As slot machine technology becomes more and more sophisticated, we are seeing all sorts of new special features introduced. Now, some slot machines will be able to offer players the ability to take part in skill-based in order to boost their bonus winnings. This week, Nevada lawmakers passed Senate Bill 9, which was originally brought forward by Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers. The bill aims to allow slot machine manufacturers to include skill-based arcade-style bonuses in their games. In today’s slot machines, we are already seeing plenty of bonus games that are based on skill-games; however, their outcomes are still dictated by luck. With these new games, a player’s success in these bonuses will completely depend on their skills. This could include shooting down enemies or taking part in races. No matter what the game involves, there will be an element of skill to determine how much bonus cash a player receives. There is huge potential for this law to encourage more crossover between slot machine manufacturers and video game developers. Since many slots are already based on video games (such as Street Fighter, Tomb Raider and Call of Duty), it certainly makes sense for skill-based bonuses to feature gameplay from these titles as well. "I wouldn't be surprised to see some video game partnership licensing deals," says Chris Moyer, a spokesperson for the American Gaming Association. "You can imagine a lot of the popular video games making their way into the casino floors." Another major benefit of this law is that slots will offer up increased payout percentages. At the moment, slots offer payout percentages worth about 88%. Players who are successful in skill-based bonuses could boost their payouts to 98%! This is a huge development for slot machine technology. At the moment, it only applies to land-based slot machine, and we would certainly like to see it applied to online casino games at some point in the future.