Kansas Gambling

In the 19th and early 20th century, the Kansas gambling laws were very strict; however, gradual relaxation of attitudes - if not laws - has seen the Sunflower State develop a thriving industry of bingo halls, slot parlors, card rooms, casinos, and even online gambling.

Kansas Casinos

Today, the gambling laws in Kansas are fairly typical of most states; however, it ranks very low in terms of the number of casinos. There are only 11 in total, which puts it outside the top ten, compared with some 30 in Michigan and well over 300 in Nevada.

Dodge City

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Boot Hill Casino & Resort
4000 W Comanche St , Dodge City , 67801 , USA

White Cloud

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Casino White Cloud
777 Jackpot Dr , White Cloud , 66094 , USA


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Golden Eagle
1121 Goldfinch Rd , Horton , 66439 , USA


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Kansas Crossing
1275 South Highway 69 Country , Pittsburg , 66762 , USA


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Kansas Star Casino
777 Kansas Star Drive , Mulvane , 67110 , USA


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Prairie Band
12305 150th Rd , Mayetta , 66509 , USA


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Sac and Fox
1322 US-75 , Powhattan , 66527 , USA
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Of these 11 establishments, four are commercial casinos, two are racinos, and five are tribal-owned casinos. The state’s annual gambling revenue is estimated at $580m, yielding taxes of $160m. The industry is overseen and regulated by the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission.

State of Online Gambling

The question of whether online gambling is legal in Kansas is not clear. In the Kansas Statutes, there is a lengthy definition of illegal gambling devices that seems wide enough to cover all kinds of mechanical and electronic devices; however, the definition requires the primary purpose of the device to be for gambling.

This excludes online gambling for two reasons: smartphones, laptops and desktops don’t include mechanisms for gambling and neither is gambling their main function.

Nevertheless, it is common practice for legislators to draft specific exemptions if they mean to exclude items from any provision and there are no such exemptions in the statutes; however, online casinos operate freely in the state. In 2013, under House Bill 2055, lawmakers tried to amend the language of the statutes explicitly to outlaw online gambling. The bill failed.

The current situation is that the state legislature is clearly of a mind to ban online gambling but has not undertaken precise legal measures to do so. Despite the rise in other states of the online casino, Kansas has not fully committed itself to liberalization.

Kansas Online Sports Betting

Sports betting was legalized in Kansas in May 2022 when the state legislature came to an agreement on SB84, the state’s sports betting bill. Preparations for the launch of the Kansas online betting industry are well underway, with the Kansas Lottery handling betting applications and the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission refining the state’s betting rules and regulations.

According to state law, online sports betting must be permitted to begin by January 1, 2023. This is the latest date, so any operator that receives a licence before this time can go live immediately. It is likely we will see betting start in November or December.

There will be some restrictions, including a minimum age of 21 and a limit of 12 online sports betting operators.

Casino Games in Kansas

There is a wide variety of games available in Kansas casinos. These include the most popular card games, such as poker in several variants and blackjack. You will also find table games such as roulette and craps, lottery games such as bingo, and - of course - slots and video games.

Tribal Gaming in Kansas

The history of modern Kansas casinos begins with the Native American tribes. The Tribal Oversight Gaming Act of 1995 opened up a golden opportunity for tribes to open casinos on reservation lands within the state. The Kickapoo Tribe led the way, opening the Golden Eagle Casino in 1996 with a fairly extensive offering of slots, bingo, blackjack, craps, poker and roulette.

The biggest of the tribal establishments is the Prairie Band Casino, which was opened by the Potawatomi Nation in 1998. Unlike some states, Kansas doesn’t restrict Native American casinos to basic Class II gaming but permits Class III Las Vegas-style gambling.

Kansas Casinos FAQs

What is the legal gambling age in Kansas?

You must be at least 21 years old to take part in casino gambling. You can buy lottery tickets and gamble at charity establishments from the age of 18.

What is the most popular casino in Kansas?

The Kansas casino that attracts the biggest crowds is probably NASCAR’s Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway. Boot Hill Casino, despite its relatively modest size, runs it a close second.

How much does Kansas tax gambling winnings?

The newly legalizes sports betting will attract a 10 percent rate of tax. On other gambling, it withholds 5 percent of the proceeds paid out, which is the amount won less the amount wagered. Lottery winnings are subject to a more complex taxation system based largely on personal income.

When did Kansas legalize gambling?

The state legalized gambling on horseracing, dog racing and pari-mutuel wagering in 1986. In 2007, the Kansas Expanded Lottery Act permitted destination casino resorts in four zones and allowed pari-mutuel tracks to operate slot machines.

Is sports betting legal in Kansas?

For those who are interested in legal sports betting Kansas is undergoing a transformation. It has been completely legal in the state since July 1, 2022. The first license holders were expected to be operational before the end of 2022.

What does the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission do?

The KRGC is the coordinating agency with responsibility for all gambling in Kansas. It is obliged to use educational, administrative and law enforcement methods to preserve the integrity of the gambling industry and eliminate illegal gambling.