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Board Games Slots - Play for Fun and Read Reviews

Board games are colourful, easy to play and a great way to relax. They are wonderful inspiration for a large range of slots, which offer all the advantages of board games with the added enticement of great rewards, fast action and mesmerizing graphics. So when you play slots with board game themes, get ready to roll the metaphorical dice and spin the reels for superb gaming entertainment.

Endless fun and variety

Slots with board game themes are available in all kinds of configurations, from classic three reel games with simple rules through to games with five reels that can have hundreds of ways to win, tumbling reels, animation, wilds, free spin rounds, juicy multipliers and bonus rounds that take players into a whole new realm.

The creative teams who are behind the development of board game themed slots are really imaginative, so players can choose whatever kind of game suits them, whether that's a game based around bingo or slots that take their inspiration from choosing buzzwords.

Lotto is another popular game that has inspired some exciting slots. Official Lotto draws may be just too few and far between, but with a slots game based around Lotto you can pick those numbers by spinning the reels anytime you want for some thrilling gaming action and the chance to spin your way to some amazing prizes.

Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders is a popular slot based on the traditional board game. This five slot action extravaganza is a colourful trip to a tropical paradise where the ladders lead up mountains to retrieve a precious tribal mask that has been stolen. However there are lots of slithery snakes trying to get in the way and block the player’s progress. Needless to say, there is a huge jackpot, exceptionally vivid graphics and lots of generous paylines to motivate players to continue.

Kings Cross Station belongs to me

Monopoly is one of the most famous board games in the world. It is rare to find someone who has never tried to claim ownership of Park Lane, been sent to jail without passing Go and getting any cash, or picked up a mystery card from the Community Chest that revealed a major windfall. These days, all those great moments of advancing around the Monopoly board buying up property and building hotels can be enjoyed with a Monopoly themed slot where the prizes are even better, the action is even faster, and it is always your turn to roll the dice.
Even better, there isn’t just one kind of Monopoly available to play on the reels, there's a whole family of Monopoly inspired slots games to provide entertainment, excitement and the chance to win big rewards.

The list of Monopoly slots variations include Monopoly Plus, with some extra features to make the action and prizes even more compelling. Then there is Monopoly Here and Now, which has traditional features associated with Monopoly blended with exciting technology updates from the digital age. This variation of Monopoly has a faster pace and more landmarks of the modern world to fantasise about owning.

Then there's Epic Monopoly, and Monopoly Big Event, not to mention Monopoly City Spins, which all take the most loved characteristics of the classic board game, add in some new and exciting features to pick up the pace and entertainment value, and then put of this in one fantastic package on the reels, where players can enjoy them anytime and anywhere as they are available on desktop PC, mobile and tablet. In addition, players will give themselves loads of opportunities to win big payouts and progress through the base games on to the exciting bonus features.

Patrolling the waters for wins

Even that old stalwart board game Battleship gets a modern makeover and a turn on the reels. Boasting a level of action and electrifying military style manoeuvres, this five reel slots experience is a chance for players to take charge of the navy and liberate the seas while liberating some hefty payouts and progress to the bonus rounds. To make the game even more interesting, the game is just like a real battle, with teams trying to sink each other’s vessels and aircraft carriers, while there is a choice of naval themes to raise the stakes. Once you have played Battleship on the seven graphically enhanced seas while collecting lots of rewards on the voyage, there will be no going back to the old style game.

Wheel of Fortune is a another great board game that makes an exciting and lucrative slots experience. Players around the world have been thrilled by the superb visuals and all the opportunities to win big prizes. With bold and beautiful design, the game show element allows players to choose categories for word puzzles that set all its wheels in motion. Scatter symbols are the ones that take this game to another level of fortune as this triggers the bonus feature which plays out like a real game show. During this bonus, there will be three spinning wheels in different glorious colours, one determining the multiplier awarded, and the other two generating credits. When the wheels start spinning, the excitement and the final payout builds to a satisfying and exhilarating conclusion.

Board games make incredible inspiration for truly great slots games, so do not hesitate to give them a try and see for yourself how much fun, and how rewarding, board game themed slots can be.