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Halloween Themed Slots - Play for Fun in Demo and Read Reviews

Ghoulish ghosts

As you might expect, there are lots of ghost-themed Halloween slots to choose from. With games featuring a range of bonus features and with high, low and medium volatility levels to choose from, there is something ghostly to appeal to all kinds of player. Polterheist, Ghost Slider, Ghosts Night, Ghoul’s Gold and The Ghouls are all worth checking out for their creepy graphics and spooky soundtracks.

Wicked witches

From fun, cartoon-like, witch-inspired games such as Bubble and Witches Cauldron to more serious witchy themes such as Halloween Witch, no look at Halloween slots would be complete without checking out the vast array of witch-themed games. Some of these offer great prize wins; in addition, even if players do not manage to win big, some of the witch-themed games on offer are genuinely entertaining. Witch Pickings, Bewitched and The Best Witch are all worth a look.

Pumpkins galore

Pumpkins are one of the key symbols of Halloween and are repeatedly featured in many Halloween slots. Spooky, funny and downright silly versions of smiling pumpkins appear again and again, either as part of a game’s theme or as the name of the slot itself. Pumpkin Bonanza and Pumpkin Smash are two really fun games to check out, both offering some great features and good chances to win cash prizes.

Bloodsucking vampires

Vampires have long fascinated people from all walks of life. From the original book by Bram Stoker to the infamous Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt film Interview with a Vampire and the now iconic Twilight Series of books and films, it seems we can’t get enough of the daylight-fearing, blood-loving creatures. It is no surprise that there are many, many Halloween slots dedicated to vampires. These range from the downright terrifying-looking Blood Suckers and Dracula to the fun and silly Count Spectacular. Other good ones to check out include Transylvania, Dracula’s Family, Vampire Killer and Night Vampire.

Flesh-eating zombies

If you are more of a Walking Dead fan, fear not, as there are plenty of zombie-themed Halloween slots to enjoy. From the Plants vs Zombies game, which has been inspired by the popular video game of the same name, to the cartoon-like Zombirthday and the more scary Attack of the Zombies and Dead World, there is something to suit everyone.

Day of the Dead

For those who prefer to celebrate the Mexican Day of the Dead, there are plenty of Halloween slots that use this theme, inspired by the colourful skulls and mariachi music. Fiesta De La Memoria, Beautiful Bones and Grim Muerto all use this theme to great effect.

Popular culture

With so many great horror films out there, it is only natural that some game developers have drawn on a range of classics to inspire their online slot games. From Jekyll and Hyde to Psycho, all the greats are there. There is even a nod to The Addams Family with the Spooky Family Game.

What are you waiting for? Scare yourself silly and get playing!