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Thunderstruck II, from Microgaming, is one of the staples of the online slots world. It's a hugely successful game with thousands of loyal fans. With fantastic win potential and some excellent free spins rounds, it offers thrilling gameplay and some great prizes. It also features random special bonus features that pop up during spins in the base game. The more you play - and the more you trigger the free spins feature - the more options you will have available to you, so it's definitely a game you'll want to return to again and again.

It's based on the Norse legends of Thor and you'll notice Thor himself is one of the game's main symbols. You'll also come across Thor's mighty hammer and some of his allies and adversaries as you play. The game's RTP (return to player) is a generous 96.65%, putting this slot up there with some of the best paying slots in the industry. This RTP, combined with the fast and exciting gameplay, means you're sure to love this slot from the moment you begin spinning the reels.

Introduction to Thunderstruck II

With its Norse legend theme and dramatic graphics and gameplay, Thunderstruck II is a giant of the online slots world. Launched by Microgaming as a follow-up to the already successful Thunderstruck slots game, Thunderstruck II built on the original and added plenty of extras to keep things exciting. There are several different free spins features to choose from when they trigger the bonus round by landing three or more hammer scatter symbols on the reels. There are also numerous wilds, helping to create big wins from multiple winning combos in a single spin. As if that wasn't enough, there is also a random wild feature which can occur at any point during the base game. This is an epic slots game and one you'll be blown away by if it's your first time playing.

This game can be a little streaky, meaning that although it's possible to sometimes go long periods of playing without a sizeable win, it's also possible you'll hit a lucky run and find that wins - and special features - simply keep on landing, time and time again. Like most Microgaming slots, however, in theory it's a medium volatility game, meaning you shouldn't really experience too many dry spells when playing. It's one of the industry's biggest stars for a reason - fun, intuitive gameplay and huge winning potential set this slot firmly up there with other well-loved classic slots.

Payout Ratio (or RTP) of Thunderstruck II Slot

The payout of this game is 96.65%. This means that for every $100 of cash you play on the game, you should, in theory, receive $96.65 back. Of course, this isn't how it works in practice, as you will have swings and lots of ups and downs. You'll encounter lots of dead spins or minimal payouts, but hopefully some large payouts that equal many times your original stake. It's always a good idea to check the RTP of any online slots game you play, however, as you'll find they vary a great deal. While most slots tend to pay out at around the mid-high 90s, some have far lower RTPs and you may well want to avoid such games. At the other end of the scale, there are a few slots out there that have an RTP of up to 99%, so you might like these if you prefer less volatile and more consistent slots!

Thunderstruck II Slot

Slot Graphics

This is a well-designed game that has a very different appearance to the original Thunderstruck slot which it follows. While the original has a more cartoon-like appearance - it's more colourful and the graphics are a little more basic - this one is a truly epic game. The attention to detail in the character symbols in particular is incredible and you'll notice more detail each time you look. The game has an almost movie-like appearance and the special sound effects and the background music really add to the cinematic quality of the slot.

Thunderstruck II Game Theme

This follows the tried and tested theme of Norse mythology. There are plenty of other slots based around this popular theme, but this is certainly one of the better known ones, along with the original Thunderstruck game. The characters you can expect to come across as you play this epic game include the famous Thor himself.

How to Play Thunderstruck II Slots

As with any slots game, the most important thing is to get your bet size at a level you're happy with. Lots of online slots will have a pretty high default bet amount, so always check the bet size before hitting spin for the first time after launching a slots game.

Thunderstruck II Game Volatility

This is a medium volatility game, as are most other Microgaming games. This means that it's a fairly steady game to play. A low volatility game will give out lots of payouts, but these will tend to be small payouts and you shouldn't expect too many earth-shattering wins on such games. A high volatility game will pay out far less frequently, but you might find that when it does pay out, you'll get a decent payout. These games tend to be loved by some gamers and hated by others, as it's very likely you'll go through a lot of "dead spins" - that's spins that don't result in any win. Medium volatility games fall in between the two. You can expect some small payouts, some dead spins and the odd large win if you're lucky. Of course, this is just a rough guide and as anyone who's ever played slots will know, any single spin can be a big winner if you get lucky!

How to Win at Thunderstruck II Slots

You'll need to land three or more matching symbols on an active payline in order to land a payout. For this slot Microgaming has gone with a 243-ways format, which means there aren't any paylines as such. Instead, any adjacent matching symbols can contribute to a win, providing they start in the leftmost reel. There are five game reels, and there are three visible symbols on each reel. This gives you a total of 15 active symbols at any given time. The total number of combos is 243, meaning you have 243 chances to hit a winning combo with every single spin of the reels. Many players prefer these kinds of slots as they offer decent win potential and the chance to create a high number of winning combos during a single spin. If you've spent any time playing slots with regular paylines, you'll no doubt know just how frustrating it is when you almost land an epic win, but a single symbol is situated just off from a winning payline! This doesn't happen in this game as the symbols can be located in any position on adjacent paylines in order to form part of a winning combo.

Now that you understand the paylines - or lack thereof - it's time to take a look at the bet settings. The game's 243 win ways are always all active, so you cannot choose to play fewer. This keeps things nice and simple, as you just have to think about changing your total bet and nothing else. There are two factors which will affect the total bet size displayed on the gaming screen. The first is coin size. This might change according to where you play the game, but the minimum coin size will generally be one coin in your chosen currency, for example one cent. The bets are all placed in a multiple of 30, so anything you bet in this slots game will be a multiple of 30. You can change the coin size by using the plus and minus buttons to either side of the coin display and the game will cycle through the available coins for you. As well as being able to change the coin size, you'll also be able to change the number of coins you bet. While there are 243 win ways, it's easier to think of the game as having 30 paylines, because this is the number all the bets are based on. Imagine that there are 30 paylines and that your chosen coin size is one cent. If you have the coin level set to one, you will be betting 30 of your chosen coin. Change the coin level to three, however, and you'll be betting 90 of your chosen coin. If you select a coin level of 10, you will be betting 300 of your chosen coin, or $3 if you were using dollars and cents to bet. Have a play around with the coin size and coin level to get the hang of how the betting works. Each time you make a change to either of the options, the total bet displayed at the bottom of the game screen will change accordingly. When you're sure you're happy with the total bet displayed, you can start playing.

All you need to do to set the reels in motion is hit the spin button. It's not hard to locate as it's simply the word "spin" on a blue background. When you press this, the reels will set into motion. If you like to bet big, there is a Bet Max button located near the Spin button. Clicking on this will set the coin level to the maximum, which is 10. Your actual coin size will remain the same, however. Be careful when using this button as it won't give you the chance to check the total bet amount before it plays the bet.

Thunderstruck II Bonus Features

Thunderstruck II is filled with some fantastic bonus features. This is one of the reasons for its huge popularity among gamers all over the world. The most important bonus feature is probably the free spins bonus feature, and this is the one you'll be hoping to trigger over and over again as you play.

In order to trigger the free spins round, you'll need to land three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The scatter is the iconic Thor's hammer, and this can appear anywhere on any of the five reels. It can land in any position on the reels and doesn't need to land on adjacent reels - you simply need three or more anywhere on the screen.

When you land three or more scatters, you will firstly receive an instant payout relating to the number of scatters you have landed. Next, you'll be taken to another screen where you'll be invited to choose from one of four different free spins rounds. Inside this Great Hall of Spins - as the free games section of the slot is called - you'll be given an overview of the four free spins options to help you choose. You can read all about the free spins games in detail in the free spins section below. The free spins games are as follows: Valkyrie, Loki, Odin and Thor. These award you 10, 15, 20 and 25 free spins respectively. That's not all, though - each free game also comes with additional special features to help you rack up those all-important free spins wins. You can choose from Valkyrie's generous 5x multiplier on all free spins wins, Loki's Wild Magic feature, which adds random wilds to the reels during your spins, Odin's Wild Raven feature, in which ravens fly down from the top of the reels to create wild multipliers and last but not least, Thor's Rolling Reels with consecutive wins. Don't worry if you can't decide how to choose which free game to play - it's made easier by the fact that you have to unlock all of these features apart from Valkyrie. When you first start playing, you'll only be able to play Valkyrie free spins, but as you progress and trigger the free games time and time again, you'll add further options to the Great Hall of Spins. Eventually, if you continue to play long enough and keep getting lucky, you'll be able to choose from all four free spins games each time you trigger the feature.

Another bonus feature is the Wildstorm feature. This occurs in the base game and can appear during any regular spin. The reels will slow down and you'll notice lightning appear in the background. Up to five reels can turn completely wild during this feature, leading to some seriously impressive wins. While it's rare - very rare - to get four or five reels turning wild, it's not all that uncommon to get two or three turning wild, meaning you'll still be in for some great wins during this feature.

The final special feature of the game, while not strictly a bonus feature, is another fun one - any time a wild symbol forms part of a win, it doubles that win. As the wilds pop up regularly during the base game and the free spins games, this can be a highly lucrative little addition to this fun slot.

Thunderstruck II Strategy and Tips

As this is a fixed payline game, despite there being 243 win ways rather than set paylines, there isn't really a strategy you can follow here. You will always be playing all the win ways during every single spin, so can't try different tactics. The only place where you have some scope to change strategy is during the free spins feature. Once you've unlocked all of the free spins games - all four of them - you'll be able to choose the one you like most for your free rounds. All can be extremely lucrative and all can be retriggered time and time again, so it will most likely come down to personal preference or the one you've had the most luck with in the past.

Thunderstruck II Slot Biggest Possible Win

Your actual biggest possible win will depend on the stake you play and the currency you're playing in, if you're playing for real money. This game is certainly capable of huge payouts, even when betting at lower levels. The free games can be highly lucrative, and even the base game is capable of big wins, thanks to the double wild feature and the thrilling Wildstorm feature. The maximum possible win is a staggering 2.4 million coins, which, even if betting at the game's lowest level is a huge amount for a slots game! Considering there are no jackpots, progressive or otherwise, linked to this game, this is a seriously huge maximum payout. This is yet another reason for this slot game's huge success over the last few years.

Free Spins on Thunderstruck II Slot

As previously mentioned, this game has a great free spins feature. There are four different free spins games to choose from, but you'll have to unlock three of them. The first, Valkyrie, gives you 10 free spins with a generous 5x multiplier on all wins. The free spins can be retriggered by landing three or more scatters during any free spin. This is also how you'll trigger the initial free spins during the base game - by landing three or more of the Thor's hammer scatter anywhere on the five reels. As the Valkyrie game is the only one available when you first start playing, you might assume this is the weakest of the free spins games. While it's true that this game has the fewest free spins - you can get up to 25 in the others - the 5x multiplier is extremely lucrative if you get lucky during your free spins. After playing all of the free spins games, you'll no doubt find that huge wins are possible on all of them, but that it's also possible to get unlucky and have a disappointing free round!

The second of the free spins games is the Loki one. This awards you 15 free spins and will be made available to you after you've entered the Great Hall of Spins five times. Once this happens, this game will remain unlocked as long as you continue playing at the same site. If you play the game on another casino site, for example, you'll be treated as a new player by the game on that site, but the site you originally used will remember you when you return so you'll still have access to your unlocked spins. Loki gives you an additional bonus feature in the form of the Wild Magic feature. During some - or all, if you're extra lucky - of your free spins, magic wilds will appear on the reels and reach out to other symbols, transforming them into wilds, too. As you might imagine, this can be highly lucrative if the wilds land in good spots.

The third free game is the Odin feature. This gives you a generous 20 free spins with the Wild Raven feature and is available after you've triggered the free spins 10 times. Two ravens appear at the top of the game reels and will fly down onto the reels at random times during your free spins. Not only are the ravens wild, subbing for all other game symbols except the scatters, but they also add a 2x or 3x multiplier to any wins they form part of. If both ravens are part of the same win and both add a 3x multiplier, this gives you an incredible 6x multiplier for that win. This doesn't happen all that frequently, but when it does, you'll be sure to appreciate it! As with all the free spins, the Odin feature can be retriggered by landing further scatter symbols on the reels.

The final free spins game is Thor. You'll need to trigger the free spins feature 15 times in order to unlock this one, but the wait will be well worth it, as you'll be rewarded with a massive 25 free spins. This is the only one of the free spins games to offer rolling reels, which is similar to the tumbling reels feature that lots of other slots have. This means that consecutive wins are possible from a single spin, helping your free spins games last even longer if you get some good runs going. As if that wasn't impressive enough, each consecutive win will increase the multiplier. You can build up to a 5x multiplier, making this a seriously lucrative feature if you're lucky.

Thunderstruck II Slot On Mobile - Android, iPhones and Tablets

As with all the best slots, this one is available to play on a range of devices and platforms. It's available to play on your regular PC or laptop, or you can play on a compatible mobile device if you prefer.

Games you might enjoy if you like Thunderstruck II

If you love this game, you should check out the original Thunderstruck. It's similar but has a different design aesthetic, so offers something a little different. You might also like Lightning Strike Megaways slot, which is another Thor themed game currently enjoying great reviews

Thunderstruck II FAQs

Is Thunderstruck II available to play for real money in New Zealand?

Yes, you'll find it in plenty of online casinos.

Can I play Thunderstruck II in NZ$?

Yes, most NZ casinos will invite you to play in local currency.

Which NZ Casinos offer Thunderstruck II?

We recommend the reputable Casinoland slots if you want to play this for real money.

Does Thunderstruck II have a Free Spins feature?

Yes. It's activated when you land three or more scatters.

Disclaimer: Thunderstruck II trademark / license is owned by Microgaming. This site is not endorsed by Microgaming.

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Slot Data
Slot Name: Thunderstruck II
Software: Microgaming
RTP: 96.65%
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 243
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): $0.30 (NZD)
Max Bet: $15 (NZD)
Top Win: 60000
Features: Bonus Game , Wild Symbol , Scatter Symbol , Multiplier , Free Spins , Medium volatility , 5 Reels
NZ Available in NZ? Yes. Microgaming is licensed to operate in the NZ.

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