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Medieval-themed Slots - Play for Fun and Read Reviews

An Era of Adventure

Medieval-themed online slots often focus on the castles and the knights that protected them, and this can be seen in top titles like Mighty Black Knight and Knights Keep. Knights played an incredibly important role in this era and were the ones that defended king and country as well the honour of the people they’d sworn to protect.

Many of the medieval-themed slots feature knights resplendent in full armour and include symbols such as their jousting swords, flags, horses, bibs, the crest of arms of the family they are defending and piles of gold coins or treasure. Developers have used this iconic imagery to great effect, and slots with knights as their central theme usually play out against a backdrop of an enormous caste with a moat and drawbridge.

A Regal Reel-Spinning Angle

During medieval times there was a very wide divide between the rich and the poor, with the rich being very rich, and the poor being very poor. While we don’t often see peasants in online slots, the upper classes of society make for a great themed game.

Kings, queens and other members of the court are a regular feature on the reels, and rich colours like red and purple that denote royalty are often used. Flags, crests, crowns, jewels, castles, feasts and goblets of wine are also part and parcel of the imagery and make for a rich and visually pleasing experience.

Several medieval-themed slots feature royalty as their theme, and they interweave a story too. Whether it is a knight in pursuit of a princess or having to rescue a damsel from a less than salubrious member of society or hunt down a wanted man on behalf of the king’s court, developers can really use their imaginations to take players back in time as they spin to win.

Are you ready to explore a historical era that is a favourite with slots fans? Give these medieval-themed slots a go and enjoy stepping back into a world that’s unlike any we live in today!