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First impressions of Ninja Magic

This is one of the most interesting Asian themed slot machines and effortlessly evokes mental images of secret agents dressed all in black, throwing darts and lurking in the shadows, just waiting to pounce. This is despite the fact that the setting is actually quite cartoon-like. The iconic associations linked with ninjas are so strong that it is impossible not to be transported on an ancient Japanese adventure.

The cartoon-like appearance of the slot is also fitting as it has a Manga feel about it. Manga are Japanese comics, or those written in Japanese, which have a specific style and were first developed at the end of the 19th century.

The background of this slot has a big yin tang symbol as its primary feature, along with two ninjas. This creates a dynamic appearance and works to draw you into a world of excitement and intrigue. The slot itself doesn’t necessarily blaze a trail when it comes to innovation but that doesn’t matter when there is an exciting adventure on offer.

Playing Ninja Magic

The game has a familiar 5x3 matrix, meaning that there are five reels and three symbol positions. This should make it easy to understand if you have played online slots before, and simple to get to grips with if you’re a relative novice at spinning for fun.

This slot powered by Microgaming casino software also offers plenty of betting options, making it ideal whatever type of spinner you are. There are 40 paylines across the screen, allowing you to enjoy plenty of winning opportunities, and it is simple to make use of the command bar found at the foot of the screen. This lets you change your bet settings. You then just need to press your red spin tab, which will validate your options and set the all-important reels in motion. Then your fate is in the hands of Lady Luck - or the ninjas in this case.

If you don’t want to waste time on pressing that start button, the slot does have an autoplay game mode. This allows you to set the game to spin the reels automatically, allowing you to simply concentrate on watching the wins roll in. You can stop the autoplay mode whenever you like and regain control of the spinning action, if this is what you prefer.

The Ninja Magic symbols

Just as the game’s matrix will feel familiar, so too will many of the symbols found on the reels. Amongst them are some very common playing card icons. In this game, these start at number ten and rise to the Ace. As you will expect if you have played online or land-based slots before, these symbols represent the smaller wins in the game. They shouldn’t be discounted, however, as they tend to turn up quite frequently and make some welcome additions to your prize pot.

The more generous symbols - when they appear - are the wasps, spiders and a male and female ninja. The girl ninja is the highest paying symbol in the game, rewarding you with a 2,500.00 coin win if you can manage to collect all five. If you find yourself one short and manage to land just four, you will still be awarded a very respectable 625.00 win and there is also a 62.50 prize on offer for a collection of three.

As you might expect, the male Ninja comes next on the paytable when it comes to the value of the wins available. He will reward you with a prize of 1,875.00 coins if you manage to collect all five of his symbols or a win of 312.50 if you amass a four-strong collection. A win of 37.50 will be yours if you manage to land three of the icons.

Next in line is the wasp icon, which will deliver a win of 1,250.00 coins if you collect all five. This is followed by a prize of 187.50 for four and 25.00 for three. The spider comes next, offering a 937.50 prize for five of the symbols, 125.00 for four and 18.75 for three.

The win amounts are not easy to remember in this game but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to amass a very memorable prize pot in the end. To help with this, the ace symbols offer you a 312.50 prize for collecting five of the icons, followed by a 62.50 win for four and 11.25 coins for three.

The king is the next highest paying symbol in the game, providing a win of 250.00 coins for a full-house of five the K icons. There is then a 50.00 coin win for collecting four and a 10.00 coin prize for three.

Then along comes the queen. Her Q symbol will pay out 187.50 for five, 37.50 for four and 8.75 for three. Then there’s the jack, with wins of 156.25, 31.25 and 7.50 coins, and finally, the 10 symbol, which will deliver 125.00 coins for five, 25.00 for four and 6.25 for three. This completes the paytable for standard play.

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The Ninja Magic feature

Ninja Magic isn’t packed with features but this can be a real bonus if you simply enjoy the spinning excitement of online slots and don’t want to be detracted by lots of bells and whistles. It offers plenty of uncomplicated fun and winning opportunities that players of all types can enjoy. It does have one special feature, however, and this comes in the form of a bonus round that can prove to be very rewarding if the luck of the ninjas is on your side.

The temple scatter symbols hold the key to accessing this bonus round and you need to land at least three in a single spin to trigger the feature. These can be anywhere on the reels and don’t have to be in a line or in a row.

The reward for gathering these scatters is free spins and the number you get will depend on how many of the scatter symbols you manage to amass in your spin. If you get the minimum of three scatters you will be rewarded with a bonus one free spin and a 1x multiplier.

If you can manage to land four of the temple scatter symbols, you will receive two free spins and a 2x multiplier, while five will get you the maximum three free spins, along with a 3x multiplier. These are not the only rewards of the bonus round, however. There are plenty more opportunities to collect wins when you choose to play this Microgaming slot.

Before your free spins even start you will be taken on an adventure to a completely separate screen. Here, you will need to try to defeat giant insects and boost your bonuses further. If luck is with you, you can make the best choices and as many as 40 extra free spins could be yours. You could also increase the multiplier on offer to a massive 8x, which can make a real difference when it comes to your prize total.

Overall impressions of Ninja Magic

Whether you love a classic slot or like an interesting theme, this slot will not disappoint. There is plenty of spinning fun on offer, along with what can be very lucrative bonus games. Those scatters really are the symbols to look out for as they can reward you with lots and lots of free spins, making a real difference to the state of your prize pot.

The makers of Ninja Magic

Microgaming is the force behind this popular video slot. It is one of the best-known software development companies and is formally known as Microgaming Software Systems Ltd.

The Isle of Man-based, privately held firm claims to have been behind the world’s very first video slot, which was launched in 1994. Today, the company continues to be one of the planet’s leading providers of software within the online gambling market and makes software for a whole host of leading casino operators.

Microgaming powers a vast array of different games, including hundreds of slots and table games such as roulette, blackjack and video poker. These games are increasingly available to play across all different platforms, making it just as easy to enjoy playing Microgaming slots on your tablet or mobile phone as it is on your laptop or desktop PC.

The company is renowned for the quality of its slots and also for its progressive jackpots. Some of the games associated with these jackpots are developed by the South African-based development studio, Derivco.

Microgaming also runs The MPN, which is an online poker network which was formerly known as the Microgaming Poker Network or Prima Poker. The software on offer allows its players to enjoy multiplayer poker games, including seven card stud poker, five card stud and Texas hold 'em. The action happens in real-time and players take on real players.

One of the major claims to fame of The MPN is that it became the world’s first poker network online that offered anonymous tables. This was an attempt at making tracking tools targeting players ineffective.

The theme of Ninja Magic

You may be able to conjure up a mental image of a ninja even without looking at the screen of this slot but do you know what one really is and do you have any idea about their history? If you have ever wondered about the origins of ninjas or where they fit into Japanese culture, read on now.

A ninja may also be called a shinobi and was a mercenary or a covert agent in feudal Japan. Their main tasks involved guerrilla warfare, assassination, infiltration, sabotage and espionage, and their irregular warfare methods were often deemed to be dishonourable. This is because they were often compared to those of the samurai which are renowned for their strict rules in relation to combat and honour.

The shinobi as we now know them were a group of specially-trained mercenaries and spies and first appeared during the 15th century in what was known as the Sengoku period. There are records of similar predecessors as far back as the 12th century.

It is during this period in the Iga Province of Japan and the area around Kōga, however, that our main image of the ninja is born. During unrest between the 15th and 17th centuries, there was an active collection of spies and mercenaries for hire.

Ninjas faded into somewhat obscurity when Japan was unified in the 17th century under what is called the Tokugawa shogunate but there were shinobi manuals, which were often formed from Chinese military philosophy, which were written during the 17th century and 18th century. The most notable example was the Bansenshukai, which was written in 1676.

The ninjas also feature prominently in folklore and legend and they have been given many superhuman attributes such as invisibility, the ability to control natural elements and the talent of walking on water. It is for this reason that many common perceptions of the ninja have more in common with legendary tales than in the reality of the Sengoku spies and mercenaries.

In reality, it is believed that ninjas were largely recruited from lower classes and there is a perception that they were willing to trade for money without the need for honour or glory. This is no omen for playing this slot, however, as you can find glory without having to pay anything if you enjoy trying Ninja Magic for free right here.

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Game Name: Ninja Magic
Software: Microgaming
Themes: Oriental/Asian, Action & Adventure
Volatility: Medium volatility
Features: Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Multiplier, Free Spins, Medium volatility, 5 Reels
Paylines: 40
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.4
Max Bet: 50
Top Win: 500
RTP: 96.15%
User Reviews
Overall score: 4.0 out of 5 stars

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