is a gothic stone window. Then the main screen comes up - fantastic graphics, set against a mysterious landscape of mists and mountains. There are five wild reels - these are full height, brilliantly realised images. There are two guardians: Wulthor, the Lord of Fire, looks every inch the young prince, holding a sword. Sorconass, the Ice Queen, is a scantily clad vision in ice blue. There's a phoenix, a shining silver unicorn, and a remote castle perched high on a rock. At least one of these expanding wilds will appear on every spin, both during the main game and during any free spins. That's not all that's different though. There's a beautiful round orb that's a cross between a jewel and a luminous golden stone. This is the scatter, and it can sit on top of the wild reels. When you see three, four or five of this stone, it triggers the free spins.

Free spins in Forbidden Throne

Five of the luminous gold stone orbs get you 30 free spins, four of them win you 20 free spins and three of them get you 10 free spins. The great news is, that during the free spins feature, free spins can be retriggered - thanks Microgaming, we love retriggers and Microgaming software reliably provides them!

The lines you're playing during free spins, and the coins you're getting, are always the same as the ones you were using when you triggered the free spins - but that's standard for nearly all slots. Payouts during the free spins game are the same as in the base game.

The Forbidden Throne wild

This is a mysterious stone with the words Forbidden Throne on it. Five of these multiply your bet by 2,500, four will yield 500, three get you 150 and 2 get you a 10 times multiplier. The wild can substitute for any symbol except for the gold orb scatter.

Forbidden Throne Slot

Payout multiples for Forbidden Throne jewels and symbols

There's a beautiful amber and gold jewelled amulet which heads the win list, with five worth 1,000, four worth 200, and three worth 75.

The next most valuable piece is the snowflake jewel - a bit of a reminder of Game of Thrones - winter is coming! Five snowflakes are worth 500, four give you 125 and three give you 45.

The gold helmet is worth 250 for five, 75 for four and 35 for three. The golden headband with the red jewel pays 200 times for five, 60 times for four, and 25 times for three. The beautiful old book of spells is worth 100 for five, 50 for four and 25 for three.

The ruby is worth 75, 40 and 15 for five, four and three appearances respectively.
The triangular amber jewel is worth 55, 35 and 15 for five, four and three appearances.
The rectangular golden stone is worth 50, 30 and 10 for five, four and three appearances.
The sapphire pays out 45, 25 and 5 for five, four and three appearances.
The emerald pays out 40, 20 and 5 for five, four and three appearances

Any line win gets counted from the leftmost reel to the one on the far right, and only the highest win is paid out. Because you've got a set 40 paylines, the total bet is 40 multiplied by the number of coins you bet.

The return to player (RTP) is notionally 96.01%. However, as all regular players know, this figure is a bit misleading. It's 96.01% over thousands and thousands of spins. You may experience much more or less when playing a few sessions. This is definitely a high volatility slot though - sure you can win up to 500 times your stake, but you'll watch those credits burn up steadily, waiting for the big one. Another great reason to play for free at Slots Temple, where you get all the enjoyment of this brilliant game, absolutely free.

Customising gameplay in Forbidden Throne

As with most #MicroGaming slots, Forbidden Throne is very customisable, allowing you to play around with the game's interface to suit your playing style.

If you look at the dashboard at the bottom of the screen, you'll see the standard three dots logo, to indicate that a menu of options is available. Click on this and you'll see a set of icons for the various options - only the ones that are white rather than grey, are active. For Forbidden Throne, this is usually the Settings icon (the round hub) and the Paytable icon (the i).

Click on Settings to adjust the resolution of the graphics. You can choose from basic or enhanced, although you'll have to restart the game to notice any difference. There's a warning that changing the settings may affect system performance. This could mean pages taking longer to load if you have a poor connection and switch from basic to enhanced graphics. The settings will take effect on both mobile and tablet.

You can also adjust the game's sound. You can switch win sounds on or off, game sounds on or off, or background sounds on or off. You do this by clicking on the green button, to switch off, at which point the button goes grey.

The final gameplay setting in the Settings box is for Quickspin. You can select to have Quickspin in force all the time, just during free spins, or just during the main game.

In some versions of Forbidden Throne, the help icon (question mark) is also active and provides help with the game rules.

Customising your wager in Forbidden Throne

This option is easy to miss! If you look at the game dashboard at the bottom of the screen, there's a small downward pointing arrow on the left-hand side, just by the Credits amount. Click on this and the "Balance" box opens. This allows you to view your remaining balance on the dashboard, either in credits or in coins. Click either box to choose the way you want to see your balance, and the display on the dashboard will change accordingly.

Obviously, the size of your bet is a combination of the coin size you've chosen and the size of bet you've opted for. You can adjust both of these, by clicking on "Bet". The box that opens has sliders for adjusting the size of your coins, and the number of coins you want to bet. As you adjust these, you'll see the total bet size displayed under "Bet".

The smallest coin value is 0.1 and the biggest is 0.5. In the same box, you'll see a Coins figure. This shows how many coins you have currently chosen to wager. The maximum is 10, so if you have chosen 7, you'll see 7/10. The lowest amount is 1 coin. If you're feeling lucky and just want to go all out, simply click Max Bet. The coin size will be set to 0.5, and the number of coins for each bet will be 10.

There's also an even quicker way to do a maximum bet - just click the Max Bet button next to the Spin arrow in the middle of the dashboard, and your current bet will be overridden with the Max Bet values.

Setting Autoplay in Forbidden Throne

Click on Autoplay, to see options for setting automatic spins. You'll see a box offering you 10, 25 or 50 spins. Want more? No problem, just click on the downward arrow inside the box to see 100 spins. Quite why they just couldn't display all four spin options together, is anybody's guess, but that's how it works in this version. Some MicroGaming games have more functionality on the Autoplay button, for example, you can stop the Autoplay if you win, but in Forbidden Throne it's fairly basic.

Keeping track of your Forbidden Throne game stats

If you look down at the playing dashboard, it's also easy to miss the little downward arrow at the far right of the dashboard. Click on this to see your game results, statistics and win history. The box that opens has two tabs - "Stats" and "Wins". On the Stats tab, you can see the number of games you've played, the games per hour and also how long this playing session has lasted - that's shown in "Session Time".

If you have a feeling that you're spending a bit too long playing, this is a great way to check how long you've actually been on Forbidden Throne. It's so immersive it's easy to forget how much time you've spent - so this is a great way to check. The other information on the "Stats" tab is your top three highest wins. There's a note at the bottom to remind you that these numbers only apply to your current game session. You can, in any case, clear the slate by using the Reset button at the bottom of the Stats page. The "Wins" tab lists your most recent win, along with your top five highest wins.

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However, no look at fantasy games would be complete, without the Game of Thrones slots version of the mega-hit show, created from George R R Martin's books. MicroGaming negotiated the rights to the title. It has to be said, that at first, the graphics seem a tad tame. There are lots of playing counters and an Iron Throne, nicely executed but nothing like as captivating as the graphics in Forbidden Throne.

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Forbidden Throne is a great game - is it better than Game of Thrones itself? Possibly - you'll have to make your own decision when you've tried both. What's clear is that with Avalon II, GoT and Forbidden Throne, MicroGaming is clearly after its own iron throne in slots fantasy land!

* Forbidden Throne trademark / license is owned by Microgaming. This site is not endorsed by Microgaming.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Forbidden Throne
Software: Microgaming
RTP: 96.01%
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 40
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.4
Max Bet: 20
Top Win: 50
Features: Wild Symbol , Scatter Symbol , Free Spins , Medium volatility , 5 Reels

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