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Arcade style gaming

As an added plus, a huge number of video games slots have been designed to look like you are playing on an old school, retro arcade console. This design feature enhances the authenticity and transports players back in time. It also enhances the experience, and often the navigation and interface is laid out just like the original games, only with the controls adapted for slot play.

This means you can enjoy arcade-style entertainment and the chance to win big on desktop, mobile and tablet, and you’ll feel like you’re in an arcade, or holding that Nintendo controller in your hands, just like you did in the days of Pong and Donkey Kong!

Video games slots with a modern twist

In recreating our favourite video games as slots, developers have been incredibly clever, as they have managed to incorporate many of the original features, but given them a modern twist. In many cases, video games slots boast themes that are instantly recognisable and all the symbols on the reels tie in with the original game. There may well also be a theme and background and the familiar game logo in play.

Of course, since the days of arcades, graphics have come a long way, so you get to play alongside your favourite characters and their props in glorious, high definition Technicolor. Gone are the fuzzy graphics and blurry lines, today’s online video games slots boast crisp graphics and clear icons that are easy on the eye.

The soundtracks also play a huge role, and you’ll often find games make use of the original soundtrack that’s been re-mastered to play beautifully on your desktop or handheld device.

Themed bonus rounds that thrill

One of the major attractions in WMS slot machines and other video slots games is their bonus rounds. There is so much scope for developers to theme these bonuses around the subject matter, and this is usually exactly what happens.

From shooting down spaceships to picking relics in a Pick Me game to uncovering hidden sweets or matching colourful blocks Tetris-style, the bonus rounds in video games slots are always a real treat. Regardless of whether you choose high, medium or Low Volatility Slots, the bonus rounds always add something special if they’ve been themed around a video game.

A game for every player

This category of online slots games is a great one, as it appeals to just about everyone. You can play Pinball-style games all while racking up big wins, try your luck in a puzzle themed slot like Castle Builder that is based on the original game, or you can join the indomitable Lara Croft on an adventurous quest to uncover hidden relics and explore ancient tombs.

If you loved Worms the game has also been immortalised as an online slot, and you’ll not only enjoy those crazy sound effects that made the original such a huge hit, you’ll also get to blast the little guys with rocket launchers and other big arsenal weapons!

There are also racing games that will take you back to the days of trying to beat your friend's best time in the arcade, or racing against each other to see who is first across the finish line.

Then there are Tetris-style video game slots, those that are inspired by Mario Bros, and more modern games like Plants Versus Zombies as well as Samurai-style titles that will make you think fondly of Street Fighter!

No matter what your favourite video games were - or are - you are sure to find video games slots that have been inspired by them, and offer a whole new way to play and win online or on the go. This genre is a hugely popular one, and as most players love familiar themed games, it's easy to see why. Who wouldn’t enjoy combining classic elements of arcade or console games with the chance to land big payouts?