New Zealand politicians are currently mulling over the possibility of giving city councillors the ability to limit the number of poker machines in the country. While the legislation is meant to benefit the country at large, many organizations are not pleased with the idea. Sports leagues have recently emerged as yet another group that is not on board with reducing the number of poker machines in the country. Sport Canterbury is the first league which has launched a campaign against the proposed legislation. The organization believe that it would not benefit those involved in sports, requiring players and their families to spend more money on the costs and expenses associated with certain activities. As such, the organization has announced that it will be preparing a response to Parliament concerning its opinions on the matter. "The response will include a written submission that public sentiment is not to introduce any changes in legislation that will reduce available gaming machine proceeds”. The organization is one of many that are concerned about its funding being reduced as a result of the new legislation. However, the legislation does aim to benefit the country as a whole; so, it is likely that it will be up to sports leagues and associations to find additional funding from other resources.