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Action & Adventure Slots have an aggregate user rating of 3.6/5 from 54200 votes.

Crossover themes

It is no wonder that some of the slots featured in the action and adventure category are heavily influenced by other game genres, which is the beauty of the action and adventure category. You are not limited to one specific type of slot; instead, you can experience a wide range of slot titles that all fall under the action and adventure theme, most of which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

One of the most obvious theme crossovers is with the superhero theme; after all, it wouldn’t be a very exciting superhero slot if it wasn’t jam-packed with thrilling escapades. This hybrid of categories features Batman and Hellboy as the main superhero protagonists, along with Heroic and Super Lady Luck for a more general take on all things epic and daring. There are several more action and adventure/superhero crossovers - if this is your preferred theme, you are in the right place.

There are also several action and adventure slots that have been taken straight from the land of TV and film for those who like to get more involved with their favorite characters from the screen; however, don’t be expecting stories of love and friendship. Instead you can see gritty graphics and exciting storylines from the likes of King Kong Island of Skull Mountain and Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword. Combat also features in this category, with offerings from Street Fighter and Rambo to up the game more than a little.

If you want to travel to a distant future, you will be glad to know that this is also covered by action and adventure. Most futuristic slots do not enable the player to sit back and watch the reels spin; instead, they introduce aliens, comets and planets, and the desperate need to complete a mission. Take Outta Space Adventure, which looks - and sounds - like a Hollywood blockbuster; meanwhile, Iron Assassins sees you trying to neutralise the enemy. The Rift brings gameplay back down to earth by leading you through a mysterious village that sees the effects of a mysterious portal. It may not be set in space, yet this slot is no less action packed.

When you think of adventure slots, you imagine going on a journey. This is why it is no surprise that explorer-themed slots are also often mashed up within action and adventure. The list of examples of this mix is endless, with Captain Nemo, Age of Discovery, Voyagers Quest and Treasure Island just a few of those classed as an adventure/explorer hybrid. There are some slot themes out there that may not be for everyone; however, this style of slot is often classed as one of the most popular due to the action-packed experience that leaves players constantly engaged.

Action and adventure slot features

Whilst some players prefer to keep things simple, others relish the overall look and feel of 3D slots. If this sounds like you, fear not. Hidden amongst the action and adventure titles are Slots Angel, Fa-Fa Twins, Gladiator Betsoft, and plenty of other slots that will have you looking at the screen in awe. This type of slot prides itself on excellent graphics, whether they try to be as realistic as possible or use their animation skills to make the slot exceptionally easy on the eye. These titles are usually some of the most popular - once you take in the graphics, it is easy to see why.

Although there are a handful of adventure slots out there that are simply spin to win, most of the titles in the action and adventure slots category follow a storyline that in turn leads to more bonus features. Wilds and scatters are more often than not included, but it is slots such as Aztec Warrior Princess, The Wild Chase and the ever-popular Gonzo’s Quest that take players onto bonus games. As if the overall gameplay of each slot was not enough, the bonus features add much more excitement and enable lovers of action and adventure to get more involved with the theme.

One of the biggest and best features in the action and adventure titles that never fails to draw in the players is the addition of a progressive jackpot. Choose a slot from this category and you can expect to get involved in chases, journeys and explorations that are full of danger and problem solving; in addition, the progressive jackpot provides another element of excitement and surprise to a slot that already keeps you on your toes. You are not only searching to find the best symbols on the reels but also chasing the jackpot, which can be extremely inviting. Slots such as The Incredible Hulk, Cowboy Progressive and Fantastic Four are just some of the action and adventure titles that add the thrill of a progressive jackpot to its gameplay.

It is no secret that this category is one of the most popular - with excellent graphics, detailed storytelling and a whole host of features to sink your teeth into, it is not hard to see why. If you like your slots to be full of excitement, the action and adventure category is the place to be.