Gambling in Vermont

In the whole of the USA, only Wyoming has less people than Vermont. It’s probably not the first place you think of when looking for excitement and entertainment, even though it has beautiful rural areas and some of the best skiing areas in New England.

It’s also not where you’d go if you’re a gambling fan. The Green Mountain State has a comprehensive ban on most forms of gambling, with very few exceptions. Those exceptions are mostly for charities and fraternal organizations, when the money raised goes to good causes. There are absolutely no casinos in Vermont with slot machines.

People enjoy the state lottery, charity raffles and bingo, and they could bet on horse races if the tracks hadn’t all closed. That’s the sum total of gambling in Vermont.

History of Gambling in Vermont

Vermont’s a state with a long history of independence. It had its own republic before it became the first state to join the original 13 Colonies, so it’s no wonder that it marches its own way when it comes to gambling.



General Assembly approves state lottery.


Launch of the first state lottery game. It remains the most popular and successful form of gambling in the state to this day.


Tri-state lottery begins in collaboration with Maine and New Hampshire.


Greyhound racing banned.


Lottery revenue is earmarked specifically for the state education fund rather than general funds.


State Senate passes a bill to legalize daily fantasy sports, but it stalls in the House.

State of Online Gambling in Vermont

Most of Vermont gambling bans were passed before online gambling existed, but that doesn’t mean you can just load up any online casino Vermont. It’s still a gambling hostile state.

Casino Games in Vermont

No Vermont casinos and strict gambling laws mean no table games or slot machines. Charity gaming consists mostly of raffles and bingo. The only major gambling activity is the state lottery.

Online Poker

You might have guessed by now, but having no real money online casino Vermont state-wide means it is not the place to play poker online.

Online Betting

Similarly, sports betting Vermont laws mean this has to be done next to the track, there’s no online sports betting Vermont allows.

Top Gambling Cities in Vermont

There aren’t any casinos, so there’s no casino city in Vermont. The big cities are Burlington and Montpelier, so they probably have more charity raffles because they have more people.

Tribal Gaming in Vermont

If there were federally recognized tribes in Vermont, then they could run some gambling activities despite state law. Unfortunately, none of the four state-recognized tribes are recognized federally.

Vermont Casinos FAQs

What is the legal gambling age in Vermont?

You have to be 18 to participate in the state lottery.

Is online gambling legal in Vermont?

Whilst there aren’t any explicit laws against online gambling Vermont, there’s also no explicit approval, so you should probably stay away.

What about daily fantasy sports in Vermont?

An attempt to legalize daily fantasy sports stalled in the state legislature.

What is the most popular casino in Vermont?

There’s no such thing as a Vermont casino because the state’s gambling laws are so strict.

What about tribal gaming?

Vermont has four state-recognized tribes but they don’t have federal recognition. This means that they can’t use federal law to circumvent Vermont regulations.

When did Vermont legalize gambling?

Parimutuel betting was legalized in 1960. The state lottery passed a referendum in 1976. Slot machines and casino games are still banned.