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Little Dragons from Novomatic

If you haven’t come across the Novomatic brand before, we’re prepared to bet that you’re a newcomer to the world of casino slots. That’s because Novomatic has been a leading player in the casino industry for almost 40 years, creating, manufacturing and distributing land-based gaming machines to countries around the world.

Although it has vast experience in the land-based casino industry, Novomatic only began dipping a toe into the online waters as recently as 2011. Acquiring Greentube, which already had the technology in place to deliver slots games to online players, it has mainly concentrated on converting some of its most popular land-based titles for an online audience, with great success.

With so many years of experience in the world of slots games, Novomatic knows exactly what players are looking for in their gaming experience. Instead of trying to become an innovator, the company has concentrated its efforts on creating high-quality games packed with the features that players love. One of the most important aspects of catering to an online audience is to ensure that games load quickly with the minimum of fuss and without munching up precious data allowances in the process. Most of its games, including Little Dragons, have been created using HTML5 for the most seamless experience across all devices and platforms. Whether you enjoy playing your favourite slots games on your mobile and tablet or you like the bigger screens of your desktop and laptop, you can be sure you’ll enjoy the same great experience every time you play.

Our initial impressions of Little Dragons

We suspected from the title that baby dragons would be involved in this game, but we weren’t anticipating that they would be as cute as these ones. That’s because this is an Asian-themed slots game, so the dragons are very different from our perception of these mythical creatures in the western world.

According to the Chinese, dragons represent strength, power and good fortune, so their appearance on the reels of an online slots game is extremely auspicious for players. However, these are small, cute, infant dragons, so it’s reasonable to assume that they haven’t yet reached the height of their powers. Will they be strong enough to help you build up an impressive prize pot? Only time will tell, but they’d certainly win themselves an award for cuteness; they’re all drawn in cute colours with huge eyes, making them a real delight to look at.

There are four of these little creature on the reels, all charmingly brought to life by the skilled graphic artists at Novomatic. The highest-paying of these little cuties is the purple dragon with a tiny horn at the centre of his forehead, followed by an orange lion with something of a lion cub about him. Next comes a cute little green fellow, who seems to be in possession of some sort of tortoise-like shell on his back, followed by the sweetest little pink flying dragon. They’re all beautifully drawn, with great attention to detail.

As with so many games of this type, you’ll also find a selection of poker cards appearing on the reels. The very earliest slots machine ever created featured poker cards, and since then, they’ve never really gone out of fashion. Some games manufacturers skimp on the details of these symbols, but not Novomatic. Here they have been beautifully rendered to appear almost three-dimensional, with delicate highlighting and outlined in gold. The higher-value court cards are adorned with crowns and precious jewels, so the entire game oozes quality.

As an Asian-themed online slots game, it’s no surprise that the Wild is a Yin-Yang symbol, and the fact that it brings multipliers in its wake is greatly appreciated. The game’s Scatter, meanwhile, is the classic Chinese ingot. Unlike the plain, gold bars that we are used to seeing in this part of the world, the traditional Chinese gold ingot, or sycee, is created in the shape of a boat. This is reportedly because they were originally used as a form of currency for the Emperors, who chose the boat shape as they considered it symbolic of the gold’s journey from one person to the next.

The setting for Little Dragons is an outside space of green grass under a bright blue sky, with billowing white clouds in the distance. The game’s title is placed on the roof of a pagoda, while the playing area is a large, plain, off-white space supported by a golden frame. The playing card symbols seem to have been coloured in enamel, and the light reflects off them and off the golden framework that supports the reels, creating a rich, opulent feel. The dragons are beautifully drawn and the whole game is beautifully appointed.

Sounds can often make or break a slots game, but Novomatic knows what their players like, so they have simply stuck to the clicking and whirring of the reels in the base game, with occasional haunting Asian tunes to lift the spirits. The music kicks in to indicate bonus rounds and maintains its Asian theme, which keeps it relaxing and melodic - but as with most slots games, there’s an option for silencing the sounds if they’re not to your taste or if you feel that they’re becoming intrusive.

Play Little Dragons for free

The problem with trying out any new online slots game is the potential to lose sums of money while you are still learning about how a game works. Even if you keep your bets low, it’s possible to create a significant losing streak while you try to work out how best to approach your betting strategy, which is frustrating and inconvenient at best.

Here at Slots Temple, we have the answer! You can try out Little Dragons using a virtual balance for information purposes only, which will allow you all the time you need to discover all the elements of gameplay. Discover how often bonus rounds are triggered at absolutely no financial risk, and experiment with bets of different sizes to see how they affect your overall balance.

On our site, you can access Novomatic free slots covering all genres, in addition to exploring titles from all the other game developers. Identify the games you love, and discover which ones you’d love to wager real money on and which hold little appeal for you. After playing Little Dragons for a while for free, if you decide that you’d like to play for real money, it’s easy to head off to one of our partner casino sites, where you can register, deposit funds and start spinning the reels for genuine cash rewards. Alternatively, you can remain here on our site and continue playing for free, just for the sheer fun of it. The choice is yours.

We do recommend that players consider playing new titles that they have not played before for approximately 100 spins before playing for real money. That’s how long it can take to trigger bonus rounds, experiment with different wagering strategies, and discover whether or not a game has long-term appeal for you.

How to play Little Dragons

Because there are no actual paylines involved in Little Dragons, there’s no need to decide how many to include in your bet. This game features All Ways To Win, which means that it’s much easier to achieve a winning line than it is on other types of slots games. To score a win, you simply need to match symbols anywhere on consecutive reels, starting from the first, or leftmost, reel.

That means that all you have to do is decide on the size of your bet. If that seems easy enough, just wait until you see the array of options available to you. You can wager anything between a modest 25 pence up to a staggering £500 on each spin, making this a game that appeals to high-rollers and risk-takers as much as it does to the more cautious player.

There’s an Autoplay function that allows you to select your preferred number of automatic spins, although players should note that this will deactivate the Gamble or Collect feature, which follows every win when manual spins are in place.

Little Dragons special features

The game’s Wild, which is the Yin Yang symbol, can only appear on the second and fourth reels, so it can never create its own win. Nevertheless, it brings a generous multiplier whenever it appears, in addition to substituting for any of the other symbols on the reels besides the Scatter. This means you can create winning lines even when you seem to lack sufficient symbols to do so, making it’s extremely useful.

The Scatter icon of the Chinese golden ingot has the power to award you with Free Spins when three or more appear on the reels. During free spins, the multiplier increases in power, with the potential to award you with some extremely generous payouts.

Little Dragons volatility and RTP

Little Dragons is a high-volatility game, which means players can expect periods during which nothing much seems to happen, followed by periods of big wins. This makes it particularly suitable for high rollers who thrive on the element of risk. However, the huge betting parameters mean that even more cautious players will be able to enjoy a gaming session with the prospect of achieving some impressive wins over a period of time.

The RTP, or Return To Player, for Little Dragons is reported as 95.05%, which is fairly average for this type of game. The RTP is calculated using a number of players over an extended period of time, and it is purely advisory as not all players will receive the same results. Some players will receive much more back than they wagered while other players will experience losses, so it’s important to keep within your means.

If you’ve enjoyed playing Little Dragons

There’s no doubting that Little Dragons is a fun and entertaining game, so once you’ve spent a little time spinning the reels, you’re probably hoping to discover other, similar games that you might also enjoy. We have a huge collection of fantasy slots theme games for you to enjoy, including numerous titles about dragons.


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* Little Dragons Slot trademark / license is owned by Novomatic. This site is not endorsed by Novomatic.

Game Name: Little Dragons Slot
Software: Novomatic
Themes: Oriental/Asian, Dragons
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Features: Free Spins Wild Symbols Multipliers Scatter Symbols
Paylines: 243
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.25
Max Bet: 100
Top Win: 1250
RTP: 95.05%
User Reviews
Overall score: 5.0 out of 5 stars

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