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High volatility slots explained

All slots games fit into one of three categories. They are either low, medium or high volatility and this is often clearly advertised by the developer or you can find out the information from a review. Each developer may offer a range of varying volatility games, so for example, iSoftBet slots may fall into each of the categories, depending on how each game is designed. It is very rare that a developer will only make slots with one level of volatility.

The level of volatility denotes the size of the payout you can expect, and how often it pays out too. Low volatility games offer smaller prizes, but they may well pay out on a far more frequent basis, while their high counterparts feature enormous payouts that happen on a less regular basis. Essentially, if you are looking for quick wins while on the go on your mobile and tablet, then you need to opt for a lower volatility game, but if you are in search of a big jackpot and have some time on your hands, high volatility slots are the ones for you.

Volatility can also be equated to risk, and the higher the risk, the bigger the reward!

Calculating expected payouts

Now that you know that high volatility slots mean bigger risks but can equal even bigger rewards, it’s a great time to take a look at what sort of payouts can be won. In these games, the payouts are far greater than your average slot and top jackpots can range from anywhere between 500x to 1,000x your stake, or even more. When you are playing free slots the potential jackpot payouts may not be as important as when you play for real money, but at the end of the day, everyone loves the thrill of landing a really big win.

While the top prize payouts in high volatility slots are enormous, their lower value symbols can often form relatively high paying combinations too. Due to the nature of the games, the “lower” value icons in higher volatility slots are still very valuable. Low paying symbols could pay out between 50x and 100x your stake and these can help you to accumulate a tidy sum, as even if they don’t occur that often, the rewards are still large.

The highest volatility games online

When it comes to high volatility games, the theme, number of paylines or reels doesn’t make a difference to the eventual payout. You’ll find Board Games Slots that are high and low volatility and you’ll find classic and video slots that fall into one of the three categories.

Progressive jackpot slots are the perfect example of the ultimate high volatility slots as they feature an enormous, growing jackpot that is won occasionally by a lucky player, and can amount to as much as a $1 million or more. These games pay out very seldom in the greater scheme of things, but when they do, their prizes can be life-changing.

Are high volatility slots suitable for you?

If you love the thrill of watching and waiting for a big win and enjoy an intense reel spinning experience that you can dedicate a decent amount of time to, these are the slots for you. Just remember that you’ll also need a decent sized budget, as higher volatility slots also usually require bigger bets, and even the minimum wager will be larger than other games of lower volatility. You may have to place quite large bets over an extended period of time before you win but your payout, when it occurs should be substantial.

You must be prepared to put the time in, however, and for lulls in gameplay where you may not win for a while. Fortunately, most online slots are highly engaging and have amazing themes and graphics, so watching the reels roll is loads of fun. Plus, you can also opt to use the AutoPlay feature in a huge number of games, and this picks up the pace considerably.

If you have a thirst for adventure, are looking for really big wins and enjoy the suspense and excitement of games that deliver on the risk equals reward promise, then you need to pick higher volatility slots to suit your requirements.