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Medium Volatility - List of Slots that have a Medium Volatility Rating

What Does Medium Volatility Mean?

“Volatility” is a term that refers to how frequently a game pays out and how large those individual prizes are. Low volatility games are those that pay out often but the individual prizes are quite small. High volatility games pay out less frequently but the prizes are quite large.

Medium volatility fits comfortably in between these two. So, you won’t cash in on huge prizes like you would in a high volatility game, but they will still be more generous than in a low volatility game. On the other hand, you won’t earn prizes as often as you would in a low volatility slot but they will still come round more frequently than in a high volatility game.

These are definitely the most common types of online slots that you’ll find in casinos across the web. Games that are specifically low or high volatility tend to be quite hard to come by but medium volatility games are very easy to find.

Benefits of Playing Medium Volatility Slots

If Papa Bear’s porridge is too hot and Baby Bear’s porridge is too cold, Mama Bear’s porridge is just right. The same applies to medium volatility games. They are the perfect middle-ground for players who want an online gaming experience that is “just right”.

You’ll still have consistent excitement like you would with a low volatility game but you’ll be more impressed with the individual prizes that you receive. As such, medium volatility games have the widest appeal of all online slots, and you’ll enjoy playing them no matter what your individual tastes are.