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At Slots Temple, we carefully categorise our free slots into different sections based on their themes. You can click on any of the themes above to find games that cater to your interests, or check out something totally new!

How Important Are Slot Themes? 

In today’s slot market, there’s a dozens of unique themes that studios use to base their games around. 

We don’t think that a theme will make or break a game. It’s really all in the execution of the design. If you’ve got a super cool and unique theme but the graphics are basic and outdated, it’s unlikely to be successful. 

However, if a slot maker has used a classic theme (like Ancient Egypt) that may be considered quite overused in the industry, being a beautifully designed slot or one with a unique twist could draw players in. Thunderkick’s Pyramyth and ELK’s Cygnus spring to mind!

Branded Slot Themes

One of the most popular trends in slot themes nowadays are branded games. These are slots that are based on popular brands in order to captivate a new audience. Some examples of great slot brand categories are: 

  • Music: When you play a slot based on a musician or band, it’s almost always going to have an amazing soundtrack. Games like Guns n Roses and ZZTop Roadside Riches are perfect examples of branded slots based on musical artists that will have you signing along. 

  • Movies:Slots based on movies are great fun, as they come loaded with clips from the source material and features that are based on iconic scenes and characters. Ours favourites are definitely The Goonies and Jumanji.

  • Superheroes: Marvel and DC characters always make for exciting slot games, with features based on their superpowers and their epic showdowns in slots like Suicide Squad and Aquaman.

  • Television Shows: Slot developers get really creative when it comes to creating online slots based on television shows. They’ve created games based on cartoons like Rick and Morty, critically-acclaimed series like Peaky Blinders and even reality television shows like Survivor.

  • Videogames: There aren’t loads of videogame-themed slots out there on the market – but the ones you will find are always top notch, including games like Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs and Street Fighter II.

Branded slot games normally have very outside-of-the-box bonus features. There’s always a lot of action, as the slots really have to live up to the excitement of their source material.

So, when playing free slots with branded themes, you’re sure to enjoy a feature-rich gaming experience

The Most Unusual Slot Themes

There are certainly some developers that like to experiment with more outside-of-the-box ideas. So, if you’re looking for slots that don’t quite fit the mould, we’d highly recommend games from these developers:


4ThePlayer really does put players’ first, aiming to deliver unique gameplay experiences in terms of both aesthetics and gameplay. Titles like 9K Yeti and 10x Rewind are unlike any other games we’ve seen before – and, their bonuses are designed to fit perfectly with their themes.

Nolimit City

If you’re looking for more edgy slot games, then Nolimit City slots are for you. This studio is always looking for very unusual themes, and has set its games in prisons (San Quentin), old-school ‘insane asylums’ (Mental) and German war submarines (Das xBoot).

Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming is the tamest of this particular lot, as several of its games have fairly common themes. However, there are many Relax Gaming slots that are very quirky – for example, in Ramses Revenge, the gameplay revolves around an explorer being chased around tombs by a mummy while Hellcatraz features an 8-bit design and is set in a prison.

What To Look for in a Slots Theme

For players trying to decide which free slots to play, we normally have plenty of advice on what you should be looking for. We’ll always advise you to play within your means when it comes to maths models or look for features that suit your gaming preferences.

However, that isn’t really the case with slot themes. We’d recommend playing all sorts of games. Don’t just stick to the themes that appeal the most to you; try something new – you never know if it’ll pique an interest you never knew you had!