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Superheroes Themed Slots - Play for Fun in Demo and Read Reviews

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Comic-Style Superheroes Slots

Before TV and film, comics were a way for children and many adults to escape from their everyday lives. From superhero characters featuring in newspaper and magazine comics to the first dedicated comic books in the 1930s, this form of escapism became highly popular and spawned the creation of some of the biggest superheroes still known today. Some of those producing these stories, such as powerhouses Marvel and DC, have gone on to be involved with many superhero formats, yet they still have their roots firmly in the comic genre.

While many of the household superhero names have gone on to appear in TV and film, some game makers still understand the appeal for drawn comics with a range of slots presented in this format. From NextGen’s Superman and Wonder Woman to Playtech’s Aquaman and the graphic-novel-styled Hellboy from MicroGaming, these slots have proved to be popular for players who want to go back to the early style of the theme.

TV Superheroes Slots

With the popularity of comics being evident, many TV shows were made following the exploits of superheroes. Batman was a must-watch TV series in the '60s, with the Playtech series of Batman slots focusing on this era as the caped crusader fights off various villains. The characters may look a little dated, but it’s slots like these that give players a true sense of nostalgia.

Playtech also created a slot based on The Six Million Dollar Man, the TV show that followed in the '70s, while children’s TV favourite Thundercats, which appeared on our screens in 1985, has been transformed to slot form by Blueprint Gaming. Even recent kids shows, such as Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, have been given a slot makeover with iSoftBet’s Super Lady Luck.

Movie Superheroes Slots

Some superheroes have gone full circle, beginning in comics before making their way to TV and ending up with their own blockbuster movie. This just confirms the popularity of the theme, particularly when it comes to characters such as Batman and Superman, who have a range of slots made about them. Nowadays, slots titles such as The Dark Knight, Suicide Squad, Man of Steel, Green Lantern and X-Men have gained a huge following due to their exceptional graphics and celebrity superhero appearances, with many players being introduced to the characters who first appeared in comics at a time when they may not have even been born.

Modern superhero movie slots are often so popular thanks to their excellent graphics, some of which come directly from the film itself. In addition to characters on the reels, you will hear excerpts and even video clips on some superhero film slots. They can also include fantastical features, including free spins, multipliers, bonus games, expanding wilds and retriggers, with some 7 Reels Slots also available.

Original Superheroes

Of course, not all slots contain superheroes who have been plucked from comics, TV or film. Some slot makers prefer to create their own story with slots such as Team Action, Hero of the Day, Book of Ra and Natural Powers included in the original superhero sub-genre. You can play free slots, along with the other superhero games, at Slots Temple NZ on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Popular Superhero Software Providers

Some games makers are just as interested in Superheroes Slots as the rest of us, with many having a great selection available.

NextGen is one of the most popular games makers who deal in the superhero theme. Their collection includes titles such as Judge Dredd, The Flash, Justice League and Superman. Playtech also has a decent selection of superhero slots with Spiderman, Wolverine and The Incredible Hulk being just some of the titles on offer. Although they're not as widely known as NextGen and Playtech, Yggdrasil Gaming also delve in the superhero theme with their slots Lucha Maniacs and Super Heroes.

While some software providers add more to their superhero collection, others have yet to create a slot that could be included in that category. Arisocrat slot machines don’t have any superhero titles yet, but they do still produce some amazing slots that you may be interested in.

The Most Popular Superheroes Slots

Suicide Squad

One of the most popular slots on the market right now, Suicide Squad from game makers Playtech looks and sounds great, with characters and a soundtrack taken directly from the film. It also includes a bunch of amazing features including wilds, scatters and an Enchantress Mode with extra wilds and multipliers. Technically more like anti-heroes than superheroes, this slot is part of the DC Super Heroes Jackpot network, so you could also win a mini, minor, major or grand jackpot.

Batman and the Batgirl Bonanza

Another Playtech offering, this slot is based on the Batman TV show, which makes it a very nostalgic game to play. There are free spins, locked respins and team co-op wilds to help you win more. It is another inclusion to the DC Super Heroes Jackpot network.


From NextGen, this version of popular slot character Superman takes players back to the comic style that made superheroes come to life. You can expect to find free spins, expanding wilds and an exciting bonus game that is triggered on one of the 50 paylines. The graphics are great and include an extra animated element to keep it looking fresh.

With so many choices, players can try out may superhero-themed slots at Online Slot NZ completely free. The only problem is deciding which slot you should play next.