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Bonus Games - List of Slots with Bonus Features

Bonus Games For Added Thrills

When you play online slots, you’ll always encounter free spins, scatter symbols and wild symbols – but, what if you want a little bit more from your online gaming experience? That’s where bonus games come in.

These are special rounds that take place off of the reels. They transport you to a new gaming environment with gameplay that is completely different to that of the online slot you were originally playing. You can fight enemies for prizes, play board games, spin prize wheels and more for the chance to win impressive cash prizes.

Types of Slot Bonus Games

Online slots developers are getting very clever with their features. So, you’ll be able to play slots with a wide range of bonus rounds that help not only add excitement to your gameplay but also provide you with the chance to win big. These are some of the most popular types of bonus games that you’ll find in online slots today.

Board Bonus
In games like Jumanji and Monopoly, you’ll be able to play a board game bonus. You can roll the dice and make your way around the board. As you stop on particular spaces, you’ll be able to collect free spins, multipliers and coin prizes.

Pick a Prize Bonus
In these types of bonus rounds, you’re presented with a number of different items. It is your job to pick from these items to reveal various prizes.

Match Bonus
You’re presented with a number of cards and you must select from them to reveal matching items. The more items you match, the bigger and better your prize will be.

Battle Bonus
These types of bonuses are quite rare but incredibly fun. In games like Nordic Heroes and Vikings Go To Hell, you’ll be pitted against vicious enemies that you must defeat by landing certain symbols and winning combinations. As you defeat your enemies, you’ll receive bonus payouts.

Prize Wheels
A prize wheel bonus requires you to spin a wheel to reveal cash prizes, multipliers or free spins. In some cases, the prize wheel will grant you entry into other bonus games.

How Common Are Bonus Games?

The one downside of playing online slots with bonus games is that it can be quite difficult to trigger them. You usually have to wait until you land three or more bonus symbols to gain entry into a bonus game. So, if you’re a bonus hunter, then the best strategy is to keep your wagers low so you can comfortably wait it out.

Who Will Enjoy Online Slots with Bonus Games?

If you get bored with traditional online slots gameplay, then bonus rounds are perfect for you. They bring a little something different to the slots gaming experience and they are ideal for players with more modern tastes.

However, if you’re a player who wants to cut to the chase, then it is best to stick with slots that offer free spins instead. Bonus games can be a bit of a distraction if all you’re after is plenty of spins.