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With their follow-up to the fantastically successful Blood Suckers, NetEnt have well and truly sunk their teeth into vampire fans. Have they sucked the life out of the title or bitten o...ff more than they can chew? Read on to find out.

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Is this any place for a lady vampire?

Creepy, slightly weird music plays, and you’re outside the vampire castle where mist drifts across a full moon and a mysterious lady in a blood-red costume, her face half in shadow, holds a crossbow.

It’s the vampiress Amilia. Blood-red roses twine their way around her, and fantastic creatures guard the spiked iron gate that she must pass through to get to the castle. She is here to find the hidden treasure left behind by her ancestors, killed by vampire hunters countless years ago.

She’s become a crossbow crack shot, and she’s determined to get to that treasure, even though she knows it is guarded by a vicious blue demon. As the moon flits in and out of the clouds, she must make a decision that will change the rest of her (half) life. Continue to the Vampire Castle, or turn back and never know whether she could have got the treasure? What has she got to lose? A pint or two of blood? There’s plenty more where that came from. She’s going in. There’s the clanking of metal being drawn over stone, and we find out what she’s gotten herself into.

Follow Amilia to the Bloodsuckers II burial chamber

Candles flicker in the corner, casting shadows everywhere. On the left is a superbly ornate purple sarcophagus. Ahead is another elaborate stone burial casket. There are purple curtains at the end of the room, drawn back to display a strange symbol. There are other items in the room, too, but in the candlelight it’s difficult to tell what they are - treasure chests, perhaps?

We know we need to get them to get our rewards, but how do we get the rewards and leave the castle without falling victim to the vampire slayers? Not so fast - they’d like to enjoy your company a little longer. On the left of the screen, Amilia is alive - and definitely breathing heavily. Soon, we find out why.

The crossbow unleashes randomness in Blood Suckers II

We set the symbols spinning, hoping to get our coins before they get us, but the crimson vampiress raises her crossbow, takes aim and fires at the symbols. Not only that, she is now licking her lips and opening her mouth in a frankly disturbing way. But her crossbow shots trigger the bonuses, so we’ll overlook how thirsty she is.

This quest not only has a blood rose free spins feature, but it also has wild substitutions, a hidden treasure bonus game, a random bonus shot feature and a scatter shot feature. That’s just for starters. You’ve then got your 25 pay lines, 1 to 10 bet levels and adjustable coin values.

Take a bite out of the scatters

Five blood rose scatters bring you 10,000, four net 625, three scatters get 100, and two scatters get 5. Two or more scatters appearing on the reels in the main game or in the blood rose free spins round get a coin win.

Bonus symbols

When you’re playing the main game, three or more bonus symbols activate the Hidden Treasure Bonus Game. If you’ve got four bonus symbols when you start the bonus game, every coin win is doubled. If you’ve got five bonus symbols when the game starts, your coin wins are tripled.

Max-win 10x
Volatility High
Top RTP 96.94%

Wilder and wilder

The wild symbol substitutes in every case, except for the scatter and bonus symbols. Five wilds are worth 10,000, four wilds net 2,000, three wilds get 200 and two wilds get 5.

In the main game, the wilds can appear in any position on the reels. You’ll also get wilds during the Blood Rose free spins feature. Wilds can substitute for any symbol except the Bonus and Scatter symbols. When a wild substitutes for a symbol, it pays the highest combination possible on that payline, using the paytable as a guide.

Randomness is rampant in Vampire Castle

The bonus shot feature and the scatter shot feature both happen randomly in the main game. The bonus shot feature gives you an extra bonus symbol as an overlay on reels 1, 2 or 3. If you get a winning line, any random feature wins are added to it.

The scatter shot feature starts when two scatter symbols show up on the reels. Amilia takes aim with the crossbow, and you realize that the scatter shot feature has awarded an extra scatter. That, in turn, has activated 10 blood rose free spins. All medium win symbols displayed on the reels give coin wins of 10 - 100 times the bet level.

Blood Rose Free Spins

The thorny question of how to get the blood rose free spins is solved when three or more scatter symbols show up in the main game. They can be displayed anywhere on the reels, and they activate 10 blood rose free spins. Get three scatters again during your blood rose free spins and you’ll get another 10 free spins, which will be added to the number of free spins you’ve currently got left.

If you only get two or more scatter symbols, whether in the main game or during the blood rose free spins, you’ll get a win as shown on the pay table; that’s the win level times the bet level. However, in any one spin, only the highest scatter win is paid out. In other words, different wins are not added together.

Blood rose free spins use the same bet level and coin value as you were using before the feature activated. However, during the blood rose free spins, all winning lines and scatter wins are multiplied by three. When the blood rose free spins finish, you go back to whichever round of the game activated the free spins.

Hidden Treasure Bonus Game

The Hidden Treasure Bonus is what’s known as a “pick and click” game. You hunt for treasure and have five levels to progress through. Each level has five options, so you need to pick the right coffins and chests! Each of them will have either a coin win, a gigantic key for unlocking the next level, a scatter symbol or the horrible blue demon.

When you’re playing the main game, if three or more bonus symbols show up anywhere on consecutive reels starting from the left reel, they’ll start the Hidden Treasure feature. If this bonus game starts when you’ve got four bonus symbols, everything you win during the round is doubled. It gets better; if you activate the feature by getting five bonus symbols, all the coin wins during the feature are tripled.

The ultimate prize is the Great Treasure Win, which is 1,000 coins times the bet level. To get this, you have to be at the top level and reveal the key symbol. Other coin wins are multiplied by the bet level and the multiplier level, which is shown in the left column. The maximum win in coins is 16,750.

If you get a scatter symbol during this round, you can collect it. If you have three scatters when the bonus game ends, you activate the 10 blood rose free spins feature.

Unfortunately, there’s always someone who wants to spoil the party, and in the hidden treasure bonus game, it’s the blue demon. If he pops up from a coffin, it’s the end of the round.

When the bonus game finishes, any winnings that you made during the round are added to the wins from the round during which you activated the bonus game.

If you keep winning, you’ll collect a giant key, and the screen will change as it unlocks the next level. At Level 3, a set of gorgeous green jewels will float in the air at the end of the chamber. Every time a coffin opens, you get the key to the next level. At Level 4, the jewels are amber-colored. Unfortunately, every so often, a very nasty-looking vampire comes out of the treasure chest, and he appears to be in need of some dental work.

Oh, no! He slashes you right in the pixels, leaving blood stains right across your screen. This ends the hidden treasure bonus game.

Blood Suckers II - Rules

Let’s see if we can lay down some ground rules. The first rule is no biting!

All wins are equal to the number of coins shown in the paytable times the bet level you have currently set. Only the highest win on each pay line is paid, and payouts go in order from the reel on the left to the one on the right. If you win on different pay lines at the same time, your wins are added together. Paylines rule, except if you win using the scatter symbols or in the case of any wins during the Hidden Treasure Bonus Game.

Controls and widgets

There’s a blood-red gem in a gold setting that is used to start a game at the current coin value and bet level. If you’re looking at the pay table or help screens, you’ll have big gold arrows to show you how to move backward and forward through the pages. The gold X always takes you back into the main game.

Set your options for gameplay

Like other NetEnt Free Slots, you can customise Bloodsuckers II to suit your playing style. You can change settings for the game by clicking the spanner down at the bottom left of the screen. There is a good set of options for getting the game to play exactly as you want. You can turn the Intro screens on or off, turn Quick Spin on or off, and decide whether you want to use the space bar to start spins. Game history isn’t available when you’re playing for fun, however.

You can also customise the Autoplay function by clicking on it, then choosing Advanced Settings. You can choose to stop Autoplay whenever you win, or only if a bonus game or free spins are won. Otherwise, you can stop it if you have a single win that equals or exceeds the amount you enter. You can also choose the number of spins that will happen each time you select Autoplay.

The return to player (RTP) is 96.94 on Blood Suckers II, but remember that’s over thousands of spins. You may play for a while without hitting that average.

Blood Suckers II goes mobile

Just like any self-respecting vampire, this game can be played on the wing. With NetEnt’s Touch technology, you can get a bloodsucking experience on mobile and tablet using either Android or iOS.

What next, Blood Suckers?

If you like Blood Suckers II, you’ll love our other vampire slots, such as Microgaming's Immortal Romance slots. Why not explore our horror slots theme, which has a blood-curdling selection of scariness, all gathered together especially for you.

NetEnt does it again with Blood Suckers II

NetEnt just goes from strength to strength. Many of the top slots that continue to be favourites worldwide, from Gonzo’s Quest to Guns n’ Roses and Starburst, come from this amazing company. They’re also at the forefront of developments such as live casino action. They never seem to stand still. This game delivers quest-style game levels, randomness, and a theme that's fully brought to life - just like Amilia.

Blood Suckers II builds on the incredibly successful Blood Suckers franchise to deliver immersive gaming with a bite! Amilia wants her treasure back, and no blue demon's going to stop her. What are you waiting for? Get that crossbow out and start enjoying one of the best games you'll find online!

Disclaimer: Blood Suckers II trademark / license is owned by Net Ent. This site is not endorsed by Net Ent.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Blood Suckers II
Software: Net Ent
RTP: 96.94%
Volatility: High volatility
Paylines: 25
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): $0.25 (USD)
Max Bet: $250 (USD)
Top Win: 10
Features: Bonus Game, Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Multiplier, Free Spins, High volatility, 5 Reels

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