Tournaments Bonuses

xPoints at Slots Temple Tournaments

xPoints is the social gaming platform for Slots Temple Tournaments. As you play in our tournaments, you’ll be able to complete challenges that will earn you experience points (or xPoints) - a fun little extra where you can earn leaderboard rewards like avatars, tournament tickets and more.

Earning xPoints

Earning xPoints is simple - just play in tournaments!

As you complete challenges, you’ll accumulate xPoints that will advance you along the Rewards Path each month. The challenges that you can complete include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Hitting a specific number of wins in a row
  • Hitting a number of losses in a row
  • Completing tournaments
  • Earning big wins

To claim the XP that you’ve earned, visit the Challenges Tab in the XP Lobby. Here, you’ll be able to claim the points for the challenges you’ve completed and open the chests with your rewards inside!

Rewards Available from xPoints

Once you have collected enough points, you’ll be able to open chests and claim rewards. Avatars and special tournament tickets are on offer, so you can spice up your profile and land yourself in exclusive competitions for even more prizes.

Monthly Rewards Path

A new Rewards Path opens up every month, where different avatars and tickets are on offer. Once the current month has ended, you will no longer be able to accumulate points for this month’s Rewards Path. So, you should aim to claim all of your points by the end of the month!

You can always look back on your progress from previous months, as well. Just scroll down to the bottom of the xPoints lobby page and select the month that you’d like to view