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Passionate - but not steamy

They describe themselves as "a team of passionate individuals". Wow! Imagine the office politics when all that passion gets going. However, look past the corporate speak, and you'll find some interesting statements. They say that they believe in being original; all slot players are going to welcome this. Live 5 go even further, pointing the finger at all those games that are replicas of other games from the same houses, just reworked with different graphics.

We can all welcome that, and if this small games house can deliver what it promises, it will do really well because it has the interests of players at its heart.

Live 5 Gaming - Favourite titles

During the past couple years, Live 5 have been beefing up their creative and management team so they can release more titles. Live5 gaming slots include a number of popular games, such as Fortune Lucky, Crank it Up, Magic Mystery Money, Prize of the Valkyrie, Out of this World, Showtime Spectacular, the Sky's the Limit, and others. Their best-known offering, however, is Stairway to Heaven.

Stairway to Heaven

From the Led Zeppelin song, to movies, even to a Korean soap opera, Stairway to Heaven is an iconic phrase. Can Live5 Gaming Slots keep up with tradition? To be honest, they've gone off in a direction that's entirely theirs, which is great.

Stairway to Heaven has 20 paylines, which may not seem like very many compared to some slots. However, it makes up for this with an amazing array of bonus features. Not only are there free spins and prize wheels, but players can customise the amount of volatility in the game. This is a pretty unique offering, and for slot players who are indeed fed up with slots that copy each other and soon become boring to play, Live 5 Gaming is providing an alternative way to play on both mobile and tablet.

For players who don't know, volatility is the way in which the game pays back the player. Lots of games have a return to player (RTP) of between 85% and 98%. That means that for every 100 coins that you wager on a free slot, you should theoretically get 85 or more back. However, there are two factors that alter this equation. The first is that the RTP only has to come true over thousands of spins or even hundreds of thousands.

The second factor is the volatility. A game with high volatility may not pay out for ages, but when it does, it pays out big! Low Volatility Slots will keep giving small, frequent wins, while medium-volatility games are somewhere between the two.

A game where you can customise the volatility to suit the way you like to play - that's a real novelty. With lower bets, you get gameplay typical of low-volatility slots. As you increase the amount you are betting, the volatility increases. At Level 1, you might play 20 per spin, and your volatility will give you an RTP of roughly 86%. At Level 2 with a 50 coin bet, it might rise to 88%. At level 3, you're wagering more like 100 and the volatility is 92%. At level 4, you're getting an RTP of 95% with a 200-coin bet.

It's an innovative way to design a game, and Stairway to Heaven also includes free spins with multipliers, and a ladder where you can collect symbols and increase your multiplier. There's a "Devil's Wheel", a Cloud bonus, and a Deal or no Deal type game. This is truly innovative gaming at its best. At free slots New Zealand, you can try it out without spending a single coin of your own money!

Where next for Live5 Gaming slots?

So where do Live 5 Gaming slots go next? In 2018, they attracted Mat Parker from Inspired Gaming to come and work for them as Creative Director to lead their expansion efforts. In 2018, they released several games, including a steampunk special called Crank it Up.

This features water tanks that the player has to reveal to increase the chance of a big payout. As you might expect from Live 5, there are brilliant gameplay features such as hidden random bonus events, someone called Peggy riding the wrecking ball, and interesting events when the alarm siren sounds.

Live5 gaming slots are creating a name for gameplay that's fun, different and engaging. If you're fed up with the same old slots, Live 5 are the games house for you.