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A Short History of Aliens in Mass Culture

The word alien first appeared in the English language in the Middle Ages, coming from the Latin, alias, which means ‘other’. For centuries the word referred to an alien place or person, something that was different from one’s own experience. With the advent of Science Fiction as a genre in literature and later in films, the word alien became used almost exclusively to describe intelligent life forms from other planets, both totally fantastical or fictional life forms and sometimes theoretical ones. Alien characters may have popped up in a few novels prior to the 20th century, but they really entered the public consciousness in the books and films of the early 20th century. These depictions were generally of life forms that were out to get us, and the idea of ‘aliens’ was used by governments to make political statements about foreign powers. Sci-fi continued to be a popular genre throughout the 20th century with peaks in public interest, often in times of unrest.

It was only natural that aliens became a major theme in the earliest video games, with their characterization taken from films. Even some of the very earliest computer games featured aliens, such as SpaceWar! which actually predates Pong, as well as Space Invaders, Galaxian, Pac Man and Asteroids. When video slots were first invented in the 1970s and then taken online in the 1990s, it was only natural again that this theme would be used to capture the audience of this new and exciting format. Many alien games are themed around retro computer games from the 1970s and 1980s, again playing on the nostalgic tendency of Generation X. Today there are hundreds of space-themed slots out there, many from the world’s biggest and best developers.

Alien Slot Games

Some of the very best alien slots out there include Space Invaders by Ash Gaming. Based completely on the 1978 game of the same name, Space Invaders is one of the most popular alien-themed slots around. Space Invaders is a pleasingly straightforward slot with just 10 paylines but plenty of bonus features. Another popular choice is Aliens Attack by iSoftbet, which uses the same large-forehead Roswell-type alien to create a really fun game where aliens have come to us in order to take over. Again, this is a classic arcade style game but this time with a ‘90s theme.

Conspiracy theorists will love Reptoids, an X-Files inspired game where high-level government officials are hiding their true identities as aliens, or Area 51, a game based on the most famous cover-up of all time. Those looking to travel to far-off lands will enjoy Money Mad Martians, Space Adventure or perhaps Out of This World.

Alien Hybrid Slot Games

It’s even better when you come into contact with games that are hybrids of other genres, and sometimes these are the last combinations you’d expect to see! Consider Pharaohs and Aliens, for example. This fun game from BeeFee takes two of the most popular slot themes and sets them off against each other, although it may be no coincidence that some people consider the pyramids so amazing that aliens must have built them! Even stranger still is Boongo’s Kangaliens, a truly unique slot concept based in the Australian outback where kangaroos and other marsupials come head to head with aliens. This cartoonish and really fun slot somehow works, and with 25 paylines, five reels and plenty of bonus features, it’s a non-stop Aussie space adventure!

The alien theme represents the perfect form of escapism, which is why it has captured the attention of so many book readers, film-goers, computer game players and, more recently, slot enthusiasts. With no evidence of any actual alien life forms yet discovered, the theme allows developers to really engage with their fantastical and creative sides. Coupled with the fun and frivolity of slot machines, aliens as a slot theme couldn’t be a better combination.

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