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Wizard of Oz is an online slot developed by WMS themed, of course, around the classic film. The game has 5 reels and 3 rows and is packed with features including wild reels, free-spins ...and instant cash awards.

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Hello Emerald City! One of the world’s most enduring and best-loved musical films is now a fabulous slots game from WMS. The Wizard of Oz offers gorgeous and treasured characters, plenty of uplifting entertainment and many opportunities to have fun and win lots of great rewards. Even better, you don’t need to be in Kansas or Emerald City to play this wonderful slots game, as The Wizard of Oz is available on desktop PC, mobile and tablet. All you need to have fun with Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow is a device, an internet connection, and Adobe Flash installed on the device to make the most of the creative software and the fabulous animations. Prepare to be dazzled!

There have been various versions of The Wizard of Oz, but the really famous version and the inspiration for this WMS game is the 1939 film. This musical movie stars the legendary July Garland, who was only 17 at the time, as Dorothy. The film made her a huge star and is probably one of the most famous musical films ever made.

L Frank Baum wrote the book about Dorothy, an orphan living on a dusty farm in the US state of Kansas with her dog Toto. During a tornado, Dorothy and Toto are blown away to the Land of Oz, where she meets her new friends: the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man. They all want something - Dorothy wants to return to Kansas, the Cowardly Lion wants courage, the Scarecrow wants a brain, and the Tin Man wants a heart. The friends band together for an adventurous journey through Oz to the Emerald City in search of the Wizard of Oz.

When you play this game you will be embarking on a whole series of exciting adventures with them; even better, there will many prizes to win and rich rewards to collect when you are following the yellow brick road with Dorothy and her friends in this superb WMS game. The Wizard of Oz is supposed to have the powers to grant everyone’s wishes, and you will be able to harness the wizard’s powers for bringing wonderful prizes your way by playing this game.

The game looks bright and cheerful, with beautifully designed symbols and wonderful graphics courtesy of the imaginative designers at WMS. With a wild, a bonus feature and a jackpot, there are so many ways to win when you play Wizard of Oz; in addition, you will be entertained every second.

As soon as you look at the game you know you are in for a treat. The design from WMS is vivid and very enticing, with an opening page that shows the four friends - Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion - walking along with linked arms. Toto is there too, of course, sitting in his basket, and the Emerald City glitters in the background with a glimpse of the yellow brick road leading to it. The sky behind the friends is brilliantly blue, with a touch of glitter, and the fields are - of course - emerald green. Once you have had a glimpse of this you will not want to waste a moment, so start playing The Wizard of Oz immediately and start winning great prizes.

How to play Wizard of Oz

When you look at the screen for The Wizard of Oz base game, you will see that it is a slots game with five reels, three rows, and up to 30 mesmerizing paylines on which to accumulate lots of sparkling wins. The aim of this WMS game is to match as many winning combinations of symbols on the paylines as you possibly can, both to reap rich rewards and to possibly land an amazing jackpot or trigger the bonus feature for wins.

The symbols on the reels include all the favourites that you would expect from a game called The Wizard of Oz. These include the huge and scary tornado that is the catalyst for Dorothy’s adventures in the Land of Oz; in addition, there is the house that Dorothy lived in, which was actually a farm in Kansas. There is gorgeous little Toto, who sits in his basket because he is such a well-behaved dog. There are also the wicked witch, depicted in a slightly sinister shade of green, and the famous red shoes that Dorothy wears. These are the shoes that she has on her feet when she can click her heels three times and think of home, which is what gets her back to Kansas in the end. They are rather special shoes - all sparkly and glittery - and you will win many great prizes and be clicking your own heels together with delight if you land lots of these symbols on the reels.

Another picture symbol you will be pleased to see is that of the friends who Dorothy travels with through the Land of Oz; of course, they are represented by symbols that depict the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow. They stand together in a vibrant yellow and orange frame, waiting for Dorothy to help them and to make lots of lovely winning combinations for you on the reels so that you win more rewards.

Another whimsical picture symbol is the state fair hot air balloon. You will be flying high when this hot air balloon blows across the reels and lands in the right places to make winning combinations.

Then there is Dorothy herself. She is the heroine of the story, so of course there is a symbol representing her. She looks extremely happy, with long brown curls and a blue bow on the top of her head and a dark blue frame surrounding her. Just to give her a bit of extra pizzazz, the background to each side of Dorothy’s head is glittering and red, just like her shoes.

The Wizard of Oz offers up to 30 tantalising paylines and you can choose how many you want to play. The way to adjust this is very easy, as there is a panel at the bottom of the screen when you are playing the base game. It is very easy to spot, as it is the third main symbol from the left at the bottom of the screen. This symbol it is marked ‘lines’, just in case you are in any doubt. The symbol consists of a number, which represents the number of lines in play, with smaller plus and minus signs to the right. Just click on these plus or minus signs and you have total control over how many lines you are playing in the game. You can choose any number of paylines between one and 30, which gives you plenty of options for customising The Wizard of Oz just the way you want it.

Go wild in Oz

The Wizard of Oz symbol is hard to miss, as it has a yellow frame and ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is written on it in spectacular yellow lettering. The glittering red shoes are in there too, sitting in the O of the Oz. The graphics of this symbol are stunning; in addition, this is a highly useful symbol.

You will be thrilled when this symbol lands on your reels, as The Wizard of Oz symbol is wild and will help you to make more winning combinations. The Wizard of Oz wild will substitute for all other symbols on the reels except the jackpot symbol and the Emerald City symbol to bring more rewards down the yellow brick road to land in your cache of wins.

When The Wizard of Oz symbol becomes part of a matching combination that helps you to win more prizes, the symbol literally goes wild with colour and action. The word ‘wild’, which is written in yellow and edged in a deep shade or orange or red, will pulse out of the centre of the symbol, with a field of vivid red flowers in the background and glitter raining down. This is quite a nifty bit of animation that you can watch over and over again. If you line up some matching symbols on a number of paylines, the wilds can also take part in these. When there are wins on more than one payline, the important symbols will be surrounded with a coloured frame that changes colour between the different paylines. It can all look rather impressive when the colours are changing and there are wild symbols being animated and glittering on the reels, so prepare for quite a show.

Wizard of Oz Slot

Wizard of Oz Jackpot of Oz

It is always rather special to win a jackpot, with The Wizard of Oz offering a fabulous jackpot that is definitely worthy of this wonderful WMS game. The symbol itself is hard to miss with its striking design. The word ‘jackpot’ is written in white letters across the middle. Around this is a colourful abstract design in vibrant shades of mostly red, yellow and orange that has an art deco feel. This is no doubt due to the era in which The Wizard of Oz film that was the inspiration for the game was made. Art deco, with its stylised motifs, was an influential art and design movement in the 1920s and 1930s.
You will be ecstatic to see the jackpot symbol, as this means you could be on the way to winning a magnificent prize. The jackpot is only available in the base game of The Wizard of Oz, so it will not appear when you are playing a bonus round. Depending on your wager per spin, landing three jackpot symbols in a winning combination could reward the player with a prize of 500 times their bet for that spin.

With four jackpot symbols, the prize is even better. Land four of the jackpot symbols in a combination for a win and the player can be rewarded with a prize that is 5,000 times their wager for that spin. The big jackpot, of course, is won when the player is lucky enough to land five of those gorgeous jackpot symbols in a winning combination. If this happens, the player will feel just like they are the all-powerful Wizard of Oz, Emerald City and all of Kansas, as they could be receiving a reward that is 50,000 times their wager for the spin. With a prize like this, you could run out and buy yourself an entire art deco palace!

We love Glinda the Good Witch

In the film of The Wizard of Oz, Glinda the Good Witch was a kind and lovely character; fortunately, she is also rather kind and lovely in the game version. While you are playing the base game, Glinda the Good Witch may swoop in to spread some welcome magic around on the reels. She has the powers to change any of the reels into expanding wilds, which will help you to make many more winning combinations and will bring you many more rewards. Once the reels have stopped spinning, all the wins and prizes are added up and the total is applied to your credits. These Glinda the Good Witch expanding wilds are wild winners and substitute for all symbols except the jackpot symbol and the Emerald City feature and scatter symbol.

Glinda the Good Witch makes random appearances during the base game, so all you have to do to benefit from her kindly magic is to be playing the game. When she appears, she will materialise in a small pink ball that gets bigger and bigger until Glinda appears with her magic wand and says you should click your heels together three times and make a wish. She then waves her wand and creates some wilds to bring you more prizes. These wilds are easy to spot, as they fill an entire reel. They have a purple frame that extends from the top to the bottom, while the background is a glittery blue. The word ‘wild’ is spelt out in vibrant purple and will fill the reel from top to bottom; in addition, this wild will have a few blue stars to make it look a little more special. A visit from Glinda the Good Witch is always a treat and very rewarding!

Emerald City, here we come

The Emerald City symbol is both the feature bonus round symbol and the scatter. It is a very handsome symbol with its emerald green art deco city skyline; however, you may be more interested in all the fun things that happen when Emerald City symbols land on the reels.

You need to land three Emerald City symbols on reels one, three and five to trigger the bonus round, which is the Oz Pick feature. When three Emerald City symbols land, the three symbols transform into active symbols that can be chosen with a click. Each sprouts a handsome frame, with a yellow arrow above each pointing down and visually saying ‘choose me’. You can’t choose all three Emerald City symbols, of course; instead, you must choose just one. You will want to consider this choice, however, as each symbol gives the player a different option. When you choose your symbol, you will receive one of three different results unless you are playing with less than 30 paylines, which will affect what you are offered for this bonus feature.

If you are playing the maximum number of paylines, one result of choosing an Emerald City symbol is an instant prize. If you are playing the maximum number of paylines, your prize will be a splendid five or up to 10 times your total wager for that spin. If you were playing with less than the maximum number of paylines, your instant award could be five or up to 25 dazzling times your total wager for that spin. You can see that Emerald City is a really fun and rewarding place to be.

If you are playing with less than the maximum number of paylines offered in The Wizard of Oz, picking one of the symbols will reveal an instant prize or the chance to play the Winged Monkey feature. If you are playing with the maximum number of paylines that The Wizard of Oz offers - 30 - there are three options behind the Emerald City symbols. These are the instant prize multiplying your wager for the spin, a chance to play the Winged Monkey feature, or an opportunity to play the Road to Emerald City feature.

Max-win 50,000x
Volatility High
RTP 93.29%

Wild winged monkeys

You have probably never seen a winged monkey in your daily life or in the office, but you will be thrilled to see them when you are playing The Wizard of Oz. When you play the Winged Monkey feature, you are awarded eight sparkling spins - and this is just the start. As you begin to play the Winged Monkey feature, the winged monkey symbol is turned into the winged monkey wild, which will help you to amass more wins and rewards. For the Winged Monkey feature symbol to become the winged monkey wild, it must appear on the third reel and will activate more winged monkey action. When the feature is activated, the player will be asked to click on the screen of the game - anywhere will do - and winged monkeys will fly onto the reels. These winged monkeys are precise and active chaps, as they will take away the symbols that were already there on the reels and replace them with winged monkey wilds. These will make up more winning combinations and bring many more prizes your way.

This exciting and enthralling feature is made even more interesting as it is played on a different set of reels. The reels are not hugely different from the base game, but there is enough of a change to make this feature even more entertaining.

You are probably thinking that the only thing that could make this Winged Monkey feature even better is the appearance of more winged monkeys, and you would be right. The feature will get even better because there are more winged monkeys that can make can make an appearance on the reels and bring many more rewards your way.

The fresh winged monkeys that can appear on the reels are the winged monkey free spins retrigger symbols, which can land on reels one, three and five. You will be so happy when these icons appear on these reels, as this means you will be awarded even more fabulous free spins. You will be given the same number of free spins that you were given when the bonus feature first started.

The winged monkey wild that appears during the Winged Monkey bonus feature is wild for all the symbols in the bonus except the winged monkey free spins retrigger symbol. The winged monkey wild will also reward players in the same way as the wild during the base game.

On the road to Emerald City

This is another exciting bonus feature that is offered when you are playing The Wizard of Oz from WMS. If you get the chance to play this great bonus game, you will be shown a selection of beautiful emeralds. You will be asked to choose a gem from this selection and will see what you have been awarded. There are several options that your choice of emerald can reveal.

The Emerald City feature is lots of fun, as so many different things can happen and there are so many chances to win some fantastic prizes. One of these options is an instant monetary prize, which will be credited to your account. The other options comprise character lands or the Emerald City.

If your emerald reveals that you are being sent to a character land, you could end up in any number of interesting and rewarding destinations: the Wicked Witch Castle, the Tin Man Apple Orchard, the Cowardly Lion Dark Forest, and the Scarecrow Corn Field. You can see that the imaginative team at WMS had a lot of fun coming up with all the options for this bonus feature, and you will have even more fun playing the bonuses and collecting the rewards they offer.

Each option in the character lands takes the player on a different journey. When a player is sent to the Tin Man Apple Orchard, gold charms will be displayed, and the player will be asked to choose one. Depending on which gold charm they select, the player could be shown the Tin Man symbol or could be shown that they are being returned to the yellow brick road where they will have the chance to select from the emeralds again.

If the player has selected the Scarecrow Corn Field when they picked an emerald, they will see a selection of gold charms from which they will be asked to choose one. When they choose a gold charm, they will see the scarecrow in his cornfield or they will be going back to the yellow brick road to choose from the emerald selection again.

A player can also choose an emerald that sends them to the Cowardly Lion Dark Forest. In the Cowardly Lion’s dark forest there will also be a number of gold charms and the player again will be asked to choose one. Choosing a gold charm in the dark forest can reveal the lion or it can reveal that the player is going back to the yellow brick road to choose again from the emeralds.

The other destination from first choosing an emerald is the Wicked Witch Castle. This might seem a bit scary; however, in the end, this is another fun part of the journey. There will be gold charms again in the Wicked Witch Castle and the player will be asked to choose one. When the player has made their choice, it will be revealed whether they have chosen Dorothy or a trip back to the yellow brick road to select from the emeralds again.

If a player is in one of the character lands but does not find the character, they are sent back to the yellow brick road. Once they are back at the yellow brick road, they get to choose more emeralds. This will give them multipliers to boost their prize for the round.

When a player selects the Emerald City symbol, something else happens. When the player makes this selection, they will go to the gate of Emerald City. By now the player may have found Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow or the Cowardly Lion on their journey through this bonus feature; if they have not, there is another selection of gold charms by the Emerald City gate and the player must choose one. In doing this, the player may receive an instant award, or the gold charm may reveal Glinda the Good Witch. At this point, the player will be very happy to see Glinda the Good Witch, as she can send some of her kindly magic your way and can award you a character. Yes, the Glinda the Good Witch can find Dorothy, the Tin Man, the once Cowardly Lion or the scarecrow for you and give them to you. This is wonderful, as you can go to see the wizard once you have a character. When you go to see the wizard, the gates of Emerald City will open and you will be on your way to meet the man himself.

Meeting the wizard is not only exciting but also means that there are more prizes to be awarded. In an amazing sequence, the wizard will announce the characters that the player has managed to collect, and the player will receive a fabulous award for each one. The wizard will also ask the player to gaze at a prize for each of their characters. To make the bonus feature even more interesting, each of the characters will have four types of reward that you can win. Each award has a value, which will be displayed and will light up as the game moves through them. Each of the characters that the player has discovered during the feature will be awarded a different value. When all the characters have been awarded their values, your time in the Emerald City will be at an end; however, you will have enjoyed an amazing journey and will have many prizes to show for your incredible encounters in the character lands and with the Wizard of Oz himself.

What you can win in Emerald City

There are loads of prizes to be won when you are having fun playing the superb Road to Emerald City feature. Every aspect of this bonus is just wonderful, from the incredible array of prizes to the stunning art deco design of the Road to Emerald City feature icon. In this symbol, the Emerald City is rendered in vivid green and sits in a yellow circle with silvery bars radiating out in a lovely piece of design.

When a player chooses emeralds in the Road to Emerald City feature, there are a number of prizes to be won. These include rewards that are 90 times, 150 times and even 300 times the wager for that payline. When players make choices from the gold charms that are offered, the prizes can include rewards that are 60 times, 90 times and even 150 times the wager for that payline.

These rewards are great, but they get even better when you start collecting the characters and bestow different awards. If you are really lucky and playing really well, you may be able to collect every prize that the Road to Emerald City feature offers, in which case you will probably be able to buy your own city made of whatever jewels you like.

When you take the Cowardly Lion to see the wizard during the Road to Emerald City feature, there are great prizes to be won. These include rewards that are 100 times, 150 times, 250 times or a roaring 500 times your total wager for that payline. Scoop the top award with the Cowardly Lion in tow and you will feel like the king of the jungle and of Emerald City.

Then there is the Tin Man. When you take the Tin Man to see the wizard during the Road to Emerald City feature, there are a number of prizes that you may be lucky enough to collect. These prizes include payouts that are 100 times, 200 times, or 450 times your total wager for that payline; however, the top award for going to see the wizard in the company of the Tin Man is an extremely shiny 750 times payout on your total bet for the line. You will be burnished and gleaming with delight if you managed to land this wonderful prize!

The prizes get even bigger and shinier with the other two characters. If you have managed to collect the Scarecrow during your journey during the Road to Emerald City feature and take him to see the wizard, you could be due some totally barnstorming prizes. The prize for taking the Scarecrow to see the wizard during the Road to Emerald City feature starts at a very appealing 150 times your total wager on that line. This is a good prize, but there is even more to come.

The next level of prize awarded for taking the Scarecrow to see the wizard during the Road to Emerald City feature is an incredible 250 times the total bet, and the next level up again is an amazing payout that is 500 times your total bed for the line. The very top prize for taking the Scarecrow to see the wizard during the Road to Emerald City feature is an amazing 1,000 times the total bet on that payline. That is a big enough prize to make anyone dance with delight or even make a scarecrow spring into life.

There is one more character that has not been discussed yet, and this character is - of course - Dorothy, the girl who wears the glittery red shoes and is the heroine of The Wizard of Oz. If you are fortunate enough to collect Dorothy on your journey through the Road to Emerald City feature, some enormous rewards could be coming your way.

If you take Dorothy to see the wizard during the Road to Emerald City feature, the first level prize is a very alluring payout that is 300 times your total wager for that payline; however, the prizes get even better than this. If you take Dorothy to see the wizard during the Road to Emerald City feature, the payout on the next level could be a whopping 450 times your total bet for that payline. Dorothy is a very valuable character, so you could win a sumptuous prize of 750 times your total bet for the payline if going up to the next level of payouts. There is still another level to go where the prize for taking Dorothy to see the wizard during the Road to Emerald City feature is even more dazzling. The very top prize for taking Dorothy to see the wizard at the end of your journey through the Road to Emerald City feature is a mind-blowing 1,000 times your total bet for that payline!
By the time you have journeyed through the Road to Emerald City feature collecting emeralds and gold charm and different characters and then gone to see the wizard, you could have an incredible array of rewards to show for this amazing adventure.

Adjusting your wager

At the bottom of the screen, to the right of the panel where you can adjust the number of lines in play for each spin, you will find another panel labelled ‘bet/line’. This is where you can easily adjust how much your wager is for each payline that is active during each spin. The bet/line panel has handy plus and minus signs where the bet can be increased or decreased. The bet starts at 0.01 credits per line; if you click the plus button, the bet will increase by 0.01. Keep clicking the plus button and the bet will keep on climbing in increments of 0.01. If you are clicking, or even holding down the plus button, you can zoom through all the bets available and reach the maximum of five credits per line for a maximum of 150 credits per spin of the reels when all 30 lines are active.

A narrow panel that sits above the line adjustment and bet per line adjustment panels tell you exactly how much you are betting per spin by multiplying the number of lines by the bet per line to give you the total. The Wizard of Oz is a very well designed game; in addition, with thoughtful features such as these, you will have hours of entertainment playing the game while winning many rewards.


Disclaimer: Wizard of Oz trademark / license is owned by WMS. This site is not endorsed by WMS.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Wizard of Oz
Software: WMS
RTP: 93.29%
Volatility: High volatility
Paylines: 30
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): $0.30 (CAD)
Max Bet: $150 (CAD)
Top Win: 50000
Features: Bonus Game, Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Multiplier, Free Spins, Expanding Wilds, High volatility, 5 Reels

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