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  • Fun theme perfect for board game fans
  • Several base game modifiers
  • Top prize of 14,700x
  • Very difficult to land free spins
  • Highly volatile gameplay

Monopoly Megaways is an online slot created by Big Time Gaming that uses Hasbro’s Monopoly brand. There are 6 reels in play, a varying number of rows and up to 117,649-ways-to-win active on every spin. Features include max Megaways spins and free games.

Pass Go with Monopoly Megaways!

Bringing together the much loved boardgame with online slots, this fantastic Monopoly Megaways game has everything you could wish for - jam packed with features plus high volatility and 96.39% RTP. Take a trip around the board to make your fortune but don’t go to jail!

Monopoly Megaways Sounds & Visuals

In terms of the look and feel of this slot, BTG have got things pitch perfect. When you load the game, there’s the familiar board (UK version) plus that iconic typography. Quite clearly this is a branded Monopoly game and we can see we’re in for a treat.

Click the Continue button to access the game proper and you’re confronted with a classic Megaways 6 reel layout, plus a strip at the bottom of the screen that represents the classic Monopoly board and our old friend Mr Monopoly. And this is the genius of this slot. The Reel Adventures mechanic makes perfect sense here, integrating the traditional board game with the digital reels.

We’ll even forgive BTG for adding some shiny royals to the reels because the rest of the design is so perfectly realised and correct in every detail. The dog, surely everyone’s favourite playing piece, the iconic car, the boat and of course Mr Monopoly’s top hat are the high paying symbols.

If you’ve ever wondered what the board game might sound like beyond the inevitable family arguments, BTG have added a snazzy jazzy sound track that evokes the roaring Twenties - it’s easy to imagine Mr Monopoly out on the town with a gaggle of flappers on his arm. Again, it’s the perfect accompaniment to this premium Monopoly slot that’s surely the best out there.

Monopoly Megaways Slot

Monopoly Megaways Set Up

This is one of the best looking Monopoly slots out there and one of the easiest to set up thanks to BGT’s slimline interface. Everything is at your fingertips, from the essential paytable info on bonuses and payouts to the autoplay options up to 100 spins.

If you prefer to sit back and let the game take the strain, single win and loss limits are available so you can keep an eye on your bankroll. Playing is a breeze - select your stake between 0.20 and 40.00 per spin in the Stake menu and hit the spin button. It’s worth noting that every Reel Adventure depends on the stake your playing at so we’re guessing that the higher the stake, the more rewarding the progress.

Monopoly Megaways Paytable

Look out for the jewel encrusted M which is the Wild in this slot. With so many ways to win, the wild really comes into its own to complete those winning combos. There's no scatter symbol here - instead true to the spirit of the game, you’re looking to collect 5 houses on a property to trigger the all important free spins.

Megaways slots don’t necessarily offer the biggest base game rewards, for example the 6 of a kind payout for the dog is just a 0.9x multiplier, but the iconic topper rewards the patient player with 2, 5, 10, 20, 50x your stake when 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 of a kind land on the reels.

How To Win at Monopoly Megaways Slot

You’re looking to string together a series of Reactions here to move Mr Monopoly around the board picking up as many modifiers and properties as possible. Reactions are what BTG call cascading or tumbling reel wins and the principle is the same - winning symbols will highlight after a winning spin and then disappear off the reels allowing others to fall into their place. String together several reactions and not only will Mr M skedaddle around the board but you’ll also pick up extra houses if you land on a property on your third reaction win.

We like slots with a collector mechanism as it gives the player a fair chance to track their progress towards free spins. Monopoly Megaways is certainly quite complex when it comes to the modifiers available and we’ll look at them in more depth below, but the neat layout and easy to access information keeps you on top of your game at all times. You are in for the long haul because just like the original game, it can take a while to build up that property portfolio.

Monopoly Megaways RTP (Payout) & Volatility

Megaways games have a reputation for high volatility thanks to all those ways to win and Monopoly Megaways is no different. You can hit some massive wins in the free spins feature but you’ll wait a long time for them to trigger.

If volatility is all about risk and short term rewards, RTP is all about the long term. This theoretical figure is usually given as a percentage, with the RTP on offer here coming in at 96.39%. If you were to spin hundreds of thousands of games at an average stake of 100.00 you could expect a reward of 96.39 coins. Obviously it’s not a practical figure unless you have deep pockets and plenty of time, but it does give an indication of the returns you could expect and higher is better.

Enjoy Reel Adventures

BTG introduced their latest feature Reel Adventures back in 2019. It debuted in Holy Diver, a complex adventure slot based on the Dio song, where the knight collects gems and other game enhancements as he progresses through the game in the horizontal reel under the game reels. When it was unveiled, the Reel Adventures mechanic was widely praised for taking slots play to a new level by introducing elements from Action/Adventure and arcade gaming to slots.

The Reel Adventure element in Monopoly Megaways is a match made in heaven because it really does bring a sense of playing the board game to the reels. Mr Monopoly marches along the board every time you land a winning spin collecting properties, utilities and train stations and unlocking the following modifiers:

- Go: land on Go to play the next spin with all 117,649 ways to win active
- Community Chest: you’ll be sent to a random property and 4 houses may be added
- Chance: enjoy a Max Megaways spin, random property or trigger the free spins feature

This feature has been simplified from Holy Diver but it works a treat here - in fact watching Mr Monopoly march around the board and then checking you inventory in the paytable is almost as much fun as spinning the reels.

Monopoly Megaways Bonuses In Depth

It’s worth drilling down into the bonus action on offer in this slot because there are so many options for players to get to grips with in the base game, Reel Adventures and free spins.

Reel Adventures: Every time you win, Mr M will march to the square under the rightmost winning reel. Depending on where he lands, you could be looking at the following features:

  • - Go: the next spin is played with Max Megaways
  • - Community Chest: arrive at a random property and earn between 1 and 4 houses
  • - Chance: trigger Max Megaways, property search or free spins
  • - Stations: land on a station once to own it and add +1 free spin to the free spins feature
  • - Utilities: land on a utility to own it and add +1 or +2 to the starting multiplier in free spins
  • - Property: land on a property on your third reaction and get a house added. Any extra reactions add more houses

Free Spins: there are two ways to trigger the free spins feature - by landing on Chance or by putting 5 houses on a property. You’ll start with 8 free spins or up to 12 if you own all 4 train stations plus additional spins for all properties with more than 5 houses. Every subsequent free spins bonus is played with an extra free spins so you’ll start your next adventure with at least 11 spins.

The starting win multiplier is 1x or 3x if you own both the utilities and as you move around the board during the free spins feature the win multiplier will increase by 1x for every house on any properties you land on. There are additional bonuses to trigger:

  • - Go: play the next spin at Max Megaways
  • - Station: land on a station you own and you’ll receive +1 spin for every train station you own
  • - Utilities: land on a utility you own to add 1x multiplier, or 2x if you own them both
  • - Community Chest: advance to a random property
  • - Chance: awards you a Max Megaways spin, random property search or +5 free spins
  • - Property: land on a property to increase the win multiplier by the number of houses on that property which are then removed

At the end of the free spins feature, you lose ownership of all utilities and stations. Any unvisited properties with houses retain their housing stock.

Monopoly Megaways Demo Play

Monopoly Megaways is available to play for free as a demo slot here at Slots Temple, with 1000 free play credits. We always recommend that you wager on between 150 and 200 demo spins before you decide whether or not you'd like to play any slots games at real-money casinos.

It should be fairly clear to see why playing Monopoly Megaways in demo mode is something you should do if you’re going to get to grips with the unusual gameplay, especially if an online casino is your ultimate destination.

If you’ve never played Megaways or Reel Adventures before then this game is pretty quick and easy to learn - instead of reel modifiers appearing in the base game, they appear when Mr M lands on a feature which really enriches the gameplay. The layout also makes it a breeze to keep track of the properties and houses you own and the utilities and stations, plus Megaways wins are always easy to spot which adds an extra frisson and excitement.

So what’s the point of free play spins? Don’t be fooled by appearances - this is a high volatility slot and can take about as long as the actual game to figure the all-important free spins feature. Playing risk free spins gives you a true feel for the game without sacrificing any of your precious bankroll.

Play Monopoly Megaways for Real Money Prizes

If real money play is your ultimate goal, there’s no doubt Monopoly Megaways is a hugely rewarding slot with a top prize of 3,500x your stake in the base game rising to a whopping 14,700x your stake in the free spins bonus.

Start by checking out our casino reviews. In depth and impartial, we get to grips with all the important features of every reputable online casino. We also have a separate bonuses page so you can see at a glance what’s currently on offer, but beware - a huge bonus that’s impossible to convert will only end up void, so always read the terms & conditions to make sure you can meet the wagering requirements and timescale.

Monopoly Megaways Hints & Tips

This is a high volatility slot which requires some careful bankroll strategy. It’s really easy to get carried away as you watch Mr Monopoly scoot around the board in this highly enjoyable game, but play within your means and you’ll be back to play again another day.

Deciding on a session budget should depend on two things - the money you’re happy to lose after covering your monthly outgoings and the amount you need to cover at least 50 spins at a stake that won’t leave you out of pocket. Successful players know that you walk away when you reach the limit and never chase your losses and it’s never too late to take their advice - who knows you might end up like Mr Monopoly one day!

Overall Review – Monopoly Megaways Slot

Holy Diver really was a fun online slot, but Monopoly Megaways just takes the Reel Adventure feature to a whole other level. Big Time Gaming has done a fantastic of making sure the Monopoly brand and board game work cohesively with both Megaways and Reel Adventure gameplay. The slot has yet to be released, but when it’s out it may have what it takes to top our Megaways ranking list.

This is hands down the best Monopoly slot we’ve ever played and one that keeps us coming back for more time after time. There’s not a dud thing about this game - every element integrates perfectly into a top rank playing experience both on desktop and mobile.

The sound and visuals are both spot on, capturing the Deco feel of the original game and adding a jazzy soundtrack to follow Mr Monopoly as he scoots along the Reel Adventure strip at the bottom of the reels. What felt maybe a little gimmicky in Holy Diver is brilliantly realised here, with game modifiers and bonus features moved from the base game to the character of Mr M as he moves from property to property.

Jam packed with bonus features and modifiers, this game should be top of every player's to spin list. Yes, the gameplay is complex but once you get into following Mr M’s every move, it all falls into place and there’s an easily accessible inventory so you know how close you are to landing 5 houses and triggering the free spins. We particularly like slots with a collector feature because it gives players hope that the free spins are in sight rather than sitting tight and waiting for scatters to appear.

We wholeheartedly recommend this action packed slot to any player and we can’t wait to see what BTG achieve with Reel Adventures next. We can’t imagine that it could be any more perfectly integrated than in this slot but this is one game studio who never fails to surprise.

About Big Time Gaming

Even if you’ve never heard of this software developer, you’ll have played games based on their superb Megaways mechanic. This really pushed the boundaries for any ways gaming by altering the number of symbols present on the reels on any given spin between 2 and 7. Some recent Megaways slots have pushed the envelope even further raising the maximum number of ways to win from 117,649 to over 500,000 per spin.

But there’s plenty more to enjoy in the back catalogue of this Aussie studio. Known for their superb graphics and inventive themes, this company are constantly reinventing slots - perhaps not surprising when their creative director used to work for Rock Star games famed for GTA and Red Dead Redemption. They don’t create many games, having licensed Megaways to other slots developers, but there are some brilliant and unique games including their music themed slots Lil Devil, Final Countdown and Danger, High Voltage plus new features like Reel Adventures which features so brilliantly in Monopoly Megaways.

If you’re looking for new and innovative features plus thrilling gameplay, BTG are setting the standard when it comes to the best slots out there.

If You Like Monopoly Megaways, You’ll Love…

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This is unlike any Monopoly slot you’ve ever played and stays close to the boardgame. Roll the dice to travel the board collecting property cards and look to create slingo winning combos. Fast and furious, you have 7 rolls to create as many slingos as possible but there are jokers to help you on the way.

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OK so it was a TV quiz first but this Millionaire Megaways slot is, for our money, one of the best any ways pays slots out there. Incredibly fast paced and driven on by the famous theme, this slot lets you gamble your winnings or play free spins with up to a 50x multiplier.

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This Megaways slot uses the infamous game as a starting point to blast low paying symbols off the reels and trigger other gameplay features. You sank my battleship is the way to earn up to 50 spins in this very different and highly entertaining slot.

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This cartoon style slot is another game that draws inspiration from a famous TV show that landed up in board game format. Here it’s your host Roger who offers you hidden reels prizes and cash wins in this deal or no deal slot.

Disclaimer: Monopoly Megaways trademark / license is owned by Big Time Gaming. This site is not endorsed by Big Time Gaming.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Monopoly Megaways
Software: Big Time Gaming
RTP: 96.50%
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 117649
Reels: 6
Min Bet (all lines covered): $0.10 (CAD)
Max Bet: $20 (CAD)
Top Win: 14700
Features: Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Free Spins, Megaways, Medium volatility, 6 Reels, Increasing Multipliers
CA Available in CA? Yes. Big Time Gaming slots are available in Canada.

Monopoly Megaways FAQs

Can I play Monopoly Megaways slots for free?

Monopoly Megaways is not yet available to play as a demo slot here at Slots Temple. In the meantime, you can play over 4000 other fantastic free slots.

Does Monopoly Megaways slot have free spins?

Monopoly Megaways does have a free spins bonus that you can trigger if the Monopoly Man lands on Chance.

Can I win real money playing Monopoly Megaways slots?

For the chance to win real-money on Monopoly slots, you’ll have to register at an online casino that carries Big time Gaming slots and make a deposit.

Can I play Monopoly Megaways slots with no deposit?

No deposits will be necessary to play Monopoly Megaways when it’s launched here at Slots Temple, but you’ll only be able to play for play-money prizes.

Can I download Monopoly Megaways slots?

You don’t have to download any software to play Monopoly slots.

What is the RTP of Monopoly Megaways?

The RTP of this slot is up to 96.5% depending on the Reel Adventure you experience.

How volatile is Monopoly Megaways?

This is a high volatility slot but you’ll earn plenty of game modifiers and a few valuable reaction wins in the base game. The free spins feature doesn’t come easy, however.

How often does Monopoly Megaways slot pay out?

We found there was a Reaction win every 7-10 spins, but it was much harder to trigger repeat reactions to earn houses to trigger the free spins. The best chance of doing so is to land on Chance but that only happens by, you guessed it, chance.

What is the biggest win available on Monopoly Megaways?

The biggest available win on Monopoly Megaways is almost 250,000 coins. You can win up to 3,500x your stake on every base game spin, rising to 17,400x in the free spins bonus.

Can I play Monopoly Megaways slot for free?

You certainly can, right here at Slots Temple. We have thousands of top notch games for you to play and you’ll never have to make a deposit to play our free play slots. Sign up for a free account to share reviews and ratings and become part of the great Slots Temple community with fellow spinners across the world.

Can I win real money playing Monopoly Megaways?

Yes you can, if you find a casino offering BTG Megaways slots including Monopoly Megaways. Always play at licensed casinos with authorised payment methods and regularly tested software - our casino reviews will point you in the right direction.

Does Monopoly Megaways have free spins?

Yes, it does. You can earn a starting slice of 8 free spins when you either add 5 or more houses to a property or land the Chance card that triggers free spins.

Is Monopoly Megaways fair?

Like all casino games, Monopoly Megaways is powered by complex algorithms known as RNGs. The purpose of this math powered technology is to insure that the result of every spin is completely randomised and can’t be tampered with by players or outside influences. Premium casinos and software developers have their games regularly tested and audited to insure they’re fair to play.

Can I play Monopoly Megaways on Mobile and Tablet?

Monopoly Megaways was created using HTML5 technology and will play on any device including desktop, mobile and tablet powered by Windows, Apple iOS or Android.

Do You Have Any Monopoly Megaways Tips or Cheats?

The best advice when playing slots is to understand that they’re games of chance and you can’t influence the outcome. With a high volatility slot like Monopoly Megaways play within your means and set a bankroll limit for each session. That way you can come back for another chance at unlocking the bonus features another day.

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