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Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

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Da Vinci Diamonds is an online slot created by IGT which has a tumbling reels mechanic. It is a medium volatility game that offers a free spins bonus, with an RTP of 94.94% and a top pr...ize of 5000x.

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  • Classic IGT slot game
  • Top prize of 1000x
  • Generous free spins bonus
  • Low RTP of 94.94%
  • Graphics a little outdated


Da Vinci Diamonds is an accessible and engaging online slots game that you can play for free at Slots Temple. Created and developed by IGT, a leading name in the world of bricks-and-mortar and online casino gaming, Da Vinci Diamonds has been carefully designed to give gamers the best possible experience, whether they’re playing at home or on the go or accessing the game on desktop, laptop mobile and tablet.

If you’ve played online slots games before, then you won’t find too many surprises when it comes to playing Da Vinci Diamonds, as it’s very straightforward and intuitive to pick up how the game works. The layout is relatively standard, featuring five reels and 20 fixed paylines. This saves you the bother of having to decide how many paylines to include with each spin of the reels, so all you need to do is decide on the amount of your total wager each time.

One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the popular Tumbling Reels feature, which can give you multiple wins from a single spin. Every time you score a win, the symbols that make up the win disappear in a lightning flash, and the other symbols above them drop down to fill the now-empty spaces. This often creates new winning lines in the process and, if this is the case, these winning symbols also vanish, allowing more new symbols to dropdown. The process continues until now, more winning lines are revealed.

First Impressions

From the opening screen, once the game has loaded, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of high art and luxurious jewels. The playing area is set on a black background, allowing the bright colours of the precious gemstones to really sing out, and the playing area is defined by a lavishly decorated and embellished picture frame, picked out in gilt and studded with semi-precious stones down each side.

In addition to three of da Vinci’s most well-known artworks - the Mona Lisa, Lady with an Ermine and Portrait of a Musician - you’ll find symbols depicting rare and precious jewels, including yellow sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

The real high-player symbol in this game is represented by the game’s logo depicted over a sparkling diamond. Achieve three or more of these on winning payline, and you benefit from an instant multiplier of 100x your wager, which could lead to some impressively big wins if you decide to play for real money.

There’s a Wild too, which can substitute for any of the other symbols, so even if you don’t score a winning line at first glance, a well-placed Wild can make all the difference to the size of your eventual prize pot.

Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

How to Play

Here's a quick step guide to get you started:

1. As the game finishes loading choose if you want to play with sound Y/N

2. Check out the paytable for win values and check the RTP of the game which can vary from Casino to Casino

3. Choose you total bet size by selecting what you want to bet per line (game is fixed at 20 lines)

4. Decide on your session budget, hit 'Play' and hope luck is on your side!

The features on the player’s console are kept to an absolute minimum in Da Vinci Diamonds, making it an excellent choice for new players who have little or no experience of online slots games. A large green button to the left of the playing area reveals the betting screen, where you simply choose your coin amount and the number of coins you wish to wager for each spin of the reels. Once you are happy with your selection, click the green tick and you will be taken back to the playing area. Here you’ll see the total amount of your wager, so you can make any adjustments to the amount that you want to bet.

We always recommend starting off with small bets to begin with, so that you have ample time to discover everything that you need to know about a game before you start wagering more substantial amounts. In fact, playing for free is the best possible way of getting to see a game inside out, with all of the fun but none of the tension of worrying about how to maximise a winning streak. Now all you have to do is click on the large yellow button to the right of your screen, and your game starts instantly.

You’ll see almost straight away that with Da Vinci Diamonds the reels don’t actually spin, as they do in most online slots games. Instead, you start with a completely blank playing area, into which the symbols drop down from above. The blackness of the playing screen makes an excellent foil for the large, brightly-coloured icons, which are displayed to significant effect, making it easy to see at a glance whether or not you’ve achieved a winning combination. If this is the case, the winning symbols will vanish, as described above, and the other symbols drop down to fill the gaps, with the potential to create more wins once they land.

At this point, it’s worth mentioning the music that accompanies Da Vinci Diamonds. The soundtracks for online slots games tend to fall into one of two camps: either they achieve almost legendary status, such as the music tracks for Immortal Romance, which has thousands of fans who download the songs and even adopt them as ringtones, or they border on being irritating, with loony tunes that go round and round until the player mutes them in frustration. Da Vinci Diamonds has managed to find some middle ground here - you’re not going to be rushing out to purchase a download, but the sounds have been kept to a minimum for the most part, with occasional pleasant chords sounding as you spin the reels and a few sound effects to denote a win.

The musical pace only changes when you trigger the Bonus Free Spins round, during which a medieval-type madrigal plays throughout the entire round. It’s pleasant and not intrusive, so you shouldn’t have to go hunting for a ‘mute’ button.

Da Vinci Diamonds Free Spins


You can access the game’s rules by clicking on the top right-hand side of the player console. If you’re entirely new to the world of online slots, then you might like to take a little time to study the rules of play so that you understand the game right from the beginning, although this is a relatively simple and straightforward game to play, so you shouldn’t have too many problems if you decide to just dive straight in. But do take the time to play for free, to begin with, as this gives you an excellent opportunity to uncover all of the game’s aspects before you decide to start wagering real money.

We suggest playing around 500 spins on free play mode, as this gives you ample time to trigger the bonus rounds and experience all possible winning combinations. Keep track of your virtual prize pot as you go, and you should soon see where you can improve your strategy by altering your wager according to circumstances. Then, once you’re satisfied that you understand how the game works, you can start wagering, although once again, we urge caution in the early stages, mainly if you are an inexperienced player.

A win on Da Vinci Diamonds occurs when three or more matching symbols appear on consecutive reels, with the first symbol appearing on the left-hand reel. Wilds can substitute for any other symbol, creating a winning line even where there are insufficient matching icons.

Only one win can occur on each payline, with the highest winning one being paid. Every line is multiplied by the line bet that occurs on the winning line. Wins from separate paylines are added to the total win amount. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet. There is an award cap which is defined within the paytable, and no further winnings can result from a spin once this amount has been reached. There is a threshold for the Bonus round, and once the designated amount has been reached, the Bonus round will end, even if there are still free spins remaining.


It’s well worth familiarising yourself with the game’s paytable, as this allows you to calculate your winnings at a glance, so you don’t need to keep checking on your score throughout your gaming session. You can access the paytable at any time by clicking or tapping on the arrows at the top right-hand side of your playing console.

A quick glance at the paytable reveals that the shiny, highly-polished jewels - the yellow sapphire, emerald and ruby - are all worth 10x the value of your line bet if you achieve three matching symbols on a payline. Score four or five matching icons and the reward steadily rises, with the ruby offering the best returns across five matching symbols.

Next on the paytable comes the Lady with an Ermine, who offers 20x your original line bet if you achieve three matching icons, but an impressive 300x if you’re lucky enough to produce five matching symbols. The Portrait of a Musician offers slightly higher rewards, whilst the Mona Lisa brings anything from 50x your line bet to 1000x, depending on how many matching symbols occur on a payline. But it’s the Da Vinci Diamond itself that brings the most fabulous prizes in its wake, boasting an awe-inspiring return of 5000x your line bet if you manage to attain five matching symbols on a payline.

And don’t forget that the Wild symbol can substitute for any of these symbols, creating a winning line where it otherwise would not have occurred, with the potential to create a significant winning prize pot along the way.

Once you trigger the Bonus Free Spins round, the symbols change, and a new paytable applies. The Bonus round is triggered as soon as the Bonus symbol appears on reels 1,2 and 3 and you are instantly awarded six free spins. The Bonus symbol continues to appear throughout the Bonus rounds, bringing extra free spins in its wake when you attain three, four or five of them across a payline. You could receive up to 15 additional free spins, depending on the combination that occurs on your playing area.

During the Bonus round, the background of the playing area changes from black to red, and a new series of jewels arrive, bringing cash prizes in their wake. Now, in addition to the Da Vinci Diamond itself, you’ll see a pear, an amethyst, a sapphire and a square-cut citrine, all offering line bet multipliers if you achieve three or more matching symbols across a payline in consecutive positions starting from the leftmost reel.

And now the Scatters appear too, offering you even more opportunities to win big! The Scatters are represented by details from three of Leonardo da Vinci’s best-known masterpieces: Madonna of the Rocks, La Ferroniere and Madonna of the Yarnwinders. One of the joys of this game is that you can learn a little about Renaissance art while you amass a jackpot!

Max-win 5,000x
Volatility Medium
RTP 94.94%

RTP & Volatility

Some players, particularly those who just play for fun rather than for actual money, are not at all interested in RTP, otherwise known as Return to Player, but it’s actually an important thing to understand. This gives a percentage of the amount that a player might theoretically expect to win back over the course of their gaming experience on any particular game, but it’s necessary to understand the terminology in order to figure out how it works.

For Da Vinci Diamonds, the RTP is given as 94.94%, which is a very generous figure for a game of this type. In theory, it means that for every 1 you spend on the game, you should win back just short of 95 pence. Of course, this figure can’t be taken in isolation, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you can expect to win back 95% of what you spend playing Da Vinci Diamonds.

What it does mean is that over the course of a long-playing session, involving many hundreds of players, the overall return to players will amount to around 95% of what has been spent. But don’t assume that this figure refers to you as a single player. 

In terms of volatility, the game is classified as low/medium.

Free Spins Bonus

Look out for the Bonus symbol, as this could trigger a Free Spins bonus round, with even more chances to scoop a jackpot prize. When the Bonus symbol appears on the first, second and third reels, the Bonus round is triggered, and you are awarded six free spins to start you off. During this Bonus round, you can collect further free spins, leading to some very favourable outcomes.

When the Bonus Round becomes available, the screen will ask you to click on the Spin button to initiate the game. You’ll notice that the playing area turns to red rather than the usual black, and some new symbols appear.

Now three new symbols arrive on the reels, but this time they are Scatters with the ability to push your winnings to ever greater heights. Expect to see the Archangel Uriel from the Madonna of the Rocks, La Ferroniere and the Madonna of the Yarnwinders, who each bring their own special magic to winning lines. With the combination of generous Scatters, tumbling reels and the opportunity to trigger extra free spins as you play, the Bonus Free Spins round of Da Vinci Diamonds pushes this game to a whole new level.

History of the Game

Da Vinci Diamonds began life in real brick-and-mortar casinos, with punters enjoying the gameplay so much that the developers just knew they had it to include it as part of their online slots game catalogue.

The game first appeared in 2007, having been created to appeal to slot-machine fans of land-based casinos. It quickly gained a fan base of enthusiasts who enjoyed the fantastic Tumbling Reels feature, which is reminiscent of the famous Candy Crush game, where matching symbols disappear to be replaced by symbols that drop down from above. Within just five years, Da Vinci Diamonds had become IGT’s most significant selling title, making it a no-brainer for their online casino subsidiary to bring the game to an online audience.

It was an inspired choice to pick on Leonardo da Vinci as the eponymous hero of the game, as his name is known throughout the world. The use of some of his most famous works of art as symbols within the game was a popular choice - there can be few people who haven’t heard of the Mona Lisa, for example, and it’s refreshing to see a hefty dose of culture introduced into the world of online slots games.

While it’s easy to see the connection between Leonardo da Vinci and the works of art that crop us as icons throughout this online slots game, it’s perhaps less easy to know where the diamonds come into play. Not universally known for his work with diamonds, Leonardo did, in fact, make use of them in some of his inventions. In particular, he was determined to create a more accurate clock than anything that had gone before, and he felt that diamonds could offer him a way forward. During this period of the Renaissance, clocks were unreliable and not very accurate at keeping time, but da Vinci was convinced that he could make considerable improvements to the current designs. By making use of diamonds and replacing weights with springs, he was able to create a clock which was more accurate than anything that his peers could produce. Bearing in mind that the creation of the pendulum clock was still at least two centuries in the future, this was a remarkable achievement.

But that’s not his only link with diamonds - he has also lent his name to the da Vinci diamond cut, although this is a relative newcomer to the diamond scene, having been created as recently as 2006 by Shlomo Cohen, who was also responsible for the famous ‘Princess’ cut which was created in 1982. Cohen based his da Vinci cut on the artist’s many drawings of pentagrams and other polyhedrons, particularly the universally known Golden Ratio developed by da Vinci.

About IGT

International Game Technology, to give the company its full title, has been creating and developing casino games since the 1980s, and they quickly built up a reputation as a leading brand creating fun and entertaining games with plenty of unique features to keep players entertained. Once the world of online slots games moved online, the company was quick to spot the opportunities such a move presented and began reworking some of their best titles for inclusion in online casinos, where players could easily access them from a range of devices, from desktop to smartphone, enabling them to enjoy playing for fun - or playing for money - wherever they happened to be.

IGT has been responsible for some significant innovations in the world of slots games, with their most notable achievement being the Tumbling Reels feature. By creating winning paylines that explode and vanish, new icons can drop down, with the potential to create further winning lines, which adds a whole new dimension to a slots game.

The Tumbling Reels feature first appeared in Da Vinci Diamonds, so it’s no wonder that the game now holds an extraordinary place in the company’s history. Nowadays the feature has been widely adopted, with games such as Candy Crash appealing to players young and old who enjoy the exploding symbols feature so much that the game, and others like it, is now enjoyed by numerous people of all ages around the world.

Of course, where innovators lead, the rest soon follow, and it wasn’t long before IGT’s competitors seized on the Tumbling Reels feature and began incorporating it into their games. It’s now a staple of many gaming developers, who have seen for themselves just how popular such an apparently simple development has become, attracting thousands of players to online slots casinos, keen to play their favourite games.

The company still has an interest in brick-and-mortar casinos to this day, even though it has embraced the new breed of online casinos too. The company has refined its products over several decades, with the result that IGT slots cabinets are still regarded as some of the best available on the market.

Today IGT offers slots players a vast choice of online games, including the always-popular Cleopatra, as well as creating games based on popular movie themes, such as Ghostbusters.

Similar Games

If you’ve loved playing Da Vinci Diamonds and you enjoy the Tumbling Reels feature, you’ll enjoy games that offer you a similar experience, as they allow you to scoop multiple wins with one single spin, maximising your winnings with the minimum effort.

Tumbling Reels is a trademark of IGT, but you’ll see it advertised by other game developers as an Avalanche feature, Cascading Reels, Collapsing Reels and even Freefall Symbols. The one thing that they all have in common is that winning symbols vanish once your win has been logged, with new symbols dropping down the reels to replace them and hopefully creating another winning line for you in the process. It’s possible to rack up some seriously big wins through this feature, with the potential for wins to carry on indefinitely, taking your prize pot ever higher in the process.

Pixies of the Forest

Also from the IGT stable, Pixies of the Forest is the software house’s latest take on the Tumbling Reels phenomenon, but Leonardo da Vinci and his diamonds and works of art are replaced by cute forest dwellers complete with wings. With 99 fixed paylines, the game also features a smart 3 in 1 betting system which triggers a Free Spins Bonus round whenever three Bonus symbols appear on a payline. And with an extra Wild coming into play during the Free Spins rounds, you have even more chances to win.

Double Da Vinci Diamonds

In this slot, you're in for twice the fun! This game features one set of reels on top of the reel, so there are more opportunities to hit cascading wins in Double Da Vinci Diamonds. There's an impressive 5000x top prize, and a free spins bonus is on offer to get you close to that payout.

Gonzo’s Quest

One of the most popular online slots games around today, Gonzo’s Quest has a huge fan base thanks to its great features and innovative gameplay. Created by NetEnt, another top creator of online slots games, Gonzo’s Quest sees you helping the renowned explorer Gonzalo Pizarro to find his way through the jungles of the Amazon in search of the lost city of Eldorado, reputed to be built from solid gold.

Gonzo’s Quest uses Avalanche Reels to replace winning symbols, giving you the chance to scoop further wins from one single spin, and in this game, the symbols themselves are carved onto individual stone blocks that tumble down from above. A Free Fall Buns Feature is triggered when three Free Fall Scatters land on consecutive reels. This awards you free spins with increasing multipliers, leading to some impressive wins over a period of time.

Da Vinci - the man & his work

The Da Vinci name is renowned throughout the world thanks to the prolific output of this talented painter, sculptor and inventor. Born in 1452 to an unmarried peasant woman in Florence, da Vinci was schooled and trained in art by a succession of painters, including Andrea del Verrocchio and Ludovico il Moro. Further study took him to Venice, Rome and Bologna before he settled finally to live out his life in France in a home given to him by King Francis I.

Although we think of Leonardo da Vinci primarily as a painter, with a sideline as an inventor, he actually had many areas of interest, including science, architecture, literature, mathematics, anatomy, engineering, astronomy, geology, writing, history, botany and cartography. Today we acknowledge him as the inventor of the helicopter as well as the parachute and the tank, although it would be many centuries before his inventions would come to fruition.

Considered by scholars and historians around the world as being a highly regarded ‘Universal Genius’, in his own time da Vinci was called the ‘Renaissance Man’, embodying that era’s ideals of curiosity and invention. Today it is his paintings for which he is best known, although very few examples of his work have survived to the present day. Those that have done are instantly recognisable for the most part, with his oeuvre including ‘The Last Supper’, ‘The Mona Lisa’ and ‘Vitruvian Man’, all of which have been reproduced thousands of times across items as diverse as t-shirts, jigsaw puzzles, coins and books.

As such a well-known icon of painting and inventions, it was only a matter of time before Leonardo da Vinci took centre stage in an online slots game. In Da Vinci Diamonds he appears alongside some of his most famous works of art, including the Mona Lisa, which is instantly recognisable throughout the world.

You’ll find representations of the following paintings as you play Da Vinci Diamonds, so it might help to understand a little bit about their backgrounds, although it’s by no means essential to your subsequent enjoyment of the game.

Mona Lisa

Also known as La Giaconda, the Mona Lisa is believed to be a representation of the wife of Francesco del Giacondo. Perhaps surprisingly, the painting has not been done on a traditional canvas but has been painted with oils directly on to wood. Housed behind bullet-proof glass in a particular room in the Louvre, the Mona Lisa is famous for her enigmatic expression, which is somewhere between a smile and a total sense of aloofness.

Mona Lisa has had some illustrious owners - soon after finishing his masterpiece, the French king, Francis I, asked for permission to display it in his palace at Fontainebleu. A century later it was taken by Louis XIV to Versailles, before being purloined by Napoleon Bonaparte, who reputedly kept the painting in his own boudoir.

Lady with an Ermine

Also painted in oils on a wood panel, this time walnut, Lady with an Ermine is thought to have been painted around 1490, although there have been several revisions and alterations to the painting since that time, not all of them desirable. The Lady herself is believed to be Cecilia Gallerani, the mistress of Ludovico Sforza, who was not only the Duke of Milan at the time but also da Vinci’s patron.

Bought by Prince Adam Czartoryski of Poland in 1800, the painting was given to his mother, who promptly rejected the original blue background, which x-rays reveal also contained a doorway, and had it repainted in black, a decision that art lovers now lament. Other changes include alterations to the Lady’s transparent veil, rendering it the same colour as her hair, and changes to the shadowing of the Lady’s fingers, the bottom two of which are believed to have been repainted by an artist lacking da Vinci’s ability with a paintbrush.

Portrait of a Musician

Yet another example of an oil painting on wood, Portrait of a Musician was probably painted around 1485. Although some people claim that this is a self-portrait, another school of thought believes that it depicts Frachino Gaffurio, Master of a cappella singing at Milan Cathedral, since the man in the painting is holding part of a musical score.

Art experts believe that the man’s face was definitely painted by da Vinci, but his hair, cap and tunic are thought to have been painted by another less-talented artist.

Madonna of the Rocks

Sometimes referred to as the Virgin of the Rocks, this painting is believed to have been created in 1483 by da Vinci, in collaboration with Evangelista and Ambrogio de Predis, specifically to be displayed in a church in Milan as part of a triptych. The painting addresses a legend that John the Baptist met with Jesus during exile from Egypt, with the Archangel Uriel requesting that Mary should take charge of John the Baptist, depicted as a baby to the left of Mary.

For various reasons, the finished artwork was not to the liking of the people who had commissioned it, so another version was produced to hang in the designated space within the San Francesco Grande church chapel. The original version was purchased by Louis XII and added to France’s extensive collection of artwork, now housed permanently in the Louvre.

Portrait of a Lady from the Court of Milan

Also known as ‘La Belle Ferronniere’, after the ‘ferronniere’ or bejewelled chain worn across the Lady’s forehead, there has been a degree of confusion over the subject of this portrait by da Vinci. The French word for ironmonger is ‘ferronnier’, and for this reason, the picture was believed to be of the daughter or wife of an ironmonger. According to popular legend, a mistress of King Francis I was thought to have been married to a gentleman known as ‘Le Ferron’, who deliberately became infected with syphilis so as to pass the disease on, via his wife, to the king.

However, the portrait’s resemblance to Lady with an Ermine made it inevitable that the two sitters should become confused with each other, and some people still believe that the painting depicts Cecilia Gallerani.

Madonna of the Yarnwinder

There are at least two versions of this painting, which also goes by the name of ‘Madonna of the Spindles’. Believed to have been painted around 1499, both versions, known as the Buccleuch Madonna and the Lansdowne Madonna, show signs of Leonardo’s techniques, even if they cannot be entirely attributed to him.

Both Madonna and her child are depicted with a yarn winder, which is said to represent Mary’s domesticity, while hinting at the crucifixion to come. This painting is reputed to have influenced later Renaissance artists in their depictions of the Madonna and her child, which were to become popular themes in the coming years.

Disclaimer: Da Vinci Diamonds trademark / license is owned by IGT. This site is not endorsed by IGT.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Da Vinci Diamonds
Software: IGT
RTP: 94.94%
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 20
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): $0.20 (CAD)
Max Bet: $200 (CAD)
Top Win: 5000
Features: Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Free Spins, Medium volatility, 5 Reels, Cascading


Is this the same as the Da Vinci Diamonds slot machine I'll find at land-based casinos?

Yes, this is the exact same game, except it's available to play on mobile and desktop devices.

Can I play Da Vinci Diamonds slots for free?

Da Vinci Diamonds is available to play as a demo slots game here at Slots Temple. No deposit required.

What is the RTP of Da Vinci Diamonds?

The long-term average expected payout of DaVinci Diamonds is 94.94%.

Can I play Da Vinci Diamonds for real money?

To play Da Vinci Diamonds for real money prizes, you'll have to sign up to an online casino that carries IGT slots and make a deposit.

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