The mobile gambling market is becoming a significant source of profits for developers. Microgaming, IGT and other key players in the online gambling world have launched their own mobile gambling applications, which have raked in millions of dollars in wagers. At first, Apple resisted the call of the mobile gambling market, but the company has recently given in. Previously, Apple prohibited any real-money gambling applications to be sold in the iTunes Marketplace. However, things are quickly changing. Now, there are dozens of online gambling applications available for Apple devices like the iPad and the iPhone. PokerStars, Spin Palace and Bet365 have all launched mobile applications for Mac products, and they have seen a positive response. With the advent of HTML 5, Apple-based gambling applications have become increasingly popular. Since Apple devices do not support Flash, HTML 5 allows developers to create games for the iPad and the iPhone easily. As such, the pool of mobile gambling applications to Mac devices is getting bigger and bigger. Now is the ideal time to get involved in the mobile gambling market, as the hype is only just beginning. With studies estimating that mobile gambling will be worth $48 billion by 2015, Apple picked the perfect time to accept mobile gambling applications.