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Deep in the jungles of a long-forgotten land, lies an ancient Temple, not stumbled across for thousands of years. A place so shrouded in mystery that many doubt its existence, but you, our intrepid online explorer, can be in no doubt, you have discovered the Slots Temple - the World's best Free Casino!

The World's best selection of Demo Slots and free online slotsSlots Temple is dedicated to giving Slots players from around the World the best Free Slots Games experience anywhere online. We are free, with no registration or download needed. We simply have free slots games available in flash for desktop PCs/Macs/laptops and HTML5 versions of the games for those of you that like to play on the go on your mobiles.

Before you play any online slot for real money, you should always give demo play a go first. That's why we have over 5,000 games at Slots Temple to "try before you buy". We provide you the opportunity to give just about every online slot a spin with play money, so you can find whether or not you'll get along with the gameplay, theme and bet range before you make a real financial commitment.

Guide to Start Playing Free Slots at Slots Temple

Here's a very quick guide to get you to play slots for free on our site:

1) Navigate to the Free Slots page.

2) If you have a game in mind, use the search function to enter the slot name and search.

3) If you want to look at multiple games grouped by maker or theme, use the filter function.

4) If you'd like to see the latest releases click the 'New to Old' Sort function and choose from our newest games.

5) When you find the slot you'd like to play, click on the tile to visit the game page where you can read a review, view game info and, of course, play online slots free!

It's that simple - enjoy our free slots casino!

History of Slots

Today, the world of slots appears to be evolving at an unprecedented rate. We’re seeing developers releasing a plethora of new mechanics and game engines (think Big Time Gaming’s Megaways), and some game developers have even experimented with virtual reality slots.

However, while playing video slots online may seem like a natural part of today’s online gambling world, it’s been quite a journey to reach where we are today, and in this post, we’re going to be taking a look at the history of slots - starting, from the very beginning.

The Early Beginnings Of Slots

Slot machines can actually be traced as far back as 1891 - and this is when most experts agree the first “slot machine” was released (although it’s worth pointing most gamblers would struggle to recognize it in today’s day and age!) The machine was released by a company called Sittman and Pitt, and the slot used actual playing cards and 5 mechanical drums to operate. It cost a nickel to play, and soon became popular in bars and clubs throughout America.

A few years later, in 1985, an entrepreneur called Charles Augustus Fey decided that there was much more potential with slot machines - and he set out to build a machine that could automatically deliver payouts to players. (With Sittman and Pitt’s device, if you won, you needed to claim your winnings from the bartender.) He developed a slot called the Liberty Bell - and he automated the payout process, while also removing the physical playing cards, choosing, instead, to use symbols. He decided upon Bells, Cherries… and other common fruits that many of us correlate with slot machines today.

The Liberty Bell machine proved immensely popular - and it was soon copied by other developers, spreading all around the United States. However, in 1902 slot machines were banned - though it proved a short prohibition period, as new machines were released just a few years later in 1907.

The Birth Of Electromechanical Slot Machines

The slot world really started to change in 1964 when a company called Bally (a developer who is still in business today) released the first electromechanical slot machine, called Money Honey. This was the first game in history to do away with physical parts and components, instead, relying on video graphics to display the results of a spin. The game was - essentially - displayed on a small screen, and players simply pulled a lever to play.

A decade or so later proved another pivotal moment in the creation of slots when a company called Fortune Coin - based in California - took a 19-inch Sony TV and used it to display the slot’s graphics. This move proved immensely popular, and before long, casinos throughout Las Vegas were offering their players the chance to play it. It was soon approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission, and just a few years later Fortune Coin was acquired by IGT - one of the leading iGaming developers around today.

From there, slots continued to evolve, with technological advancements allowing developers to add new, exciting features into their games. The addition of bonus rounds (including free-spins and "pick me bonus" features) soon made an appearance.

Progressive jackpots soon became incorporated within slot machines too, allowing punters on casino floors the chance to win life-changing amounts of money, from a spin costing just a few cents.

Many casinos on the Las Vegas strip offered multi-million-dollar jackpots, and it was these jackpots that contributed towards a massive increase of popularity with slots - and it’s a mechanism that we still see used today, online. Of course, when the Internet boom hit the world, it wasn’t long before slots found themselves online, too.

Emergence of Video Slots

Once it became clear that the Internet was going to change the face of the world - for good - game developers started taking notice. A number of new, modern slot providers started appearing towards the end of the 1990’s and the early 2000’s, including Microgaming - and they started building slot machines that were completely virtual. These games used a random number generator, and could be played by players through downloadable clients.

As online casinos started to become more popular, the quality of these games started to increase, and major industry pioneers like NetEnt started to develop high-quality, HD games that players could play online. For example, NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest - one of the most successful video slots in history - was released in 2009, and changed the face of the online slot world for good. It featured never-before-seen mechanics and features, and it wasn’t long before other studios started to take note.

Since the late 2000’s/early 2010’s, hundreds of online gambling developers have appeared, each determined to get their slice of the pie of this billion-dollar industry. While many games are still based around the conventional 5-reel, 3-row format, with a free-spins bonus, some developers have been working to push the boundaries - and Big Time Gaming are a notable name, pioneering the face of the iGaming world with their Megaways mechanic.

This truly did change the face of “slotting” as we know it, and it’s become clear over the past few years that what players really want are games that can pay big - that is, thousands of times their stake. Other game developers have cottoned on, and today, you’ll find the most volatile machines ever released, with some games capable of paying over 100,000X your total stake!

The Future Of Slot Machines

Already, we’re seeing game developers pushing the boundaries - and whether it’s with social gaming, 3D slots or virtual reality games, it’s clear that game developers are keen to innovate and continue pushing new ideas and concepts.

Take a look at any mainstream developer (think NetEnt, Elk Studios, Quickspin, Thunderkick, Red Tiger Gaming etc) and you’ll find that they’re all coming up with new, interesting concepts. Some of these end up being flops - but some, like Big Time Gaming’s Megaways and NetEnt's Infinireels have proven themselves to be immensely popular.

Moving forward, it’s likely virtual reality slots will be the next “big thing” - although we’re still a way away, as the whole VR craze hasn’t caught on like pioneers had hoped. However,as technology improves (and hardware reduces in price) this is likely to change, so stay tuned!

How to Play Slot Demos at Our Free Casino

Most online slot demos are just play-money versions of the actual real-money game. You'll be provided with a balance of about 5000 coins or more, and you can play to your heart's content. Once you've depleted your play-money balance, then you can refresh the page and play slots free all over again!

There are some games, however, that are actual developer demos – such as the free-play slots from Blueprint Gaming. These slot demos let you pick which feature you'd like to try out from a drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner. This way, you can get straight to the point without having to spend too much time waiting for the bonus round to be triggered organically.

Slots Online – Budgeting

When playing an online slot demo, we always advise that you make play money wagers that are similar to what you would bet with real money. This will give you a good idea of whether or not the game will fit within your budget.

Bankroll management is the key to having a fun time at online casinos, and while playing slots online, so you mustn't ever get in over your head. If you find that you're depleting your hypothetical slots budget too quickly while playing the demo, then it's best to find another game that will be healthier for your budget.

Many play-money and real-money slots allow you to set loss limits when using the autoplay function. This is a great way to keep track of your spending and take note of how many spins you can play with your specific budget.

What to Remember When Playing Slots

At Slots Temple, our team of gaming experts advise that you always play between 150 and 200 rounds of a slot demo before you decide whether or not you'll spend real money on it. This allows you to get a feel for the game. When playing, you should take note of:

Graphics and Theme
If you aren't engaged from the outset, then the game probably isn't worth spending real money on. You want to play an online slot that will suck you into the gameplay with great graphics and a theme that interests you. There are dozens of different slots themes out there, and developers are always great games in unique new art styles - so, don't settle for a game that doesn't appeal to you aesthetically.

One of the most eye-catching slot themes is Push Gaming's Jammin' Jars.

Bet Sizes
The bet sizes that are offered in online slots games varies. This should always be a specific consideration when playing demo slots. If you're a penny slots player, and the minimum wager of a game is 1, then it's probably not the right title for you. On the other hand, if you're a high roller and you want to take some significant risks, a game with a 5 maximum may be a little bit under budget for you.

Hit Frequency
Slot reviews will provide you with information about RTPs and volatility, but you won't know how a game pays until you give it a spin. It's always a good idea to keep track of how often you win and how big the wins are when you're playing a demo slots game. Of course, the experience is randomised, but it's essential to know whether or not a game will pay out often enough to keep you interested.

You can play a slots game for what can seem like an eternity before you land a bonus game - and, it's best to discover if this is the case while playing a demo slot rather than a real-money slot. Always pay attention to how long it takes for you to land a bonus, and if you're okay with that amount of time.

If you don't have the time to play 150 to 200 rounds of a demo slot that you're interested in, just take a look at our reviews. We feature a section called The 150 Spin Experience, where we give you the low down on exactly how a slot game plays. So, you can find out whether or not it will suit your budget and gameplay tastes without having to spin the reels yourself.

Free Mobile Slots

Despite being an Ancient Temple, we've had to move with the times, and that means Free Mobile Slots! The demand from players to play slots on mobile is now even higher than the desire to play on a more traditional laptop, PC or Mac, so that's why every Free Slot we have at Slots Temple is available as a mobile game, so you can enjoy free slots for fun wherever you are.


Android online free slots are now widely available; you don't even have to download an app to play them. Here at Slots Temple, if you are online, you are able to play free Android Slots. All our games are available on both desktop and Android, so if you have an Android device, you are in luck!

The Android platform is ideally suited to the HTML5 slot games produced by all the major slots makers (think WMS, IGT, NetEnt etc.) and increasingly the Android Mobile experience is just as good (if not better) than their desktop counterparts. The Slots feel interactive (due to their touch screen nature) and immersive (due to the excellent sound and full phone screen takeover) to such an extent that there are a number of Android Free Slot games for fun that we like more the laptop versions!


With iOS mobile operating system becoming the behemoth it has done in recent years, it was inevitable that there would be a whole industry created around Free games for iPhone Slots. Hence, if you fancy firing Angry Birds into structures with the aim of toppling them, you can do so at your pleasure. Likewise (and this is much more up our street) you can play Free Slots on your iPhone until you've had enough.

In the early days, it was all about iOS store Free Slots apps, and while these are still available, it'd be much more common to play iPhone Free slots direct from a site like this one. Every game we have on-site is possible to play on the iPhone, so take your pick and get spinning!

iPad and Tablet

Despite being considerably bigger than a mobile phone, tablets and iPads run on the same technology as mobile Slots as opposed to the ones you play on your laptop or PC. The reason for this being that a lot of tablets don't support flash and you need the same touch screen technology to play slots on a tablet that you do on a mobile.

Every slot that we have available on mobile is therefore available on Tablet also. This is good news for you Free Slot lovers out there who have a tablet is that every game we have on-site is compatible with your device.

Types Of Slots

We have every kind of free slot available on the market at Slots Temple, whether that is Cascading Reels, Free Spins, Respins, Bonus Rounds, Expanding Wilds, Progressive Jackpots or Megaways – we have the lot. We can either search by Maker, Themes, or Features – so whatever takes your fancy – we have thousands of free slots to play!

Playing Demo Slots to Try Bonus Features

When you play free slots online, you'll encounter games that offer up plenty of different bonus features. If you're unfamiliar with any slot's specific bonuses, you should give the demo version of the game a spin to find out exactly how those features work and if they appeal to your gaming tastes.

In most cases, you'll have to play the slot for a while before you trigger any bonus features, but some developers make it easy for you. For example, when you play Blueprint Gaming demo slots, you can use the Force function to try out free spins and other bonus games.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Jackpot Slots are always very popular with online Slots players – the reason being the fairly obvious one that they offer the opportunity to win life-changing amounts of money in a single spin. Imagine the excitement of watching those reels align with the symbols that bring you millions! We can all dream!

Here at Slots Temple, we don't offer you the chance to win millions on our Progressive Free Slots – if you're not paying to play, I'm afraid you can't be in the running for the big prize. However, we do let you play with a whole range of Jackpot Slots for free, so you can test them out, see if you enjoy them and see how they perform before you invest your hard-earned cash into playing for real. We have all the most significant online jackpot slots on-site – Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, Jackpot Giant and many more.

If you're not familiar with how progressive slots work, here's a quick rundown:

1. Each jackpot seeds at a particular amount. Whether it is 1000 or 1 million, each progressive jackpot prize starts with a specific pool of money.

2. Every time a player wagers on the game, a small portion contributes to the jackpot pool. This is why they climb by the minute.

3. Once the jackpot is won, the game resets to its seed amount. Then, the process starts all over again.

You can give these progressive slots a spin for free, but if you give them a spin for real money, there's the chance that you could win an impressive, life-changing prize.

Land-Based Slots

Slots that started life on Casino floors around the World have long been making their way into our homes via online Slots Makers such as IGT, WMS and Aristocrat, but now the trickle has become a tide of games. This is great news for us Free Slots players at Slots Temple – great quality Vegas-style entertainment available for free in our homes! We have a whole range of games like Cleopatra, She's a Rich Girl, Wizard of Oz and Titanic slot online.

Slots Themes

With over 4500 Free Slots, Slots Temple offers up a wide range of different themes. Some of the most popular online slots themes that you'll find right here, you'll be able to find your perfect slot online:

Aztec Slots: Discover the secrets of the Ancient Mayan civilisation with online slots like Gonzo's Quest and Aztec Warrior Princess.

Egyptian Slots: Travel back in time to when pharaohs ruled over Egypt. Explore the pyramids and take a trip to the Sphinx in titles like Cleopatra and Queen of the Nile.

Holiday Slots: There are slots to help you celebrate just about any holiday, like New Years, Christmas and Easter. Enjoy your days off while spinning the reels on slots like Nice List and A Christmas Carol.

Fairy Tale Slots: Relive childhood fantasies by playing slots based on popular fairy tales like Frog Princess and Pixies of the Forest.

Asian Slots: Slots set in China and Japan continue to be very popular at both land-based and online casinos. You'll be able to explore both of these beautiful cultures in games like Bushido Code and Choy Sun Doa.

Board Games: Some of the most popular board games have been reinvented as slots. You can play games like Monopoly Megaways and Battleship Direct Hit for the chance to win big.

Nature and Wildlife Slots: Take a stroll through the woods without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Slots likeWolf Run and Seasons do a fantastic job of depicting wildlife in their natural habitat.

Space Slots: 3, 2, 1 – blast off! Soar through space, explore planets and meet alien life in out-of-this-world slots like Space Invaders and Stars Awakening.

Mexican Slots: Vibrant graphics and mariachi music are common characteristics of Mexican themed slots. You'll feel just like you're celebrating a fiesta on games like Spinata Grande and Paco & The Popping Peppers.

Classic Slots: If you prefer simpler games that more closely resemble the traditional kind of fruit machines that you would find in pubs, then games like Double Diamond and Mystery Joker are the ideal slots for you.

Food-Themed Slots: Feeling a bit peckish? Then, you're in luck. There are plenty of delicious-looking slots to satisfy your appetite, such as Mamma Mia and Win Sum Dim Sum.

Horror and Halloween Slots: You don't have to wait for Halloween for a good scare. There are plenty of fun online slots with horror themes based on zombies, vampires and ghosts. If you fancy a bit of a fright, then try out Immortal Romance and Blood Queen.

Underwater Slots: Go deep-sea diving for big wins. You'll find plenty slots that are set under the sea, such as asCaptain Nemo and Lucky Angler.

Cats Slots: The Internet's favourite creatures tend to be featured in a massive range of slots online. You'll encounter cute and cuddle cats in games like Kitty Glitter and Not Enough Kittens.

African Slots: You can explore the African Sahara while spinning the reels on games like Diamond Chief and Silver Lion.

Candy Slots: Got a sweet tooth? You're sure to love spinning the reels on bright and vibrant games like SugarPop and Candyland.

Diamonds and Gems: Enjoy a sparkling online gaming experience with dazzling slots like Da Vinci Diamonds and Lightning Gems.

Branded Slots

Your favourite pop culture icons are now being featured in slot games across the web. Television shows, movies, musicians and video games are all featured in a massive range of slots. At Slots Temple, you'll find hundreds of games based on:

Musicians and Bands: These slots usually feature killer soundtracks and put your favourite bands and pop stars centre stage as you spin the reels. Check out games like Guns and Roses for a musical online gaming experience.

Movies: Blockbuster films are trendy among online slots developers. Enjoy a cinematic gaming experience with slots like Jurassic World, Halloween and Aliens.

Video Games: Play your favourite video games in a brand new way as you spin the reels for generous prizes. Popular free slots based on gaming characters are Tomb Raider and Hitman. There are also some great slots that feature a general gaming theme like Mega Boy and Arcader.

Comic Books: Your favourite heroes save the day in thrilling slots like Batman and Fantastic Four.

Television Shows: Tune into fantastic slots like Family Guy and Highlander to enjoy your favourite television shows uniquely.

Some of the most popular branded slots games.

Browse Slots by Features

If you know what you like when it comes to gameplay, you can browse our slots selection by feature. Here are some of the bonus features that you'll be able to peruse to find the perfect slot for you:

Volatility: This term refers to how often a game pays out and how large you can expect those prizes to be. Low volatility games pay out smaller prizes more frequently while high volatility slots award more generous prizes less often.

Free Spins: When you trigger a free spins bonus, you don't have to wager on your spins. You get to play a number of rounds for free for the chance to win generous prizes.

Bonus Games: some online slots have an off-screen bonus that consists of either a prize wheel or a pick-me round, where you can win impressive payouts.

High Payout Slots: want to know which games have the highest RTPs? You can browse the slots with the most generous payout percentages here.

Megaways: patented by Big Time Gaming, Megaways slots provide players with tens of thousands of winning ways whenever they spin the reels, and come with features like free spins and increasing multipliers.

Gamble: this feature is becoming increasingly rare, but you can find it in a fair few slots. The Gamble function allows you to take part in a game of High-Lo to potentially double your prizes.

Nudges: in slots that have nudges, you have the ability to push certain symbols into place, such as stacked wilds or winning symbols.

Clusters: this type of feature creates wins by allowing you to create gains by landing matching symbols in groups rather than appearing on the same payline for more frequent payouts.

New Slots Online

Free Slots Makers are always releasing new games, the fact we have over 5,00 games on site does not mean we can stop there. We continuously add new content to Slots Temple specifically for a Worldwide audience to ensure that we have the very latest and best Slots available for you to play. Makers like Net Ent and IGT release Slots content on a monthly basis, so we scour the Internet on a very regular basis to keep the Temple up to date with all the latest releases!

Top 10 Most Popular Free Slots at Slots Temple

List of the most popular Slots on Slots Temple in the first half of 2020 (based on number of page views). 

Jammin Jars

The best and most popular Slot from new industry darlings Push Gaming. This game has grown organically since it's release in 2018 and it's easy to see why... Massive wins of up to x20,000, high volatility, high RTP of 96.8% and 8x8 cluster grid all combine to make for exciting and entertaining gameplay. There are some brilliant video out there of streamers winning big on this game which has added to its legend - a must play!


What can you say about this all-time classic from IGT? In many ways it set the template for the modern online slot - Free Spins bonus round with multiplier and the ability to re-trigger within the bonus. It may be simple when compared to more recent releases but this 20-line, 95.70% RTP slot from 2012 is up there with the best of them in terms of gameplay.

Vikings Unleashed Megaways

Perhaps not a big-name slot like some of the others in this list but this Blueprint game has proved popular with Slots Temple Users since it's release in 2018. A great example of a high-volatility, cascading, Megaways game. Solid RTP of 96.5%, great sound effects and excellent Free Spins Multiplier Bonus Round.

Fishin Frenzy

Another game that has stood the test of time in the ever-changing world of online slots, released in 2014 this Reel Play / Blueprint game is a simple 10-line game with a Free Spins bonus feature... What's all the fuss about? Excellent gameplay, Fisherman Wilds in Free Spins, x5,000 top win and a decent payout of 96.12%

Fat Rabbit

Another Push Gaming entry in the top 10 - this 5x5, 50 payline slot is high volatility and has a decent top win of x1,000. Payout ratio stands at 96.45%, which is decent, but what makes this game is the free spins with expanding wilds - it's great fun watch the rabbit munch carrots, getting increasingly fat!

Eye of Horus

The other smash hit (that isn't Fishin' Frenzy) from Reel Time / Blueprint. Very simple gameplay and graphics, 10 paylines, Medium Volatility, 96.31% payout - so far so normal... It the spreading wilds, Scatters and Free Spins bonus that make this game exceptional... In a very crowded field Eye of Horus is a standout Egyptian-themed slot.


Bonanza was the first game of Big Time Gaming's that we thought, 'these guys are destined for big things!'... An early Megaways game and in our mind still one of the very best, released in 2016, it's high volatility, massive win potential and multiplier free spins bonus have meant that this game has been a staple in our playing roaster for a number of years!

Book of Dead

Play'n GO's Rich Wilde series bit not start with a bang, the first couple of games did not create major waves, it was only the 2016 release of Book of Dead that really caught fire. Yes, it owes a fair bit of Book of Ra, but frankly, that does not matter, it's available everywhere and it's high variance x5,000 top wins have kept us coming back time and time again.

The Goonies

Hey you guys! Pick bonuses, Free Spins and a classic 1980s theme. What's not to like? This Blueprint slot was released in 2018 and proved an instant hit with our visitors. 20 paylines, RTP of 96% and a load of fun.

Da Vinci Diamonds

This sits alongside Cleopatra as one of lGT's stone-cold classics. Released all the way back in 2012, this 20-line, 94.93% payout game has kept slots fans thrilled and frustrated in equal measure ever since! Simple format that leaves you hoping to hit the free spins bonus in search of decent wins.

Play Slots From the Best Software Providers

At Slots Temple, you'll find a vast range of free slots from the best developers on the web. They are committed to providing players with an innovative and exciting online gaming experience that offers them the chance to earn fantastic cash prizes. Read below to find out more about the tremendous software developers that provide software for our free slots:


Ainsworth has been around in the gambling market since 1995 and has created some of the most popular games at land-based and online casinos. The company specialises in more classic-style games.


4ThePlayer is an online slots developer that is new to the market, which develops innovative games that are designed with players needs at heart. It's games include 9K Yeti and 1 Left Alive.

Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming originated the Megaways mechanic which provides players with tens of thousands of winning ways. The company is also well-known for its music-themed slots like Danger High Voltage and The Final Countdown.

Blueprint Gaming

As the second-biggest producer of Megaways slots games, Blueprint Gaming has undoubtedly made a name for itself in the online gaming market. The company has also produced some fantastic branded games like The Goonies and Mars Attacks.

ELK Studios

ELK is a newer online slots developer that made its debut in 2012. The company is known for its innovative gameplay features, as well as built-in betting strategies that help players maximise their winning potential.


IGT is yet another land-based games developer that has ventured into the online gaming realm. The company's games are well-known for their impressive graphics and generous bonus features.


iSoftBet is well-known in the online casino market for creating some of the most popular slots games around. You'll find plenty of branded slots from this developer, based on popular movies and TV shows.


Microgaming is one of the best-known game developers in today's market. The company offers players some of the most exciting and generous bonus features, as well as one of the biggest progressive jackpot networks in the online casino world.


NetEnt continues to make a name for itself in the online gaming market, creating innovative and exciting slots that all players can enjoy. You'll find top-quality games with impressive graphics, as NetEnt is always thinking outside of the box and bringing something new to players across the web.

Play n Go

Play’n GO is renowned for developing mobile-optimised games that allow players to take their favourite slots with them on the go. You'll find a massive range of exciting games with fun themes and fantastic graphics.


Playtech is one of the biggest and most established online slots games providers in the market today. The company has been around since 1999, and continues to make exciting and innovative games that captivate players. You'll find a vast range of branded slots as well as generous progressive games from Playtech.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is one of the busiest Slot developers in the online World. Over 200 games in 31 languages, they are releasing quality games every couple of weeks.

Push Gaming

Push Gaming approaches online slots from an innovative and modern perspective. The developer has created some unique slots out there, including Jammin' Jars, Joker Troupe and Fat Rabbit.


QuickSpin was bought by Playtech a few years back after winning a clutch of awards for their innovative approach to producing slot content. They are still churning out top quality games today.


Thunderkick is an online slots developer that thinks outside of the box. You'll find all sorts of kooky themes and unique gameplay features in the kind of slots that set themselves apart from all others.

Online Slot Licensing and Regulation

Let’s be honest; whenever you spin a slot online you’re putting an incredible amount of trust into the casino and game developer that the game you’re playing is actually fair. Many players - understandably - have questions about how slots are regulated - and what measures are in place to make sure they’re fair.

That's' exactly what we’re going to explore in this post - and you’ll be pleased to know that online slots are very heavily regulated, ensuring you’re not getting “ripped off” or playing an unfair game.

Video Slot Requirements

Each online gambling regulator (which we’ll cover below) sets out their own requirements for slots that software providers need to follow. These are incredibly technical, and there are a huge number of factors that come into play - so, for the purpose of this section of our post, we’re going to be looking at a few of the requirements laid out by the UK’s Gambling Commission.

First and foremost, players must be able to access an explanation of the game, and how it works - before they stake any money. This is achieved in most slots with a detailed paytable and rules sections.

Players must be informed of the return to player (RTP) percentage - and this must be made accessible from within the game’s help files.

All video slots must receive certification from an approved testing house (which we’ll cover below), and the random number generator (RNG) must be proven to be just that; random. The UKGC also dictates that a spin must take at least two seconds, and no more than 100 autoplay spins can be set at once.

That’s a mere fraction of the rules and regulations surrounding the slots you play online - and we’d be here all day were we to cover all of them. However, rest assured that if you’re playing a slot at a licensed casino - you’ve got nothing to worry about. It will have been tested over billions of spins to ensure it’s fair and sticking to its expected RTP.

Online Gambling Regulators

In order for any online gambling company (whether it be an online casino or a game developer) to operate, they must hold a valid license from an online gambling regulator. For European players, there are two key regulators; the UK’s Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA). Both of these regulators have a very strong reputation and take a no-nonsense approach when it comes to licensing.

They ensure all of their licensees are adhering to strict rules and regulations - and when it comes to the regulation of slots, as we saw above, these measures are incredibly in-depth.

Some less well-known regulators (with a good reputation) include the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, the Gambling Supervision Commission (Isle of Man), the Jersey Gambling Commission and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Some countries also have their own specific regulators, like the UK. This includes the Belgian Gambling Commission, the Danish Gambling Authority, ARJEL (France), the AAMS (Italy) and the Spanish Gaming Commission.

Unfortunately, not all regulators are created equal - and one name in particular stands out; Curacao. Curacao are the biggest online gambling regulator in the world, and they hand out licenses with ease; they’re cheap, operators have very few hurdles to jump through to acquire a license, and Curacao have a very poor track record of checking up on their licensees.

We strongly recommend you play at casinos licensed by the UKGC or the MGA. Do so, and you’ll be playing in an incredibly far environment - and you can guarantee any of the games you’re playing are safe, fair, and regulated.

Slot Testing Houses

The actual companies/bodies responsible for testing and certifying slots - and ensuring that they adhere to all relevant laws and regulations - are known as testing houses. While there are more than 20 different testing houses, there are four main ones - and these are generally the “go-to” choice for the vast majority of game developers, given their solid reputation and the fact they are typically approved by multiple online gambling regulators. Let’s take a look at the four main players below:

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI): GLI have been in operation since 1987, making them one of the oldest testing houses around. Their mission is to provide “world-class testing, certification and professional services” to game developers around the world, and they work with some of the world’s biggest software providers when it comes to game certification.

eCOGRA: eCOGRA is a UK-based operation that was established in 2003, and they specialize in certifying games for the UK iGaming industry - although they do provide certification for games falling outside of the UK’s jurisdiction. eCOGRA are perhaps the biggest testing house going, and they have an untainted record when it comes to ensuring the games they test are fair.

Gaming Associates Europe: Gaming Associates Europe is an independent and internationally recognised testing house, and while they’re nowhere near as big as GLI or eCOGRA, they work with a number of smaller game studios. They also tend to work with companies outside of the UK, although they are approved by the UK Gambling Commission.

iTech Labs: iTech Labs is a testing house that’s based in Australia, yet they provide game certification services to software providers all over the world. Like the other three testing houses shown above, they’re also approved by the UK’s Gambling Commission, and test - and certify - hundreds of new games every single year.

Thankfully, you really don’t need to worry about which testing house tests which game - and it’s not something you even need to check, provided you’re playing at a casino that’s licensed. It’s easy to tell if a casino is licensed or not, as - regardless of which online gambling regulator they operate under - they are all legally required to display information about their license in their footer section.

Common Misconceptions About The Fairness of Slots

It’s common for players to have misconceptions or misunderstandings about how slots work; this is only natural, as you’re playing a game where you personally have no way of knowing is actually fair or not - you’ve simply got to go by the game’s certification. Thankfully, the world of online gambling is incredibly well-regulated, and aside from a few dodgy Russian game developers, it’s just not the case that you come across “rigged” or “unfair” games.

However, a few misconceptions come up time and time again - and we’re going to clear a couple of them up now. Firstly, while casinos can request different RTP settings from a software provider (if they’re offered), a casino can’t simply change the way a game plays. Similarly, game developers can’t just update their games either; if they want to make changes, they have to go through the entire testing process again - so while it can be tempting to think “this game feels different, it’s changed” - it’s simply a case of your luck turning.

Slots also all use a random number generator (RNG) to generate the result. This means that the slot has no memory of previous gameplay - so each spin is an independent event. What this means for you, is that it doesn’t matter if you’ve had 1,000 winning or losing spins on the trot - the next spin is just as likely to win or lose as the last. You’re never “due” a win - and don’t be fooled into thinking that slots are going to payout, simply because they haven’t done so in a while. This can apply to fruit machines in bars and pubs - but it’s not relevant if you’re playing video slots online.

Regulation Conclusions

As you can see, releasing a new slot isn’t simply a case of designing it and pushing it out to online casinos. There’s an incredible amount of work going on “behind the scenes”, and game developers spend a small fortune on getting their games certified.

Provided you’re playing at an online casino that’s licensed by a reputable online gambling regulator (and here, we’re talking primarily the UKGC or the MGA for European players), you have nothing to worry about - and the games you’re playing are fair, random - and adhere to all relevant rules and regulations.

Remember, you can play thousands of slots for free here at Slots Temple - and you don’t need to create an account, either! We’ll also show you the best online casinos to play at, should you decide you’d like to go on and play for real money!

Free Slots FAQs

Can I Play Free Slots Online?

Yes, you can! You can play free slots right here at Slots Temple. These are demo versions of online slots that you’ll find at real-money online casinos.

The benefit of playing free slots online is that you’ll be able to give certain titles a try before you decide to spend any money on them. We have over 4000 slots games for you to play for free, and we’re always adding new titles by the day!

Where Can I Play Demo Slots?

Free slots are available to play right here on Slots Temple. Just open your desired game in your web browser and it will be ready to play within seconds. You can also claim free spins bonuses from a wide range of casinos. Some require you to make a deposit but others offer them for free as soon as you sign up to the site.

What Is The Best Slots App?

Most slots run on HTML5, which means that they will work perfectly on mobile devices. They will simply load in your mobile web browser. However, if you're looking for a dedicated app, casinos like Casumo and LeoVegas have apps that can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone.

Are Slots Really Random?

While the free slots we offer here at Slots Temple are demo versions of real-money slots, we understand that players are still concerned about whether or not they are truly random. We can assure you that they are, as they run on sophisticated Random Number Generator (RNG) software. This type of software produces random sequences of numbers every millisecond, so every outcome is completely fair.

In fact, online games developers have their RNGs audited regularly by both in-house and third-party firms. So, you can always rest assured that your favourite slots are entirely random.

How Do I Download Slots?

Most online casinos provide players with the opportunity to play slots from within their web browsers using HTML5 software. So, if you want to download free slots, you will have to find an online casino that has a downloadable casino suite. Furthermore, the suite must have demo versions of games – which is quite a tall order.

As such, it is usually the best option to visit a casino from your web browser and give their demo versions a play. You can do the same here at Slots Temple, where we have collected over 4000 slots.

Can I Play Slots Offline?

You may not always have access to the internet or enough data on your mobile plan to support playing free slots online. In this case, you will likely want to play free slots offline. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Since most of today's slots run on HTML5 software directly in your web browser, you can't play them when you're not connected to the internet. However, you can download an online casino suite to your desktop or your mobile device. This should have demo versions of slots that you can play for free while offline - however, the selection will be limited.

Can I Play Slots For Real Money?

While this might sound like an oxymoron, it is not. More and more online casinos are providing players with the chance to play free slots for real money. All you have to do is find a casino with a generous free spins offer.

Also be on the lookout for online casinos that offer free spins where the wagering requirement is a maximum win rather than one that requires you to wager your winnings. Many online casinos require you to wager whatever you have won on your free spins 25x or more, but there are some where you are limited to how much of your free spins winnings you can withdraw.

Most sites allow you to withdraw a maximum of 100 so, even if you win 200 on your free spins bonus, you will only be allowed to withdraw the first half. However, that is still a better option than having to wager your full winnings a number of times over.

Can I Play Slots Like The Ones I've Played In Vegas?

The great thing about playing slots online is that there is a huge range of options available to players. While you can play mobile-optimised games and modern online slots, there are plenty of titles that resemble more traditional slot machines. You can find these from developers like Realistic Games, who develop free slots that cater to classic slots fans.

You'll also find plenty of fantastic free slots here on Slots Temple that you may have encountered at land-based casinos. Developers like IGT, Aristocrat and Bally have redeveloped plenty of their games from land-based titles into online games that you can access from your desktop computer or mobile phones. Cleopatra, Golden Goddess and Kitty Glitter are some of the most popular slots in Vegas - and you can play them right here for free!

Which Slots Payout the Most?

All slots have a different RTP (return to player), which lets you know how much money is returned to players as prizes for every 100 coins they wager. In the online slots market, most games have RTPs or payout percentages that are about 96%; however, there are some games that have RTPs up to 98%. Bloodsuckers from NetEnt has an RTP of 98% while Esqueleto Explosivo has a payout percentage of 97.6%. You can read more about the highest paying slots here.

What Is Slot Volatility?

Slot volatility refers to how often a slot pays out its prizes and how generous you can expect those prizes to be. A high volatility slot pays out big prizes that come around less often while a low volatility slot pays out smaller prizes much more frequently.
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