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With a 7x7 grid complete with gemstones of all colours and sizes, Play N Go's Gemix is the perfect slot for mobile gaming fanatics. It incorporates cascading gems with progressive l...evels but adds excitement with potential moneymaking wins. The music is on point, changing melody and intensity with each level completed, increasing the fun factor!


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If you love Candy Crush or games like Bejewelled, Play'N GO’s Gemix will really brighten up your day! This top title looks a lot more like a mobile game than a slots machine, but it is this innovative approach to reel spinning fun that makes it all the more appealing.

Vibrant, colourful and filled with brightly-hued cubes and swirling sweets, Gemix perfectly combines Candy Crush-style entertainment with slots action. The fun theme is also carried through to every level, and you’ll set off on an adventure with a wizard, a little lollipop-licking girl and a miner to explore exciting new worlds filled with candy canes, lollipops and other sweet confectionary. The more sweets you land in the right combinations on the reels, the bigger the wins, the better the bonuses and the more kingdoms you’ll get to conquer!

If you want to enjoy all that this innovative online slots game has to offer, you can do so right here! Slots Temple delivers this tempting treat straight to your desktop, or if you prefer, you can also play on your mobile and tablet. Play'N GO has optimised the game to run smoothly on all platforms so that you can sink your teeth into a sugary treat whenever you desire.

Gemix Slot Graphics

Gemix is a stunning, graphics-rich slot that really makes its developers proud. It features vibrant colours, expertly executed animations, and a theme that’s carried through from start to finish. The game is beautifully crafted, and from the moment the three main characters are introduced at the start to the illustrations of the different worlds you’ll visit as you play, it feels like you’ve been whisked off to another world.

The overall look and feel is one of a fairy tale, and the graphics are brightly coloured and well-rendered. An almost 3D-like appearance is attained, and as you play, the graphics help build up the suspense and fill in the storyline. The soundtrack also perfectly matches the game and is rather relaxing. It's slightly whimsical and quite fun. The volume can be adjusted as desired, so you can turn it up, mute it if you prefer to spin in silence, or play your own choice of music.
On the reels, you’ll find an assortment of gloriously coloured gems. In total, there are eight different coloured symbols, including red hearts, yellow stars, purple squares, blue triangles and orange flowers. The reels are set against a backdrop of what looks like a mystical little cottage set between majestic gates surrounded by shards of crystal, and this adds to the overall ambience. Blues and purples make up the predominant colour scheme, and this game is truly a feast for the eyes.

One look at this game’s graphics makes it easy to see why it is so popular. The overall effect is magical and mystical, and it’s very engaging, too. You’ll be mesmerised as the reels roll and the gems fall into place, and the eye-catching animations add to the entertainment value. The layout of game may be a little more complex than most, especially considering the added features, but the design is well executed, and it won’t take long before you feel right at home in this candy-coated creation.

How to Play Gemix

Gemix is a highly innovative slots game, and it certainly takes the traditional format and turns it on its head. Its layout is still easy to understand, however, and although it does not look like a traditional slot, it plays very much like one - but with added enhancements. The game essentially has a 7x7 reel set, and the aim is to land as many precious gems in a set pattern on the grid as possible. The more gems you land, the higher the payout. Payouts can reach as much as 1,000 times your stake, and there are plenty of ways to boost your winnings.

Instead of reels that roll, Gemix has symbols that drop from above whenever you hit "spin", and these populate the grid to form clusters. Landing five or more gems in a cluster triggers a win, and you need to keep an eye on the heart and the star as they are the highest-paying icons. When you land a win, all the symbols burst and new ones replace them, increasing your chances of a win.

To begin, you’ll need to set your bet, which is simple because there are no paylines in the game. You’ll need to decide on the coin denomination you’ll wager, and this starts at 50c per spin. The denominations you can choose are .7, 1, 1.50, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100, and because you are playing for free, you might as well go all in!

The coin amount is set using the plus and minus arrows on either side of the denominations at the bottom of the screen, and to the left is the AutoPlay option that lets you spin up to 50 times automatically if you prefer. When you click on the AutoPlay button, you’ll be brought to a second screen, where you must set the number of spins you want to play. Once this is done, the reels will begin to turn, the symbols will fall, and the game will run until it reaches the set number of turns you decided on or you stop it manually.

Gemix also implements a World Pattern feature in the game, and you can explore up to three different worlds if you manage to level up. To the left of the screen, you’ll see a meter that fills up as you land specific combinations, and when this is full, you’ll be whisked away to another ethereal world. The meter can also fluctuate, so keep a close watch on what patterns add to it, and what patterns take away from it. As you play, the patterns stack up, and you can clearly see how you are climbing up toward another level.

Gemix Slot

What Is The RTP Of Gemix?

Gemix has an RTP of 96%. This percentage refers to the amount of money paid out for every $100 that is bet in the game. You must remember, however, that this is a theoretical number, and it doesn’t mean that you’ll win 96% of the time for every $100 wagered! Instead, it is an average that is worked out over time and gives you an idea of how often the game pays out. This average is set by the developer, and they have carefully calculated how many times the game pays out over a period and determined the average. 96% is around average for a slot, and most higher-paying titles sit at around this amount or even more.

This slot is considered to be medium volatility, which means that it provides an even number of wins compared to wagers. High-volatility slots are considered high-risk/high-reward, and low-volatility slots are the opposite, so this one sits nicely in the middle and is a great starting point.

How To Win In Gemix

Winning is easy in Gemix. All you need to do is land five of the same gems in a cluster, and you’ll be rewarded. The more gems you land, the bigger the rewards. Landing a win sets you up for the chance to win again, and you don’t have to wager anything extra to do so. After a winning combination has formed, it will add the winning amount to your total and burst, and new symbols will fall into place. These new symbols may well create another winning cluster, and you will be rewarded all over again. Just like in Candy Crush or Bejewelled, this can happen quite a few times in a row.

This way of winning is often referred to as a Cluster Pays symbol, which you'll find in games like Lost Relics, and this sums up quite nicely how it works. Clusters of gems form, and these lead to wins on a regular basis. The bigger the cluster, the higher the payout.

Gemix Slot Bonus Features

Gemix is chock full of bonus features, and each one helps you win more and more often. Unlike the standard Wilds and Scatters you find in most games, this slot has a whole different system in place. There are Wilds - three to be exact- but there are no Scatters, and this makes it unique. Triggering the Wilds and special Wild features is easy, and it happens on a regular basis.

If you are lucky enough to blast out 20 gems or more, the Crystal Charge feature is activated, and you are given access to four extra features. Each one of these features has the potential to boost your winning potential in its own special way and helps the game stay interesting spin after spin.

The Nova Blast feature sees one symbol explode and destroy all of the adjacent gems so that new gems can fall in to place, while the Crystal Warp sees one symbol selected and all other symbols of the same warped to become new ones. The Light Beam boasts one symbol that sends out lightning strikes that hit other symbols and transforms them, and Chain Lightning connects two corner symbols and their lightning strikes across the grid to burst icons and new ones replace them.

If you form a winning combination that has more than 40 of the same gems, the Crystal Charge feature gets supercharged, and all wins from this are awarded a 3x multiplier.

What’s really amazing about this game is that you are a winner even if you don’t line up a winning combination. After a non-winning spin, the World Wilds that can stand in for all other icons to complete a winning pattern can appear at random, and each has its own unique Wild.

The Miners Wild World can award you with up to 10 miner's lamp icons.

The Princess’ World Wild features a lollipop that can spread out from edge to edge.

The Wizard’s World Wild creates up to eight spell books that act as Sticky Wilds and appear on the edge of the grid.

Gemix may sound a bit complicated at first, but after a few spins, you’ll see just how easy this game is to play.

Essentially, you benefit from 10 random Wilds, a Spreading Wild and as many as eight Sticky Wilds, depending on which of the three worlds you are currently playing in. Winning combos only require five matches, but the big rewards come from the matches of 20 or 40 symbols at one given time. The game’s paytable clearly outlines all the different payouts and how the extra features can add to your rewards. As you play, you’ll also become more familiar with what’s what, and even brand new slots enthusiasts will soon feel comfortable with this unique game.

Max-win 500x
Volatility Medium
RTP 96.75%

Gemix Slots Jackpot

Gemix offers multiple ways to win, and there are some massively generous prizes up for grabs on each spin. The top jackpot is 2000 coins if you land 15 or more stars, while the lowest payout is 15 coins for landing 15 or more of the dark blue lozenge-shaped gem.

The fact that one winning combination can lead to another ensures that there are always extra chances to claim big rewards, and if you’re lucky, you could trigger a sequence of wins where you rack up the credits. The higher-value icons to keep your eyes on are the star, heart and pink half-moon, as these symbols are the ones that bring about the biggest payouts. The other symbols are also worthwhile, as smaller wins can rack up quite quickly.

Some players only opt for progressive jackpot games, but the chances of landing a progressive win are slim. Gemix offers so many different winning opportunities, and with three wilds in attendance, there is the added chance that you’ll land a large win on every spin.

Free Spin in Gemix

Unlike so many other slots, Gemix doesn’t strictly have a free spins feature, but the fact that any winning cluster bursts and new symbols fall in to place could well be considered the same as a free spin or re-spin. When this happens, you don’t have to wager again; you simply have the chance to win again, and this is the same as a free spin.

This feature is more generous than your standard free spins fare in a way, as every single win results in the chance to potentially land another new winning combination. With standard free spins, you usually have to land a Scatter symbol or similar to trigger them, but in this case, all you need to do is win. Free spins usually don’t come around that often, but in this case, a win results in a respin and this racks up the rewards quickly. It also adds an extra element of excitement as with every win, you have the thrill of seeing whether your win activates yet another match!

No Deposit Games

The best part of playing Gemix for no deposit is that you get to enjoy all the action and entertainment on offer, with absolutely no chance of risking any money. You don’t win real money, but the thrill of playing this innovative game more than makes up for that.

Because Gemix is different from so many other slots on the web and its layout and bonus features are unique, playing for free will help you get to grips with how it works and how you can maximise your rewards. This gives you the perfect platform on which to practice, and it means that if you ever do decide to play for real, you’ll have oodles of experience behind you and can put this to good use. The more you know about a game, the more likely you are to win. Although you cannot use strategy to change the outcome, sound knowledge will stop you from making a mistake and insure that you maximise the winning potential of every stake placed!

Gemix Slots On Mobile

Despite its seemingly complex nature and its graphically rich format, Gemix is actually a great game to play on your smartphone or tablet. It is designed to look a lot like other hugely popular mobile games, so the format fits well on mobile, and gameplay is slick, smooth and interactive. The touchscreen of mobile devices also adds an element of interactivity, and playing on the go is always fun.

You will need a reasonably powerful handheld device as the graphics do demand quite a bit of processing power, and a stable Internet connection is essential. If your Internet connection cuts out or drops, your game will stop working and you’ll be left hanging, and there is nothing worse than being cut off when you are enjoying a winning streak.

If you do opt to play on your desktop, you’ll get the full experience and will be able to experience the quality of this game’s graphics to their fullest. The vibrancy and attention to detail is incredible, and the bigger the screen, the more appreciation you’ll have for them.

A Game To Suit Your Mood

Gemix is a great game because it caters to all kinds of players, from those who enjoy fairytale-like fun to anyone looking for a slot that’s jam-packed full of innovative and inventive bonus features. It’s a game that’s a bit out of the norm, but it doesn’t veer too far off the track, and it's fast, fun and very engaging. It can be played at your own pace, or you can increase the speed and spin the reels on AutoPlay. It is also unpredictable in nature, and this makes it even more exciting because you never know when Wilds are going to appear across the grid.

New players will love it because it is engaging and actually quite easy to play, while those with experience in the world of online and mobile slots will never be bored. The unique grid reel setup makes playing fun, and the fact that the game is clearly inspired by smash hit mobile releases like Candy Crush makes it feel familiar right from the first moment you play.

Play'N GO has become famous for creating slots that are a bit different and feature phenomenal storylines and graphics that are almost cinematic in quality. Gemix ticks all of these boxes and makes it abundantly clear why this developer is going from strength to strength.

The Gemix Spin Experience

Are you eager to give Gemix a spin, but you just don’t have the time right now? That’s where we come in. We’ve test-driven the game and found out exactly how it all plays out so you can jump in whenever you are ready and know what to expect. We found that every facet of this game was very satisfying, and we recommend it to all players, even those who are just getting started but are keen to learn fast and not settle for the most basic classic reel games first.

For starters, we noticed just how quickly the game loaded on all platforms, although you need to have Flash installed on your desktop; if you do not, it will ask you to do so. Despite being very graphics-heavy, the load time is fast and the game opens with a cute little intro that introduces you to the lollipop lady, the wizard and the miner with his magical lamp. These characters are framed by a golden castle decorated with gems and a rainbow on top, while two golden fish shoot water from their mouths in front. Once the short intro has played or you have opted to skip it, you’ll be brought to the game screen, where the grid appears.

To begin, you’ll choose your coin denomination. Then, to get the reels rolling - or in this case, the symbols cascading - you’ll hit the Start button. The symbols will then cascade from the top down and fall into place. The game moves at a rapid pace, but you can also choose how long you want to play, as there is a Stop function on the reels. The Start button changes to Stop once the symbols begin to fall, and if you hit it, they’ll all land in place. If you opt for the AutoPlay feature, you’ll be able to set the game to 50 turns without you having to do anything, and this is ideal for fast-paced play.

We were really impressed by how fast wins racked up and how quickly the game played out. There is very little time where nothing is happening, and the screen is always filled with animations and changing symbols as you spin. The fact that the matching symbols explode after every spin and new ones fall into place heightens the excitement, and the regular appearances of Wilds keeps you engaged and on the lookout for what’s next.

The Wilds are the real key to unlocking big wins here, and with so many of them in attendance, you can stack up big rewards quickly. As a medium-variance game, you also don’t need to bet big to win big, and you can select the coin size that works for you.

This game is eye-catching, immersive and exciting, and we found that big wins came about far more often than we expected. It’s not your average run-of-the-mill slot either, and this makes a nice change from the other classic and video slots available online. The combination of gamification and slots play broadens its appeal, and the fact that it looks more like other popular mobile games will surely draw players in who are not quite sure about slots but have enjoyed mobile gaming in other forms.

If You Enjoy Gemix, You’ll Also Love…

Gemix is certainly one of the most innovative online slots around, but Play'N GO has also created some other amazing titles that are loads of fun. If you want to mix it up a bit, check out these other titles created by the developer and see what you think:

Gem Drop

Another game featuring gems but in a more traditional format, this 5-reel, 10-payline game also boasts precious stones, but the reels spin and there are the usual Wilds and Scatters in place. Not only is this game vibrant and colourful, but it also has a whopping three progressive jackpots, and you could win on of these if you trigger the wheel of fortune bonus game.

5X Magic

If you love great themes and a little dose of magic with your gaming, this slot is the one for you. This novelty 3-reel game casts a spell on you from the very first spin, and there are wins of up to 5000x your stake up for grabs. Wilds and Scatters add to the magic, and the more you play, the more you’ll win!

MultiFruit 81

If you love fruit-style slots games, this one is for you. Fruit slots have stood the test of time for good reason: they are universally appealing and quite familiar. MultiFruit 81 is based on the classic machines of yesteryear, but it has been given a thoroughly modern spin that will be clear from the first moment you start playing. There are a whopping 81 ways to win in this 5-reel game, and the Wild comes in to play regularly, putting a win of 1,000x your wager within reach.

Enchanted Crystals

Crystals and gems seem to be a favourite for this developer, and Enchanted Crystals is another magical, mystical game that delivers. Unusually for the brand, this is a 243-ways-to-win slot, and they have not created that many of them, so you know this must be a very special offering. This game lets you win an time you happen to land a combination from the left to the right of the reels, and there are plenty of bonus features, Wilds and Scatters to give you a boost. You’ll also travel to different worlds in this game; the Goblin's Lair is just one of the many places you’ll explore.

Gemix Slot Review

We take gaming seriously at Slots Temple, and that’s why our reviewers always give you the lowdown on the best games online. We’ve got years of experience in the industry and are thrilled to be able to share our knowledge with you time and time again.

We really put Gemix to the test and are thrilled to report that there was nothing bad that we could say about it. It’s a great game in every way, and we highly recommend you give it a try. Play'N GO may not be the most popular or well-known developer on the web, but they have carved out a niche for themselves and are creating titles they can be proud of. Gemix is a game that’s sure to stand the test of time, and its similarity to other popular mobile games only works in its favour.

The slick gameplay, the medium volatility and the multiple exciting bonus features make playing a real pleasure, and the fast pace also adds quite a bit to the fun. Regular wins and a very healthy RTP insure that you enjoy the thrill of success on an ongoing basis and we’d have to think long and hard to come up with a reason that you shouldn’t get spinning!

This game has a broad appeal and rates highly on our list, and it also has the honour of being one of the more innovative releases we’ve seen in recent years.

About Play'N GO

An award-wining brand on a mission, Play'N GO was founded to serve the gaming industry and fill a gap in the market. The software developer has grown significantly in the last few years and has enjoyed many firsts in the mobile market. Aiming to set trends and break down barriers, this developer is on a quest to deliver the best slots, table games and back office tools for casinos across the globe.

While they focus mainly on slots, they also produce a selection of table games and video poker variants, and they have employed a great group of forward-thinking, tech-savvy creatives to keep them ahead of the curve. They are known for creating top-class slots and have nearly 10 games in their portfolio, with Hugo, Hugo Goal, Cats and Cash, and a wealth of other favourites all drawing major attention from the gaming community. In the future, this brand will be one to watch as it keeps making giant strides forward and delivering premium entertainment to all platforms.

Gemix FAQ

Can I Play Gemix Slots For Free?

Yes! You can join in the fun right here at Slots Temple without having to wait. There is no need to sign up with an online casino, no need to make a deposit, and no need to download any software or do anything else- free fun is ready and waiting or you!

Does Gemix Feature Free Spins?

No, but there is something even better on offer! After every win, your winning symbols will explode and vanish, and new icons will fall in to place. This is exactly the same as a free spin or a respin, but it happens far more often.

Can I Win Real Money While Playing?

Yes, but only if you commit to signing up with an online casino. Slots Temple does not facilitate real money play; we are all about having fun that is free of risks and commitment. If you do opt to sign up with a casino, make sure it is a trusted one, and see if you can claim a bonus to maximise your wins.

Do You Have Any Gemix Tips or Cheats?

There is no way to cheat when playing online slots, and the state-of-the-art software ensures this. Every slot, Gemix included, has an RNG, or Random Number Generator, that ensures that every spin is completely random and unbiased. The result of a spin is not determined by the previous one, so you cannot predict when a game will pay out.

We recommend that you enjoy the game for what it is, and if you do happen to win, consider it a bonus! You can’t cheat in online slots, and you cannot manipulate the game results either. The only strategy you can use is one that works with betting. Unlike Blackjack or other games, there is no way that the decisions you make will have any sway over what the reels reveal when the symbols land in place.

Can I Play Gemix Slots with No Deposit?

If you play at Slots Temple, there is no deposit required and no commitment to ever make one. Our games are 100% free, and you won’t have to part with a cent. This game and hundreds of others can all be enjoyed without you ever having to open your wallet.

Is There A Time Limit Enforced When I Play?

No. You can play for free for as long as you like. You can keep spinning until you feel satisfied, and then you can move on to other great games that we offer. Free fun is what we are all about.

Must I Download Any Software?

No. The game is instant play and available in your web browser. This means that there is a minimal load time and that you can play anywhere you please, as long as you have an Internet connection.

What Platforms Can I Play On?

Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile are all supported. You can play this game in your browser on any device you desire, and you can enjoy wired or portable play at your convenience.



Disclaimer: Gemix trademark / license is owned by Play N Go. This site is not endorsed by Play N Go.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Gemix
Software: Play N Go
RTP: 96.75%
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 7
Reels: 7
Min Bet (all lines covered): $0.50 (CAD)
Max Bet: $10 (CAD)
Top Win: 500
Features: Wild Symbol, Multiplier, Expanding Wilds, Clusters, Medium volatility, 7 Reels, Cascading, Sticky Wilds

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