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iSoftbet Slots have an aggregate user rating of 3.4/5 from 988 votes.

The history of iSoftbet slots

iSoftbet has been producing engaging and entertaining online slots games for over ten years now. Operating out of London headquarters, the software developers, graphic artists and mathematicians employed by the company strive to produce games that will capture the imagination of their players.

With an emphasis on producing classic 5-reel slots games in a format that keen slots fans know and love, iSoftbet produces a huge range of titles, covering all sorts of genres and themes. Many of the most popular games are produced under license from popular TV and movie themes, such as Beverly Hills 90210 and Platoon, guaranteeing them a wide audience. But the company also produces more whimsical offerings, as well as games covering all the major themes loved by slots fans around the world. You’ll find some 6 Reels Slots games too, along with games that offer tons of bonus rounds and fun-packed features to keep even the most jaded of players amused and entertained.

The iSoftbet Slots ethos

According to the company’s own website, there is joy to be found in gaming, and simplicity is beautiful. So iSoftbet strives to produce games that give players the same buzz as if they were playing in a land-based casino. That means crafting games that look beautiful, but that are intuitive to play, with enough features to keep players coming back for more.

The company is only too well aware that there’s been a move towards mobile gaming in recent years. Games developers have had to get to grips with creating stunning games that work perfectly on even the smallest mobile screen, to cater for the huge numbers of players who enjoy playing their favourite slots games on mobile and tablet, rather than the more traditional desktop computer. That’s why all of their latest titles are created using HTML5, which guarantees the fastest delivery to mobile screens, without using up data allowances.

With a growing Oriental market intent on playing slots games, iSoftbet produces a number of online slots games that encompass Eastern themes, including iconic games such as 3888 Ways of the Dragon and The Fortune Pig. But you’ll also find relaxing games too, carefully designed to soothe you, whilst offering plenty of chances to scoop a major win, such as the gorgeous Ambiance. In fact, you’ll find games covering all styles and genres, and with a vast output, iSoftbet capably offers something for every player, no matter what mood they are in.

Play iSoftbet Slots for free

As massive slots fans ourselves, we’ve gone overboard to ensure that players can have access to the entire catalogue of iSoftbet slots games currently available. Just like you, we like to play free demo slots whenever we get the chance, as this is the best way to discover everything about a game, before going on to place a wager made in real money.

As games become more complex, it’s become much easier to quickly drain a deposit made at an online casino, purely through finding out how a game works. If you’re intent on building up a prize fund of slots game winnings, this certainly isn’t the best way to go about it! That’s why we’ve taken all of our favourite online slots games, not just from iSoftbet, but from all the available game developers, and put them in one place for fans and enthusiasts to enjoy with no financial outlay whatsoever.

When you play online slots games here on our site, you won’t have to fill in any registration forms, and you definitely won’t need to deposit any cash into an online account. Simply choose the game that you’d like to play and you’re good to go! It really is as simple as that.

We provide a virtual balance to give you the feeling of a real casino, but it’s purely for entertainment purposes. Use this virtual sum to calculate your betting strategy, and find out for yourself how well you can expect to do if you decide to play for real later on. If that’s the case, simply head to one of our partner sites, or any other online casino of your choice, and start wagering real money on the outcome of your spins.

Or, if you prefer, you can stay here on our site and keep spinning the reels just for fun. At Slots Temple NZ, we firmly believe that players should be able to play according to their own wishes. Our aim is simply to provide you with the most fun you can have online, playing your favourite slots games to your heart’s content.