Casinos in Bismarck, North Dakota

North Dakota may have more relaxed gambling laws than many states, but these have only come about recently. Charitable casinos were legalized in 1977, with wagering on horse and dog racing just 10 years later. Casinos were made legal in 1992, and the state lottery wasn't introduced until 2002. The minimum age limit for casino goers is 21, although it's 18 and over for participating in the lottery and for live racing betting. Today, casinos can be found in several establishments in Bismarck.

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Best Bismarck Casinos

4 Bears Casino & Lodge
202 Frontage Rd , Bismarck , 587...
(701) 627-4018
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Grand Treasure Casino
4418 147th Ave NW , Bismarck , 5...
(701) 572-4348
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Prairie Knights
7932 ND-24 , Bismarck , 58538 , ...
(701) 854-7777
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Bismarck, North Dakota Casinos by the Numbers

Locals and visitors to Bismarck have a choice of four casinos, which can be found in various nightspots and hotels. Each of them has its own selection of great games, which include a range of slots, gaming machines and various live tables to choose from, catering to the tastes of all types of casino fans.

Casino Games Available in Bismarck, North Dakota

With North Dakota's wide range of casino games and sports bars available, visitors to Bismarck or any other city with casinos in the state will be sure to find their favorite games as well as try some exciting new ones.