Gambling in Alaska

A late addition to the Union, Alaska has always occupied a unique space. For one thing, it’s physically separate from most of the US. Then there’s its size, so much bigger in land area whilst so relatively underpopulated. In 2016, it only had 741,894 residents.

Traditionally, Alaskans don’t care much for gambling. It’s the oil industry that dominates. Casinos are mostly illegal, though there are some tribal and charitable exceptions, and popular traditional sports such as dog mushing attract some betting.

The Last Frontier, the Land of the Midnight Sun, Alaska is beautiful and historic, but not a gambling state.

State Of Online Gambling

The Alaska Attorney General has said that existing legislation restricts online gambling under the land-based rules. You can’t run an online casino Alaska.

Exceptions are made for fantasy sports games, which are considered games of skill and therefore not defined as gambling. Otherwise, there’s no real money online casino Alaska.

Online Poker In Alaska

As you may have gathered, Alaska is not a fan of poker, including online.

Online Betting In Alaska

Similarly, online betting, like sports betting Alaska generally, is banned. The only things resembling sports betting are on dog mushing, salmon migration and weather events.

Casino Games In Alaska

Cards, dice and roulette wheels are all explicitly banned. Bingo and pull-tab games, including their electronic versions, are available. They’re as close as you can get to casinos in Alaska with slot machines.

Tribal Gaming In Alaska

Tribal gaming is a thorny issue, with jurisdictional conflicts between Native Alaskans and the state government. Outside of one official reservation, tribes have sovereignty but don’t necessarily control land, making it difficult to run casinos. Tribal establishments can offer bingo, pull-tabs and lotteries under charity gaming provisions, but not table games.

Alaska Casinos and Gambling Laws FAQs

Is online gambling legal in Alaska?

There’s no explicit law against online gambling Alaska, but it’s not officially permitted. The Attorney General states that current legislation can be read as a ban.

What is the most popular casino in Alaska?

There’s no such thing as an Alaska casino, or a specific gambling city in Alaska like Las Vegas. There are bingo halls, some with electronic games resembling slots. Popular establishments include MIC Gaming Hall, Agate Pull Tabs and Stika Tribal Bingo.

Who can conduct gaming activities in Alaska?

To obtain a gaming permit you need to be a municipality (such as a federally recognized Indian tribe) or qualified organization (such as a charity).

Are there tribal casinos in Alaska?

There are tribal gaming establishments, but because table games are banned, they’re not exactly Alaska casinos. They host bingo, pull-tabs, raffles and lotteries.

When did Alaska legalize gambling?

The first gambling legalization in Alaska was in 1960, authorizing bingo. There have been several statewide votes on broader legalization, most recently in 2008, but none passed.

How does Alaska regulate gambling?

What little gambling is available in Alaska is regulated by the Department of Revenue, who issue permits and collect taxes and fees.