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Glitz, glamour and amazing gaming

Thrilling romances are often set against the backdrop of luxurious resorts, or high profile occasions where gorgeous people sip champagne while dressed in their very finest outfits. Masquerade is an intriguing game set at a grand ball, where golden masks disguise features and can be bonus symbols that pave the way to even richer rewards. With a game like this, players get all the excitement of attending a glamorous occasion without having to dress up or even leave the comfort of their own chair. In fact you could enjoy everything the masked ball has to offer - and collect lots of prizes - while still in your pyjamas. Now that is one enticing invitation. If you go to the Masquerade, you could meet the tempting redhead in the strapless dress with the black mask. She is definitely worth romancing, because if you attract five of her onto a payline, you could be rewarded with a 1,000x payout on your total bet.

Classic love

Who hasn’t heard of Romeo and Juliet, the ultimate doomed romantic couple? They may die in the play by Shakespeare, but in the world of slots they are still going strong, in games such as Romeo and Juliet. Enjoy some classic gaming action with the added attraction of a timeless love story. Romeo and Juliet are both Wild, and the game also offers expanded Wilds, so there will be plenty of opportunities for tender moments and lots of chances to collect passionate payouts.

Lady Godiva is another classic and romantic figure from history. Everybody knows that Lady Godiva rode a horse naked, though not everyone knows why. Lady Godiva rode that horse to help the people of her town, and this romantic and chivalrous act is a great inspiration for an atmospheric slots game. More importantly, with Wilds and Scatters, there are plenty of chances for players to ride away with some rich rewards.

The romance of luxury

Some people - and players - can be seduced with opulent surroundings and perhaps the promise of some prizes. Velvet Lounge is a game set in a decadent club where the furnishings are plush, the ambience is hedonistic and the environment is presided over by a glamorous woman in a stunning evening gown. Enter her velvet domain to find the romance of glamour and luxury, and enjoy the sumptuous visuals of sparkling gems, with the promise of great rewards.

Summer can be an enticing time to enjoy a little romance as the weather is warm, colours are sparkling, and skin is bronzing nicely in the sun. This then can also be the setting of a successful slots game, such as Endless Summer. Soak up the summer atmosphere with the game’s entrancing symbols of hot weather, such as shells and flowers and being at the beach to watch a dolphin or catch a wave. Players are sure to develop warm feelings about this game, and if they win the massive jackpot, they could well fall in love.

Feel the passion

Heart of Romance is a slots game where all the clues to its nature are in the title. This is game for players who love to play with love. This game offers some fairytale romance, with gorgeous ladies dressed in shimmering jewels, who enjoy the coquettish fun to be found at a masked ball. The colours are dreamy and the design is sumptuous. Best of all, there are many opportunities to win rewards fit for a queen, with the Xtra Reward reel, and gorgeous pink hearts that also just happen to be Wild symbols giving players more chances to form winning combinations.

Many fairytales are driven by romance, especially the idea of the girl finding her prince. Quite often the prince is in disguise, and the girl may need to kiss a few frogs to find the one which is really her prince charming instead. Pucker Up Prince is a delightful game with a romantic fairytale theme based on the story of the princess looking for her prince, who happens to be an amphibian. The goods news is that when the princess is kissing her frog, this means more rewards for the player. Plus there are lots of gorgeous symbols, more bonus features and even a progressive jackpot, so everyone can get their happy ending.
Music and dancing and cocktails can also lead to some romantic action, which is the thinking behind At The Copa, a slots game with a Latino dance theme filled with colour, action and plenty of gorgeous symbols. There is the added excitement of a love triangle, with two handsome dancers vying for the attention of a beautiful woman, accompanied by great animation and atmospheric icons such as maracas and flamingos. It is a sensual feast, and one with free spins, bonus features and jackpots to swell the heart and the wallet.

Don’t be shy - embrace seduction and find your true love with a stunning romance themed slot game. Romance is everywhere, as it is available on desktop PC, mobile and tablet. Get ready to swoon and win big.