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Snake Slot - Demo, Free Play, No Registration

If you’re looking for a completely different online slots experience, then take a look at Snake, from Live 5 Games. The unusual 7x7 grid is your first indication ...that this is a game like no other, and you’ll quickly discover that it operates on a Cluster Pays mechanic, featuring Avalanche Reels, Multipliers and Free Spins to boost your prize pot. Neon-bright graphics and a cool ambient soundtrack make this a fun and relaxing game to play, with an RTP of 94.98%.

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Snake RTP (Payout) & Volatility

If you’re new to the world of online slots gaming then terms such as ‘RTP’ and ‘volatility’ can seem confusing. What on earth do they mean? Well, we’re here to tell you everything that you need to know, so that you can enjoy your gaming session to the max!

The RTP of a game is an indication of how much money spent playing that game is returned to players. The term is actually shorthand for Return To Player, but this term is a little misleading, as not every player will receive the same returns. Perhaps it’s better to think of it as Return To Players, in the plural, as this gives a far better indication of the reality of slots gaming. So a large group of players, playing Snake for an extended period of time, can expect to see returns equal to 94.98 coins for every 100 coins spent playing the game. Some players will make a very healthy profit from the gaming session, whereas others will fail to win back their stake money. The key is to make sure that you’re one of the players making the profit!

We have to admit that 94.98%n isn’t the most generous RTP we’ve come across. The majority of slots games offer an RTP of around 96%, so this is an indication that the game is going to be high volatility. This means that wins don’t occur often, but when they do appear they tend to be very generous. High volatility slots are the game of choice for high rollers, who relish the risk and love nothing better than going for broke with sizeable wagers.

New players, and anyone with a cautious approach to slots gaming, are probably best off sticking mainly to low and medium volatility games. Low volatility games generate plenty of wins, but they tend to be small sums, with few major cash prizes. Medium volatility games offer the best of both worlds, featuring a good proportion of smaller wins, interspersed with occasional larger ones.

How to Play Snake Slots

You won’t find any paylines at all on the reels of Snake, as the game uses the Cluster Pays mechanic. So the player’s only task is to decide how much to wager per spin, with the options ranging from a modest 0.10 up to a far-from-modest 100.00. Then all that remains is to hit the Spin button, which causes the current symbols on the reels to fall away completely as a new set of symbols falls down from above.

The Autoplay function allows players to pre-set a number of automatic spins, and also allows them to define parameters that will end the feature prematurely, such as wins or losses exceeding a specific sum. But players can also end the feature at any time by hitting or tapping on the Spin button while the feature is active.

Snake Slot - Demo, Free Play, No Registration

How To Win at Snake Slot

The Cluster Pays mechanic means that there are no set paylines at all in Snake. Wins are achieved by matching up groups of symbols. The symbols on the reels are all geometric shapes in neon colours, including circles, triangles, squares, diamonds and pentagons. Some symbols require three or more in a cluster, but the majority need five or more to achieve a win.

When a cluster is formed, the relevant symbols explode, and a meter to the left-hand side of the reels starts to fill up. At the same time, the win is recorded to the right-hand side of the reels, indicating the number of symbols involved in that win, together with details of the cash award. The aim is to fill the meter at the left-hand side up to one of the pre-set levels, which will trigger the Snake itself to take to the reels.

The snake is reminiscent of the Nokia game that was so popular a few years’ ago. Players don’t need to do anything, as the snake finds its own way around the reels, devouring ‘food’ elements that encourage it to grow - and the aim of the game is definitely for the snake to grow as large as possible. The snake continues to work its way around the reels, growing to take up more room, until it turns in towards itself or encounters one of the borders to the reels. The entire snake shape is then filled by one symbol, leading to some highly impressive wins.

Snake Bonus Features & Free Spins

Snake may seem deceptively simple to play, but the game certainly packs a punch. You won’t find any Wilds or Scatters anywhere on the reels, but that doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t deliver up plenty of fun and excitement, as you wait for the snake to appear and convert symbols into major wins for you.

There are three levels to work through to attain the Free Spins round, but once you get there you're amply rewarded. The feature offers 12 Free Spins with Increasing Multipliers, which come into play even before the Free Spins start. So by the time they arrive, you’ll already benefit from a 3x multiplier applied to all wins throughout the Free Spins. The multiplier increases each time the reels are cleared following a spin, so the rewards can be extremely generous indeed.

Snake Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

Like all reputable online slots games, it’s impossible to influence the outcome of any spin when playing Snake, but that doesn’t mean that players can’t help themselves to achieve a major cash prize. The game operates on the Avalanche Reels principle, whereby winning symbols are removed from the reels, allowing new symbols to drop down and take their place, potentially creating new winning lines for you. As with all games that use this system, the objective is to ensure that winning symbols occur as far down the reels as possible. The further towards the bottom of the reels they are, the more likelihood there is of new symbols creating additional wins.

But since that is almost entirely out of the player’s control, the best advice that we can give is to manage your bankroll effectively when playing Snake for real money. High rollers know the score and need no encouragement to keep one eye firmly on their balance, but it can be all too easy for newer players to get carried away and wager more than they can comfortably afford to lose. So we recommend keeping your bets low, at least while you’re getting to grips with the game.

However, our best tip for players of Snake is to play it in demo mode as much as possible before attempting to wager real money at an online casino. This gives you plenty of opportunities to experience all the features of the game, and trigger the Free Spins, so that you can see for yourself how the game pans out over time.

Snake Slot - Demo, Free Play, No Registration
Max-win 140,000x
Snake Slot - Demo, Free Play, No Registration
Volatility High
Snake Slot - Demo, Free Play, No Registration
Top RTP 95

Snake Demo Play / Free Play

At Slots Temple we live and breathe online slots games, so we know what we’re talking about when we suggest trying out new slots games in demo mode before committing your own money to the outcome of a spin. The more experience that you have playing a game in free play mode, the higher your chances of achieving success when you decide to play for real money. In fact, we usually suggest taking a new game for a minimum of 500 spins in the first instance, as in our experience that gives sufficient opportunities to trigger bonus rounds and really get to grips with the controls of a game.

In the case of Snake, the more you can play the game for free, the higher the chances of success at an online casino. That’s because, although Snake may seem deceptively simple, the gameplay is actually quite complex. The smooth gameplay, rich graphics and ambient soundtrack make for a cool and relaxing experience, and it’s easy to lose track of your wagering strategy, particularly with so much going on across the reels.

We provide players with a useful virtual balance, and so when you play Snake for free on our site, it’s just like playing with real money. We suggest trying out different wagering amounts, betting high and low, to see how that influences your final balance. You can even go for broke, secure in the knowledge that your own money is perfectly safe, even if the reels don’t spin in your favour. Or you may even amass a huge prize payout, at which time you might feel that the virtual balance is no longer enough for you, and you need to experience Snake slots at an online casino.

But it’s not just Snake that you can enjoy playing with no financial commitment. We carry all of the currently available Live 5 Gaming slots titles, so if Snake has whetted your appetite for the software developer’s offerings, you can try out their other games. And of course, we stock the slots games from all of the major developers within the online casino industry, as well as plenty of games from newer and smaller software houses that you may not have heard of before.

Snake Slot On Mobile - Android, iPhones and Tablets

As technology has continued to develop, there’s been a new trend for online gaming fans to use their smartphones as their device of choice for accessing their favourite slots games. This has meant that developers have had to move away from Flash gaming which, although very stable and reliable, uses up huge amounts of data and can take a while to upload to device screens. Nowadays there’s a move to HTML5, which allows for faster uploads without gobbling up expensive data allowances.

Live 5 Gaming is a young company that’s in touch with its core market, so it perfectly understands the needs of its players. So you’ll find that Snake can be played across any of your devices, whether you prefer to play on a large desktop monitor screen, or on the much smaller screens of a tablet or smartphone.

Snake Review & Rating

When we first started playing Snake, we were struck by its similarity to the iconic Starburst slot demo. Even though the two games cover very different themes, the neon colours, space-age graphics and synthesiser soundtrack seem to unite them. However, when it comes to actual gameplay, Snake operates very differently, so it’s perhaps unlikely to become as popular as Starburst in the long term. But the Nokia Snake game was highly popular back in its day, so it’s likely that numerous fans will discover Snake and take it to new heights.

We very much enjoyed our session spinning the reels of Snake, thanks to its innovative game structure, but the difficulty of achieving big wins, thanks to its high volatility means that it’s unlikely to become one of our casino favourites, particularly given the rather poor RTP of 94.98%, which we think is likely to put some players off. Still, it’s well worth a spin, particularly if you decide to play in free play mode. When it comes to casinos, we think that this is one strictly for the high rollers.

Snake FAQs

Can I play Snake slot for free?

You can play Snake slot completely free of charge here at Slots Temple. Some online casinos also allow members to play for free once they have registered an account.

Does Snake have free spins?

Yes, you can receive 12 Free Spins once you manage to work through the levels of the game and achieve a sufficiently high score from a single spin of the reels. The Avalanche Reels feature will help you with this, as will the Snake itself once it’s been triggered into action.

Can I win real money playing Snake?

When you play for free here on this site, the balance is virtual, with no real cash involved. To play with real money, you’ll need to visit your favourite online casino, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry! We provide links to recommended casino sites, such as WIll Hill Casino, where you can sign up, deposit funds and start playing straight away. But don’t forget to claim your Welcome Bonus if you’re signing up to a new casino - most online casinos like to offer some sort of financial incentive to new members, which gets you off to a great start.

Can I download Snake slot?

Snake is an online slots game that’s been developed in HTML5, so no download is necessary.

Is Snake slot available on mobile?

It certainly is! You can enjoy playing Snake on your Android, iPhone or Windows phone.

Disclaimer: Snake trademark / license is owned by Live5 Gaming. This site is not endorsed by Live5 Gaming.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Snake
Software: Live5 Gaming
RTP: 94.98
Volatility: High volatility
Paylines: 0
Reels: 7
Min Bet (all lines covered): $0.10 (NZD)
Max Bet: $100 (NZD)
Top Win: 140000
Features: Scatter Symbol, Multiplier, Free Spins, Expanding Wilds, High volatility, 7 Reels

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