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Respins Slots have an aggregate user rating of 3.4/5 from 107288 votes.

Respins Slots Explained

Respins can occur in absolutely any real money or free slots game, whether it is classic, video or progressive. It’s a feature that works across the board, so it can be implemented in any type of game.

It is also not limited to desktop slots - you’ll also find it in games that can be enjoyed on mobile and tablet too, and it works particularly well here as it is uncomplicated and looks much the same as any other spin. So a small screen size won’t affect it in any way whatsoever.

Essentially, Respins are unique stand-alone feature that will allow you to hit multiple wining combinations from the wager on a single spin. Generally, they are triggered by landing a winning combination, or you may have to land a certain number of symbols in order to trigger them. When they’re triggered, you’ll either have the opportunity of spinning a single reel again, with all other reels locked in place, or you’ll be able to spin more than one reel at a time. In some cases you may have the option of choosing which reel you want to spin.

All the non-spinning reels will remain locked and their symbols will remain in place, giving you an even greater chance of landing another winning combination. Generally, you’ll continue to be awarded Respins for as long as you land winning combinations or the correct configuration of symbols that triggered them in the first place.

In some Respins slots the feature allows you to unlock even more winning ways. This means that a slot could have 40 paylines in the base game, but when the Respins feature is triggered this increases and extra paylines are brought into play. The game may also incorporate elements of a theme into this feature. For example, in Fairytales Slots you may have a fairy that flits across the reels and adds paylines or a similar animation that highlights the additional number of paylines.

An Increasingly Common Feature

This bonus features is becoming increasingly popular, and you may well find it in iSoftBet slot machines and games from other leading developers. It is definitely a feature that you want to take advantage of, and it should also occur on a regular basis if it’s dependent on winning spins.

In the future we are sure to see more games with this feature, as it is an easy way to boost players’ chances of winning, and this makes it all the more attractive. As developers note new trends and how players respond to certain features, they tend to add them to their slots, and in the future Respins slots may well almost be the norm, as the feature can be adapted in numerous ways too.

Respins Replacing Free Spins

In some cases Respins are taking the place of the more traditional free spins bonus round. Some players may feel that this isn’t a great option and that it puts them at a disadvantage, but it can be very positive thing. Respins slots generally tend to offer more wining chances than games that feature a separate free spins round. The fact that Respins are usually triggered by landing a winning combination, a Wild or a set symbol combination means that they are found on a more regular basis. This means that instead of waiting for a separate bonus feature to be triggered, you could rack up extra wins as you go. And if all it takes is landing a certain symbol like a Wild, your chances of Respins are far greater than your chances of free spins.

Of course, some Respins slots have taken the approach that more is better and include both Respins and a free spins bonus feature. This really is combining the best of both worlds and increases your chances of landing a win by epic proportions.

Whichever way you look at it, Respin slots can be ultra-rewarding, and this special feature has certainly added something new and different to the reel spinning games that we know and love. Anything that helps us win more meets with our approval, and Respins make playing all the more engaging and exciting, and of course even more rewarding too!