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Parody Slots - Play for Fun and Read Reviews

Key Features of Parody Slots

Online slots with the parody theme share a set of common features, starting of course with them all being based around something or someone which is already familiar to the audience in a different way. This is a great opportunity for fans of a star, character, show or habit to enjoy another aspect of whatever it is they really like.

Parody slots often have quirky and clever names based on word play and puns. Take ‘The Slotfather’, for example. It’s not hard to guess the game is a parody of the iconic Godfather trilogy, and developers BetSoft add an extra twist with the smart remark voiceovers players will encounter in the game. Meanwhile, the cleverly named ‘Call of Fruity’ dresses the standard five-a-day icons up in military gear to make sure the reference to action-war film Call of Duty doesn’t pass even the most clueless player by. So beyond that, what are the other main themes parody-based slots tend to feature across the board?

Visual Appeal of Parody Slots

Parody slots may not always immediately represent the character or idea they are based around, but they do tend to be extremely appealing to the eye. They are also often ‘busier’, more detailed or more chaotic to look at than other themed slots. The Spinions slot is set against a beach backdrop, so the popping yellow and brightly coloured cocktails on screen fit the theme perfectly, as do the more brooding purples and darker shades in Pig Wizard. Both feature animation-style characters, and this is a theme which proves almost 100% likely to be the case for games in this category.

Unforgettable Icons

There’s little chance of coming across the standard icon in a parody slot, as being based around a theme allows the designers to create unique and interesting symbols. Take a look at Emoji Planet, for example, with its reels stuffed full of larger than life emoticons that add a definite extra element to the fun of each spin. Bloopers, on the other hand, cleverly mixes up the stereotypical headshots of good-looking actors and film reels with some mischievous cartoon characters who sit across the reel joins.

Meme Faces steps outside of the usual parody box a little with line-drawn symbols which could easily appear a little lacking - until the game play brings them to life with a set of hilarious animations. And Bloopers goes a step further than other lots by intruding characters through a video at the start of the game.

Typical Payouts and Bonus Options of Parody-Themed Slots

As with most types of games, parody slots usually have between three and five reels and around 20 to 25 paylines, although of course these details may differ slightly between games.

Spinions Beach Party is a generous slot, with nice rewards for matching just three icons on a payline and up to 500x payouts. Plus there’s a possible jackpot of 2000x too. Meanwhile, over in the wizarding land of pigs you can enjoy a free spins bonus, wilds, jackpots - both regular and progressive - and not one but two exciting interactive options.

Leading Developers in Parody Slot Game Software

Quickspins, the developers responsible for the Spinions slot, and Mr. Slotty, who created Meme Faces, are definitely front-runners in the field when it comes to mixing things up and being different. Other developers keen to have a hand in this market are the more mainstream software providers Blue print and NetEnt.

Additional Information on Parody-Themed Slots

Flexible Play Options

It’s not much of a surprise that online slots based on contemporary yet iconic topics, people or things will be accessible while on the move. These slots are all available to play on a laptop, tablet or mobile, with the same quality gameplay experience regardless.

It’s also generally possible to play parody-themed slots for free - a good way to check things out before wagering.

Parody-themed slots are modern, fun, bright and sometimes a little cheeky, and they appeal for all those reasons and more. There’s something extra enticing about seeing a familiar thing adapted to a new purpose while it holds onto the key essence that attracted you in the first place, and these innovative software developers and game designers have achieved this several times over when it comes to the games they deliver.

There are lots of different themes available in the world of online slots, and in most cases those labelled as parody fall under at least one other umbrella too, so if you are a fan of clever humour you won’t fail to find plenty of games to keep you happily playing for a good while to come.