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Tournaments Guide

This page provides a quick guide to help you start playing and enjoying Slots Temple Tournaments. If there is anything not included in this guide or FAQs you can contact us via the 'Support' section of 'My Account'.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Challenge Tournament: Number of Spins & Bet Levels
  3. Challenge Tournament: Winning Points
  4. Risk Tournament: Starting Credits & Bet Levels
  5. Risk Tournament: Winning Points
  6. Leaderboards
  7. What to do if you disconnect

Getting Started

Step by step guide to get you playing our Paid and Free Slots Tournaments:

Step 1

Register an account and Age Verify (note: you need to enter your correct details)

Step 2

Verify your email address

Step 3

Make sure you are not using a private or incognito browser

Step 4

Select a Live Tournament that you'd like to play in from the Schedule page

Step 5

Click 'Play Now' and start your Tournament.

Challenge Tournament: Number of Spins & Bet Level

Tournaments length is determined by its number of spins. Each Tournament has a fixed number of spins, ensuring fairness for all entrants and, hopefully, making each Tournament entry exciting for you.

Common numbers of spins for Tournaments range from 100-200, but we may go higher or lower to mix things up.

Your bet level for each tournament is fixed, meaning that you cannot adjust your bet size. This is the same for all players.

Challenge Tournament: Winning Points

There are three ways to win points in a Slots Temple Tournament:

  1. Hit a Win or Consecutive Wins
  2. Hit Consecutive Losses in a row
  3. Hit a Big Win Multiplier

However, the number of points you get for the various Wins, Losses and Multipliers (we call these "In-Game Events") varies from Tournament to Tournament, so always check the "Information" link on the Tournament tile to see what points you get for the In-Game Events for the Tournament you are about to enter.

Consecutive Wins

Below is an example table that shows how points might be awarded for consecutive wins (this is only an example, this will vary from Tournament to Tournament)

Wins in a Row Points
x1 Win 500 points
x2 Wins 1000 points
x3 Wins 2000 points
x4 Wins 4000 points
x5 Wins 8000 points

Consecutive Losses

Below is an example table that shows how points might be awarded for consecutive losses (this is only an example, this will vary from Tournament to Tournament)

Losses  in a Row Points
x5 Loss 250 points
x10 Losses 500 points
x15 Losses 1000 points
x20 Losses 2000 points

Win Multipliers

Below is an example table that shows how points might be awarded for individual big wins (this is only an example, this will vary from Tournament to Tournament)

Win Multiplier Points
x5 your bet 2500 points
x10 your bet 5000 points
x25 your bet 10000 points
x50 your bet 20000 points
x100 your bet 40000 points
x150 your bet 60000 points
x200 your bet 80000 points
x250 your bet 100000 points

Risk Tournament: Starting Credits & Bet Level

In a Risk Tournament, you receive a starting balance with a set number of credits and, once your balance goes below 1, the tournament ends. Alternatively, the tournament can also end when you have hit the wagering limit. You can change your bet size throughout the tournament.

Risk Tournament: Winning Points

In a Risk Tournament, points are awarded in the following manner: 

  • You are awarded points for wins that you get on the reels.
  • Every 0.01 credit you win on the slot gives you 1 point.
  • So, for example, a win of 1 credit will give you 100 points. 


When you enter a tournament, you will automatically be added to that tournament's leaderboard. when you start to spin you'll receive points that will determine your position on the leaderboard. 

You can view the leaderboard from the following places:

1) 'In Game': Just click on the 'Leaderboard' tab and you can see your position as you play a tournament.

2) The Results Page: track Live and finished tournaments here, your position will be highlighted (if logged in).

3) My Account: Login and visit 'My Account' and go the the 'Tournament Results' section

What to do if you disconnect

If you disconnect totally and go offline or the Slot game disconnects while you are playing a tournament, there is no need to panic.

We save your progress and points, so all you have to do is:

1) In the event of an Internet disconnection, get yourself back online and rejoin the tournament - your spins and points will have been saved so you should be able to start again exactly where you left off.

2) In the event of the game disconnecting while playing a tournament, the best way to get playing again is simply to refresh your browser, this will refresh the game and you'll re-start the tournament on the same points and spins as you left it.


How many tournaments can I enter a day?

If there are five tournaments live for a particular day, you can enter them all. However, each individual tournament can be entered once a day. In the case of tournaments that run for more than one day and you enter more than once, only your highest score will count and be displayed on the leaderboard.

What if a Slots Temple Tournament gets cancelled?

In the event that we experience teething-problems with our new product, we may have to cancel a tournament. If this does happen, all players will be notified via their account and we will reschedule the tournament as soon as we can.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No, in the interest of fairness we do not allow users to have more than one account. If you are found to have multiple accounts we may suspend all your accounts and you will not be eligible for social features or prizes (when available in the future).

Can I play tournaments in incognito mode?

Unfortunately not. Tournaments can only be played in non-private browsers, this is due to the slot games not working in incognito mode.

What happens if I finish on level points with someone on a leaderboard?

Players with the same points will be differentiated by the date and time when they started their tournament entry. The 'earliest' entrant will finish in the highest position.

What can I do if my Tournament keeps crashing?

1. Close all other tabs to make sure you're not using any other phone memory. 2. Make sure you are not using incognito mode on your browser.