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T Rex is the granddad of the clan

In Realtime Gaming’s T Rex slot, he really roars. The graphics in this game are brilliant - the old monster looks suitably scary and there are images of ferns and volcanoes. The scatters are dinosaur eggs and you are going to need a very large egg cup if you are planning to have one of these for breakfast. T Rex can substitute for any other symbol in the game, and you have the possibility of some great bonuses.

If you are not too fussed whether your dinosaurs are authentic, Cashosaurus is for you. This is what the Jurassic jungle might have looked like if neon had been invented. It is a complete mash-up of every possible period and animal, including a sunglasses-sporting hippo and a lizard lady, but it is great fun. There are hippos, baby dinosaurs and the scatters are eggs - again! The graphics are blindingly bright - the developers at Habenero must work wearing sunglasses!

There is no neon in Genesis Gaming's Dinosaur Adventure; instead, there is a realistic-looking dark jungle and the dinosaurs are distinctly scary, including a velociraptor and a savage T Rex. The slot has fixed winning combos rather than paylines, which some players like and others like to avoid.

Jurassic Giants has various animals, including a green dinosaur. With up to 250 free spins to be won, turbo spins and stacked symbols, this is a slot big on game play. The mammoth is animated, as is the volcano wild. Pragmatic Play is definitely good at animation and lively game scenarios.

No one is going to find Cave King scary. Collect mammoths, tigers and dinosaurs and make the acquaintance of Cave King and his wife. For some reason a harp appears as the multiplier bonus. The colourful cartoon capers are great for anyone who likes their dinosaurs on the cuddly side.

Full-on dinosaur action in Megasaur

Megasaur from Realtime Gaming is full-on dinosaur action. We have a diplodocus, a velociraptor, a stegosaurus, a pterodactyl that flies by moonlight, and others; however, the ones we are really after are the megasaurs. They bite and rip their way across the game, making short work of other dinosaurs. Get three volcanoes and you will launch the Megasaur feature, which comes with 250 spins and the ability to choose a volcano that erupts with prizes. If you want to win a progressive jackpot, spin five volcanoes while running the Megasaur feature and your life may be about to change.

The dinosaur in Dinosaur Up looks like a peaceable old thing with a bit of an overbite. Guess what the scatter is? An egg, of course; however, this egg cracks open the Dinosaur Up bonus round. The reels change to three from five and the dinosaurs expand to fill the reels and boost the payouts. There are volcanoes erupting, lightning, dinosaur hunts and other action. The graphics are not state of the art, but this is a great all-rounder from Lightning Box.

With Jurassic Island, we are back in Jurassic Park territory. This dinosaur seems to have been ingesting some exotic plants, as frankly he looks somewhat away with the fairies; however, the game is well realised, with a great range of prehistoric creatures along with bones and the obligatory mad scientist explorer. The dinosaur is wild and sometimes expands to fill a whole reel. Bonuses are linked to the scatters and, all in all, Ash Gaming has done a pretty good job of drawing you into the adventure.

Volcanic Cash features Fred and Wilma - hang on, that’s not Wilma! At second glance, that's not Fred Flintstone either. Phew! Our dinosaur is a cute cross-eyed cartoon, and guess what? One of the symbols is an egg. The wild is just the word ‘wild’, but it does turn somersaults. This is not one of Novomatic’s most sophisticated productions, but it is quite good fun. The free spins feature is kicked off by collecting scatters - the volcano - and the more you get, the more free spins you win. You can also receive free spins from free spins.

There is always someone who has to spoil the party by mentioning the E word: extinction. Odobo has decided to chuck a bit of realism into the dinosaur-themed world with a game called just that. There are lots of dinosaurs - from sauropods to velociraptors - in this game, which are all doomed because the game features a meteor shower with fiery meteors raining down on earth. We all know where this ends up as far as the dinosaurs are concerned; however, it is an ill wind - the meteor shower gets you wilds and wilds get you wins.

As we have seen, there is a dinosaur game for every kind of player, featuring dinosaurs that range from the cuddly and cartoonish to the fearsome and fiendish.