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EURASIAN Gaming Slots - Reviews, Demo Play and Bonus Offers

A Young and Vibrant Company

EURASIAN Gaming was founded in 2017 by Saverio Castellano, who had already helped to found GameART. And before that he worked for Novomatic and Aristocrat, both of which are leading players in the online casino industry. He quickly set about building a team of game developers from the company’s headquarters in Malta.

We’ve often found that new software houses take a long time to bring their products to market, with new releases few and far between. But in the case of EURASIAN Gaming, the developers have certainly hit the ground running, with a whole catalogue of games already available in online casinos.

High-Quality Games

The ethos behind EURASIAN Gaming is really very straightforward. The company aims to create extraordinary games with masses of player appeal. And that means offering an extensive portfolio of high-quality games featuring superb graphics and engaging soundtracks. If you’ve played any of the fantastic slots games created by EURASIAN Gaming, you’ll already know that they deliver exactly what they say they will!

As a modern and forward-thinking company, EURASIAN Gaming is committed to creating a diverse range of games, with an emphasis on slots and bingo. There are mathematics experts on hand to make sure that the games deliver the necessary elements of risk, combined with the potential to hit winning combinations. And there’s enough diversity to engage every type of online casino gaming fan, no matter where they happen to be in the world.

These days, almost half of keen gamers prefer to play slots and bingo games on their smartphones. But that doesn’t mean they don’t still enjoy the big-screen gaming experience on their desktops and laptops from time to time too. So more and more software developers are creating games using HTML5, which allows for superior adaptability. It means that players can play games across all their connected devices without any loss of definition or deterioration in quality. This is something that EURASIAN Gaming is very conscious of, so their entire output is available on all platforms, from PCs to mobiles.

The people behind EURASIAN Gaming also understand that players are looking for an entertaining and immersive online casino experience. So its games include plenty of bonus features, since these add extra fun elements that help to keep players engaged for longer. And that’s something that online casinos love to see!

In addition to a broad variety of online slots games, EURASIAN Gaming has also produced a number of bingo titles as well as a small number of fishing-type games. Bingo games created by the software developer include powerful and engaging features as well as impressive bonuses. Some bingo games even have slots games with free spins built into their mechanics for a unique twist on both genres.

Top Games

As we’ve already mentioned, EURASIAN Gaming has already produced an impressive catalogue of online slots and bingo games. And it’s impossible to ignore the attention to detail when it comes to gameplay, graphics and background music. But don’t just take out word for it - try some of the games out for yourself to see what we mean. Here are a couple of our favourites to get you started.

Peach Banquet

A stunningly beautiful game with an elegant soundtrack, Peach Banquet is a low-volatility game with a Chinese theme. It features five reels and three rows, crossed by 20 paylines. The low volatility means there’s not a great deal of risk involved, so it’s a good starting point for new or inexperienced players. The bonus Free Spins round comes with a choice of four bonus options, so players can choose the combination of Free Spins and accompanying Multipliers to suit their own gaming style.

Horus Eye

Another five-reel, three-row online slots game, Horus Eye is much more volatile game than Peach Banquet, so low-stakes players and gamers who don’t thrive on risk might want to avoid this one. Based on an Ancient Egyptian theme, Horus Eye includes the bonus Horus Eye symbol on the central reel. It can randomly appear on any spin, transforming into a double symbol. It then changes into the higher-value symbol, along with all examples of one of the court card symbols on the reels. This random feature can also occur during the Free Spins round, potentially creating some huge wins.


Eurasian Gaming Slot FAQs

Are Eurasian Gaming known by any other names?

Eurasian Gaming were (and often still are) called EA Gaming, unofficially. However, as you can probably imagine, this was never a wise name, given that EA Gaming (the video game company) probably wouldn’t take too kindly to another gaming firm using the same name. Because of this, Eurasian Gaming are now pretty adamant at using their name in full; they want to avoid a costly lawsuit that could potentially put them out of business.

Where are they based?

Like many online gambling operators, Eurasian Gaming is located in Malta. Their offices are in Valletta.

Who certifies their games?

Whenever Eurasian Gaming develops a new game, they themselves run millions of test spins to insure that it complies with relevant online gambling laws. However, it still needs to be independently checked by an approved testing house - and the testing house they use is Gambling Labs Certified, one of the world’s leading (and most well-respected) testing houses.

What are some of their top games?

If you’re looking to check out some of the software provider’s best slot games, you’ll want to pay close attention to titles including The Wild Protectors, Dragon of the Eastern Sea and Octagon Gem. The game developer also offers a few bingo and fishing games, both of which are popular in Eastern Europe (one of the main markets the software provider operates in.)

Why are their games quite hard to find online?

Despite having a solid portfolio of games, Eurasian Gaming are yet to leave a major mark on the online gambling industry. Why this is, who knows; they need to look at getting a license in the UK before UK players can enjoy their slots, however.