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Irish Folklore - Characters and Symbols

Many countries have fascinating folklore, tales of magical creatures, enchanting motifs and captivating stories. Ireland certainly has its fair share of these, which have the ability to engage and entertain players from all over the globe. Most Irish myths and tales are pagan and predate Christianity, although only a handful of these stories have survived in the public consciousness. Of these stories, a few icons and magical people were kept in the public imagination, probably the best known of which is the leprechaun. The leprechaun is an elf-like creature, always depicted as male, normally a shoe maker, and in more recent times as wearing green clothes, a hat and an auburn beard. Leprechauns are generally depicted as solitary creatures who engage persistently in mischief. According to some legends the leprechaun can grant wishes, and also stores it gold in a little pot at the end of the rainbow. This is how the rainbow became a later symbol of Irish folklore and one that has been blended into the landscape of slot games so beautifully.

Today, you will find leprechauns used throughout Irish-themed slots in exciting games such as Leprechaun's Luck, Leprechaun legends and Leapin’ Leprechauns. Rainbows have become so common too that they appear in almost every Irish-themed slot, including the Rainbow Riches collection of slots from Barcrest as well as Over the Rainbow, Rainbow Magic, Chasing Rainbows and Rainbow Reels.

Other famous motifs include the four-leaf clover, a lucky Irish symbol which took prominence as a national symbol after St Patrick used it to promote unity. The four leaf clover can be seen in Irish symbolism from rugby shorts to pub signs, all over the world. In the Irish language a clover is known as a Shamrock, which is why you will see the word shamrock in usage thoughout our Irish-themed slot games. A Shamrock (or standard clover) has three leaves depicting hope, faith and love - a fourth leaf should you find it, means luck. Around one in every 5000 clovers will have four leaves instead of three, which makes the odds of finding one not nearly as good as the odds on some of our slot games such as Lucky Lady Clover, Lucky Shamrock, Irish Clover and Clover Tales.

Irish Music

As well as Irish characters and symbols, you will also find reference to Ireland’s rich musical heritage in some games. That includes Rainbow Ryan, Shamrock Eire to Rock and the brilliantly titled Shamrock ‘n’ Roll.

Irish Ladies

If you fins that you are drawn to Irish women, usually depicted with green eyes and raven or auburn hair, then you will find an excellent selection of slot games hosted by these famous beauties. This includes Lady Luck, Irish Eyes, Darling of Fortune and Lucky Lady’s Charm.

Irish-hybrid games

Some games found on our site have combined the theme of Ireland with other popular themes. Take Play ‘n’ Go’s Leprechaun Goes Egypt for example: here two very popular themes are combined to create a game that is literally like no other out there. In Leprechaun Goes Egypt, our mischievous host finds himself discovering the treasures of an ancient Egyptian tomb and may even net you some big prizes along the way.

More Irish themed slots

Some of our Irish themed slots are simply inspired by the general theme of luck, or the island country of Ireland. This includes Irish Gold, Luck o’ the Irish, Slots o’ Gold, Emerald Isle and Irish Luck. All in all we host over 35 Irish-themed slot games for your pleasure.

Not sure that you have the luck of the Irish just yet? The good news is that all of our Irish themed slot games are available to play for free, giving you a chance to have a taster of which sort of slot you want to play for real money, or alternatively allowing you to play risk free for as long as you want. Many slot players prefer playing for free, leaving their money in their wallet but enjoying all the thrill of the reels. All the games featured on our site can be enjoyed on a range of platforms, so whether you want to play at home on your desktop, on the go on your mobile, or comfortably on the sofa with a tablet or laptop, our Ireland-themed games are available for you to enjoy in any way you wish.

At Slot Temple we love Irish themed slots. And just like you can’t find a city in the world without an Irish pub, you won’t find a slot game developer, big or small, without at least one Irish-themed game in its portfolio. You can find all these Irish theme games and thousands more right here at Slots Temple. If you love Irish-themed games then try your luck at some of our pixie or magical forest themed games next.