Gambling in North Dakota

You wouldn't think there would be many casinos in North Dakota. After all, with a population of under 740,000 and a chilly climate, they have few resources to support a large population. Yet, despite all of this, the Roughrider State has become a major gambling hotspot, home to over 25 top-notch casinos.

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Top Gambling Cities in North Dakota


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4 Bears Casino & Lodge
202 Frontage Rd , Bismarck , 58763 , USA
Grand Treasure Casino
4418 147th Ave NW , Bismarck , 58801 , USA
Prairie Knights
7932 ND-24 , Bismarck , 58538 , USA


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Dakota Magic
16849 102nd St SE , Hankinson , 58041 , USA

Grand Forks

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Residents in North Dakota are not short of real casino venues, despite the issues surrounding the online realm. Fargo is the central hub for gambling, although several other cities provide excellent casino experiences. We have picked some of the top cities for you to consider on your next trip!

Fargo Casinos

Several gambling venues can be found in the sprawling Fargo, the main casino city in North Dakota. You have casinos such as The Box, Blue Wolf, Spirit Lake, and Slammers to choose from, but if you like variety, there are plenty more venues to explore and place bets at.

If you are on the hunt for casinos in North Dakota with slot machines, it looks like Fargo will be your best bet.

Bismarck Casinos

Bismarck is home to a few top-rated casinos. For example, 4 Bears Casino & Lodge is an indigenous casino in northwestern North Dakota. You can also find Prairie Knights Casino & Resort in Fort Yates, which is a comfortable and peaceful casino with adjoining resort lodges.

Hankinson Casinos

Dakota Magic is found in Hankinson. It's' a relaxed Indian casino on the South Dakota border with 1000+ slot machines, various betting choices on the spacious casino floor, a golf course, and an impressive onsite hotel.

So if you are looking for a bit of everything from your next gambling city in North Dakota, Hankinson and Dakota Magic is a top choice.

Overview of North Dakota's Gambling Market

Six tribal casinos and roughly two dozen non-profit organizations are where most of the activity is. However, they also provide social gaming, a lottery, pari-mutuel betting, and other forms of gambling. Video lottery games can also be offered in licensed eateries and bars.

Revenue from charity gaming operations in North Dakota totals close to $200 million each year. They bring in some of the most money in the United States earmarked for good causes. Sadly, a significant portion of income is spent on administrative overhead and staff salaries.

The state of North Dakota receives just $2 million in taxes annually from charitable casinos due to the low rate of 1%.

In summary, for a state that theoretically prohibits all types of gambling, North Dakota still boasts a vibrant gambling entertainment industry. This is due to the fact that, throughout the years, local politicians have introduced several exemptions to the general restrictions, thus weakening the ban.

Yet, the options for any online casino North Dakota sites still remain unlikely in the current situation.

Online Gambling in North Dakota

North Dakota gambling is governed by Section 12 of the state constitution. Participating in unauthorized games is against the law, and the punishment varies according to the amount of money involved. If you bet less than $500, you will be penalized with a violation, and placing anything larger is considered a Class A misdemeanor.

Bills HB 1295 (pro sports betting) and HB 1254 (collegiate sports betting) were drafted, but only the latter made it passed the House, but it stopped at the Senate without even a discussion taking place.

In summary, and to answer the question, is online gambling legal in North Dakota? As is often the case, the state does not speak directly about online gambling North Dakota laws, making it difficult to evaluate whether these prohibitions officially apply online.

In addition, because of the vagueness and a general gray area, there are currently no licensed real money online casino North Dakota options. Thus, internet gambling is still best to be considered illegal.

Online Poker

The North Dakota Senate voted against legalizing online poker by a score of 44 to 3 back in 2005; not much has changed. So right now, it is illegal to participate in online poker gaming.

Your only options are found at the leading North Dakota casinos that provide live-dealer poker rooms. Most of them host between five and seven tables. Therefore, NL Hold'  Em cash games and monthly or biweekly tournaments dominate the local live poker scene.

Online Betting

North Dakota has just one horse racing track, which enables pari-mutuel betting on live horse races and permits bets to be made outside the track. These events fall under the state's charity gambling legislation.

A bill was submitted in the Senate in 2017 that would have permitted legal sports betting in North Dakota, aimed at horse racing, and the building of up to ten racinos with simulated racing games.

However, legislators turned it down. Opponents said that legalizing any type of sports betting North Dakota could potentially offer would harm the state's popular charity gambling sector.

With the Supreme Court eliminating a sports gambling ban in 2018, North Dakota may still look to amend its laws to allow wagering in the future. Although legislators continue to appear uninterested in considering legislation, North Dakotans look set to remain without legal sports betting alternatives within the state.

Tribal Gaming

When the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was enacted in 1988, North Dakota signed its first tribal gaming deals in 1992. In 1999 and 2013, further deals were negotiated and approved, establishing five large licensed Indian casinos and smaller gaming centers around the state.

As it stands, there are still five Native American groups in North Dakota that have signed agreements with the state to legalize and regulate casino gambling.

  • Standing Rock Sioux
  • Spirit Lake Tribe
  • Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians
  • Three Affiliated Tribes (Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara)
  • Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Tribe

There is a high level of similarity among the five tribal-state compacts. Class III gambling is permitted under the compacts, offering various games and gambling options, such as poker, raffles, craps, pari-mutuel betting, roulette, and more.

There is no limit on the total number of slot machines, table games, and other gaming equipment a tribe may run. There are wagering restrictions for games, and these are outlined in Section 3.2 of the contracts.

North Dakota Casinos FAQs

What is the largest casino in North Dakota?

There are several casinos on offer in North Dakota. The Dakota Magic Casino Resort is by far the largest. It has over 1001 gaming machines and over 20 table games on offer to make your stay memorable.

Is online gambling legal in North Dakota?

Online casinos, as per state law, are not legal in North Dakota. Therefore, residents currently have no official local online gaming sites to access.

What is the most popular casino in North Dakota?

The Prairie Knights Casino & Resort is one of the top-rated casino resorts to visit in North Dakota. It offers fine dining, live events, slot machines, and table games.

Is sports betting legal in North Dakota?

No, sports betting is not legal anywhere in North Dakota. Currently, no establishment in North Dakota accepts legal sports wagers. After a failed effort in 2019, there were no further attempts made to legalize the activity.

How many tribal casinos are in North Dakota?

North Dakota currently has five tribal casinos that host national entertainment acts and offer guests excellent restaurants and hotel rooms.

Does North Dakota tax gambling winnings?

Generally, casinos will withhold 24% of the winning for tax. You will also receive and need to complete a W-2G form. Some casinos may require an additional 24% as a backup, but once your W-2G form is sent to the IRS, you will receive it back.

What is the legal gambling age in North Dakota?

It all depends on the gambling activity at hand. Land-based casinos and poker rooms are 21 years and older, and for games like lotto and bingo, the legal age is 18.