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Christmas is constantly evolving

Many people in the olden times in the northern hemisphere were accustomed to celebrating the winter solstice on 21st December, when the nights were at their longest. This was traditionally a time for celebration and feasting, as the days began to draw out again, signalling that Spring would soon be on the way. Greenery would be used to decorate homes, reminding everyone that the dark days of winter would soon be drawing to a close, and celebrating the return of growth and increasing amounts of sunlight. Scandinavians used this time to burn their Yule Log whilst they enjoyed feasting, only ceasing once the entire log was burnt to ashes.

Meanwhile the Romans were accustomed to worshipping their god, Saturn, in a festival known as Saturnalia, which ran from around December 17th until the 24th, while Juvenalia took place at a similar time, celebrating children. This was a cue for feasting and the giving of gifts - traditions that have continued to this day.

Christian religious leaders were keen to put a stop to pagan rituals, and so they commandeered the 25th of December to celebrate the Nativity, with the resultant religious mass leading to the name of Christ’s Mass, shortened to Christmas. Christianity may have taken over the festival, but many of the original pagan traditions remain to this day, with people around the world celebrating this joyous occasion.

The way that we celebrate Christmas has changed quite considerably over the years too. Back in the middle ages the Roman influence was still very strong, with an emphasis on drink, riotous celebrations and, of course, much feasting. When the Puritans took control of England following the execution of Charles I, Oliver Cromwell was so appalled by the general merriment and carousing that he banned the festivities altogether, and although the celebrations were reinstated once Charles II came to power, it was never quite the same.

It’s the Victorians that we have to thank for many of our most popular Christmas traditions, with Prince Albert bringing a host of German traditions to the British court, including the ever-popular Christmas tree. Meanwhile, the ferocious winters of the Little Ice Age led Charles Dickens to include plenty of snow in his popular novels, leading to the popular depictions of wintry scenes that are so common on Christmas cards even today, when snow on Christmas Day is a rare event.d

Love it or loathe it, Christmas is here to stay, but if you love it, and if you just can’t get enough of the Christmas spirit, then you’re going to love the numerous Christmas-themed slots games to be found online. Now you don’t have to wait until December to release the spirit of Christmas, with a huge selection of great slots titles ready and willing to transport you straight into the snowy winter of your dreams. However you like to celebrate, you’re guaranteed to find a slots game that suits your mood, so have a browse through some of the great titles on offer.

Some of our favourite Christmas-themed slots games

For some people, Christmas is all about the kitsch, and if that’s what appeals to you, you’re literally spoilt for choice with the selection of slots games on offer. Why not start with a game of Yule Be Rich? This fun-filled slots game features cute cartoon reindeer, jolly fur-trimmed red hats, snowmen and a young-looking Father Christmas, keen to bring you a stash of virtual prize money at any time of the year.

If it’s a traditional Christmas that attracts you, then look no further than Deck The Halls online slots game, which has a host of nostalgic symbols across the reels, from a twinkly-eyed Father Christmas, through richly-decorated Christmas trees, stars, baubles, lanterns, presents and pine cones. Or perhaps you’d prefer to sample the fun to be had on Jingle Jackpot, which again features the Father Christmas of bygone years, complete with white beard and spectacles, along with Christmas puddings, presents and a background track of orchestral festive music to boot.

If you’re feeling a little more sombre, then A Christmas Carol online slots game is well worth a look. While ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ plays along in the background, a grumpy Scrooge sits in his bed awaiting visits from the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, all of whom promise to bring great virtual jackpots with them.

If you’re looking for something completely different, be sure to check out the Elf and Safety online slots game. This cute game turns the world of slots completely on its head, by featuring reels which spin horizontally, rather than the usual vertical spin with which we’re all familiar. Keep your eyes on the background as you play, and you’ll see all sorts of things going on as the elves scurry to get the presents sorted in time for Santa’s departure!

For anyone who just wants to spend a little time relaxing and unwinding with an undemanding slots game, then Snowflakes is definitely worth checking out. This game is all about the graphics, presenting a series of gorgeously-depicted snowflakes against a midnight sky. The gentle soundtrack and stunning graphics will quickly transport you to your Happy Place, whist offering you the chance to scoop a huge virtual jackpot too.