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Wolf Run Slot

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Wolf Run is an online slot created by IGT that has 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 fixed paylines. The main attraction of Wolf Run is the free-spins feature which is where the premium symbols be...come stacked across all reels.

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Introduction to Wolf Run

When you first see Wolf Run on your screen, you will know that the developers have designed a real treat for slots lovers. The opening screen is very atmospheric, with a deep blue sky sitting above purple and black bands of horizon and the wolf of the title silhouetted against an imposing orange moon. The wolf is howling, no doubt at this large moon, and the entire effect is one of dominant nature forces, the call of the wild, and an element of mysteries that go beyond the normal machinations of day to day life.

You can see that the design of the game has been carefully thought out, with a type face that is elegant and a paw print standing in for the O in wolf. Even better, this game has been designed to be available in whatever far-flung landscape you may be traversing as this amazing game is available on desktop PC, mobile and tablet.

The wolf is a symbol of the wild in many ways. It is very much a creature of the wilderness, being native to the remotest corners of North America, Europe and Asia. It is no coincidence that a person who likes to be solitary and do things their own way is often called a lone wolf. The wolf is the biggest member of the canine family.

It is a handsome creature despite not being cuddly like the domestic dog in any way. Despite its fearsome reputation, the wolf actually is extremely necessary in nature to maintain balance, and the presence of wolves is beneficial to the environment. Wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park just over 20 years ago, and ecologists were astounded by how many ecosystems benefited from their presence, with local populations of other animals and species increasing. That just goes to show that having a wolf or two in your life is a good thing!

Wolves have often been a target for hunters, but IGT recognise the power and the allure of the wolf. The designers of Wolf Run know that playing this compelling game will be beneficial to players' levels of excitement and entertainment while bringing many opportunities for hunting rich rewards their way.

It is time to stop howling at the moon over the lack of a great wolf-themed slots game and get down to playing. As the opening screen of Wolf Run promises, there are Stacked Wilds in this game that will bring players even more chances to win and may possibly lead to howling at the moon with joy. Players may even hear a bit of howling as they play the game. If wolves have ever made you nervous, this is the time to face that fear and become one with the wolf because the closer you get to this awe-inspiring, handsome creature, the more wins you will have.

How to play Wolf Run from IGT

When you finally reach the playing screen for Wolf Run, you will see that the imaginative team behind the game have provided five reels, four rows and 40 ruggedly enticing paylines for your playing pleasure. The aim of this superb game is to line up as many matching combinations on the reels as possible to unlock the game's fantastic rewards and gain access to the game's fabulous bonus features.

The icons on the screen include wolves in various settings, and there are brightly coloured Bonus icons among others that add rich hues to the reels. These wolves appear to live in a North American forest and have some acquaintance with Native American culture, which also has some influence on the design of the game. Behind the reels, you can see glimpses of the deep forest that the wolves call home. At the base of the screen, there are rows of wolf paw prints, which is a nice touch.

Getting started with this game is quite simple. You just need to click on the Spin button, which is the large yellow rectangle in the bottom right corner of the screen. The object is to line up winning combinations of symbols. With 40 paylines, it is possible to win several rewards with wins on a number of paylines in one spin. If you line up several wins during one spin, the winning paylines will appear on the screen and the total winnings for the round will be displayed in the long, thin rectangle that is placed just beneath the reels.

Satisfying many players' desire for detail, the individual amounts corresponding to the win on each payline will also be displayed so you can see what your total winnings are comprised of. Your win total will also be displayed in another box that sits at the right side of the screen.

Wolf Run Slot

Wolf Run game navigation

Unlike many slots games where all the tools for playing the game are arranged along the bottom of the screen, these tools and controls are stacked on the right side of the screen in Wolf Run. At the bottom of the stack is the Spin button, which is probably the most important.
Above this is the blue Line Bet box, which displays how much you are wagering per line for each spin of the game.

Adjusting your bet per line is easy. All you need to do is click on the Line Bet box and a panel will appear beneath the reels. This panel is also labelled Line Bet, and it is basically a place where you can increase or decrease your bet per line by clicking on the arrows at the right and left sides of the panel. The arrow at the level decreases the bet and has a minus sign on it. The arrow at the right side of the panel increase the bet and bear a plus sign. A bet of one credit per line is the lowest bet the game will accept, which means a total wager of 40 credits per round when playing 40 paylines. If you click on the bet-raising arrow, the bet per line increases to two credits and then three credits before making a small jump to five credits.

The next click on the bet-raising arrow will take you to a bet of 10 credits per line. Clicking again on the bet-raising arrow will take you to a wager of 20 credits per line. The next bet up this scale is 30 credits per line, followed by 50 credits per line. Of course, you need quite a large balance to wager these kinds of amounts, and the game may point out at some point that there are not enough credits in your account to cover the bet, which means you may have to decrease the wager to one that your balance can accommodate before you can spin again.

After a wager of 50 credits per line, the next click on the bet-raising arrow takes you to a wager of 100 credits per line, which is the third-highest wager you can make. The next wager level is 200 credits per line, and the biggest wager of all is 300 credits per line, which is a mighty 12,000 credits per spin. You will probably need to be one high-rolling wolf to be making wagers of this size, though it is good to know that the game can satisfy the urge to push things to the limit, a bit like the wolf does as he prowls through his domain.

When you have finished adjusting your wager, you can close the bet adjustment panel by clicking on the yellow square with the X on it to the right side of the panel. Above the line bet rectangle is another one that says Lines 40, in case you had forgotten that there are 40 paylines giving you multiple chances to win every time you spin the reels in Wolf Run.
Above the maroon box that tells you that you are playing 40 paylines in the game, there is a larger black panel where you'll find the nitty gritty of the numbers for each game. The top figure in this panel tells you what your balance is, or how many credits you have to play with and wager. It is helpfully labelled "Balance".

Beneath this figure is written "Total Bet", and this tells you have much you are wagering per round, which is 40 times whatever amount you have chosen to bet per line. It is very useful to have this information prominently and clearly displayed. This panel remains near the upper right portion of the screen during play, so you never lose track of what you wager is or how much remains in your balance. Many players will appreciate the convenience of this display.

Call of the Wolf Run Wild

Wolf Run naturally has a Wild symbol, and this is the icon in which the wolf howls at the moon in silhouette. This is a great symbol for the game while also being an iconic symbol of the wildness and remoteness from civilization in general. In any case, you will be pleased to see the wolf Wild as this means that there will be more furry chances for you to win great rewards. It is a beautiful-looking symbol, with its border of teal framing the wolf against the moon. The landscape is rendered in a deep blue against the navy inkiness of the sky, with the wolf a dark figure against the citrusy tones of the round lunar orb.

This Wild will substitute for all other symbols on the reels except the Bonus symbol, which should help to form more of those matching and winning combinations. In addition, this wolf Wild is a very valuable symbol in its own right. If you look at the game's Paytable for Wolf Run, you will see that this symbol is actually the most valuable one in the entire game, with the biggest payouts. Match up four of these howling wolves and you will receive a very robust payout of 200x your total bet for the round, but if you manage to match up five of the howling beasts, you will acquire an extremely impressive payout of 1,000 times your total stake for the game. That kind of prize is definitely worth a few yowls at the moon - or even the sun.

The developers have made sure that there are plenty of wolves on the reels ready to bring you lots of rich rewards. In the base game, the game's Stacked Wilds feature means that there are groups of four or even more consecutive Wolf Run wild symbols to help you accumulate more winning combinations and more exciting rewards. When you get to the free spins Bonus Game, the Stacked Wilds come into play again as an even more powerful force of nature to help you stack up further winning combinations and accumulate even more wins faster than a wolf would gobble up a lamb fillet.

Wolves Mean Big Payouts in Wolf Run

There are more wolves on the reels than just the howling wolf Wild. There is also the handsome white wolf, whose face adorns another symbol. This noble fellow will reward the player with a splendid payout of 100 times the total bet when you line up four of his elegant features. If you manage to locate five of this splendid creature as he gallops through the forest, you will be rewarded with a juicy 400-times payout on your original bet.

Another handsome fellow prowling the reels is the brown wolf. He may be shy of contact, but if you choose to be his friend and welcome him onto the reels, this will pay off handsomely. Line up three of the brown wolf and you will receive a payout that is 25 times the total wager for that round. Entice four furry brown wolves onto your reels and the payout will be an imposing 100 times your total wager for that round. Gathering five of these handsome wolves means an even bigger payout, and lining up a quintuplet means a payout that is a mighty 400 times your total wager for that round. More wolves mean more fun and more rewards. It is a simple but very satisfying combination.

In addition, this game benefits from an immensely atmospheric and beautifully presented soundtrack. As you are playing, you will hear your new wolf friends howling from time to time, just to remind you that they are still out there in the forest and ready to leap on to the reels at any moment to help you win some amazing prizes. When you do win these amazing prizes, the soundtrack will help add to the celebratory atmosphere with some jubilant sounds.

Fans of this great slots game really enjoy the fast action, quick game play and plentiful rewards that this game delivers. It is not complicated to understand or play, so it is easy to get in there among the wolves and start generating great action and big rewards straight away.

When you do score a great success on Wolf Run, there is no need to keep the news to yourself. Share it with the world courtesy of the handy Tweet button at the top of the reels toward the right. Of course, you will need a Twitter account to do this, but Twitter is free and easy to set up, and it is a great way of sharing information about your slots success with all kinds of people around the world.

Wolf Run Slot
Max-win 1,000x
Wolf Run Slot
Volatility Low
Wolf Run Slot
Top RTP 94.98%

Wolf Run Bonus Spins

It is hard to miss the Bonus symbol on the reels of Wolf Run as it is quite colourful, with its red background, purple disc in the middle, and "Bonus" written across it in large yellow letters. You will be pleased to see this symbol appear on the reels as it means more excitement and more chances to collect those great rewards.

The Bonus symbol only appears on reels two, three and four. You need to collect three of these symbols on those middle reels to unlock the bonus feature. In addition, your wager for that round will be doubled. The big excitement that is the main part of the Bonus game is the free spins. You will win five free spins when you trigger the Bonus game. Even better, if you land more Bonus symbols during your free spins, you can trigger further free spins.

To make things even more exciting, all your wins during the free spins will be doubled. Any prizes that you win with retriggered free spins will be doubled as well. This is a lot of doubling, and it will really make sure that those prizes accumulate in a very satisfying way.

That is not all that you have to look forward to during the Bonus round of Wolf Run. In addition to all of these features, the Bonus game is where you will experience the game's Stacked Wilds phenomenon. These Stacked Wilds can occur on any of the five reels, and these will really boost your winnings in a significant way.

Thanks to the fabulous design of Wolf Run and its Bonus feature, if you are fortunate enough to keep landing those Bonus symbols on those centre three reels, you can keep retriggering the Bonus feature and continue playing with free spins and those delectable Stacked Wilds that will have the wolves clustering on the reels and bringing you plenty more great prizes. There is a limit to how many times you can retrigger this fantastic Bonus feature, but with some skilful spinning of the reels, you could manage to accumulate 255 amazing free spins for yourself.

Imagine 255 free spins with a 2x multiplier and Stacked Wilds all bringing you lots of winning combinations and incredible prizes. That kind of good fortune is definitely worth running through the forest to perch on a rock and utter a grateful howl at the moon. If that doesn't appeal, perhaps a nice haunch of roast beef for dinner is in order?

According to its development company, Wolf Run is the most popular slots game with 40 paylines in the world, and with all these fantastic features - not to mention those increasingly adorable furry wolves - it is not hard to see why. Between the exciting action, the spirit of the wolf and the incredibly rich rewards, this is a game to savour.

Wolf Run's compelling design

Another feature of this game is the Native American symbols on the reels. Wolf Run is set in a North American forest, so there will be reminders that wolves are not the only creatures to have roamed the dark depths of these woodlands, pastures and rocky landscapes.
There are two Native American symbols on the reels of Wolf Run. One is a kind of totem figure in shades of red with a purple disc in the background that appears to reference owls. Birds and native creatures played important roles in the lives of Native Americans, especially when they were living nomadic lives in the forests and on the prairies of North America.

The other Native American symbol is rendered in shades of terra cotta on a green disc to help it stand out on the reels. This symbol looks like it could have been a deity of some kind for the Native American tribe that created it. What it actually signifies is possibly of less importance to players of this game than what this symbol is worth on the reels.

Both of the Native American symbols deliver the same payouts when you land them on the reels. Three of either of the Native American symbols will mean that you win a payout that is 20 times your total wager for that spin. If you manage to land four of either of the Native American symbols on the reels, you will win a payout of 75 times your wager for the game. If you are fortunate enough to gather five of those Native American symbols on the reels, you will be rewarded with an impressive payout that is 250 times your total wager for the spin. However, the Native American symbols are not interchangeable. To win the big prizes of four or five Native American symbols, they need to be four or five of the same Native American symbols. They may deliver the same payouts, but they need to match on the reels to deliver rewards. To win big with these symbols, you will need to land four or five Native American symbols that are all the same.

The Wolf Run paytable

If you want to see the paytable for this game, you need to look at the top of the reels on the right side, just above where the Balance and Total Bet per game panel is found. Here you will see a small beige or gold-coloured box that has a small double arrow pointing down. If you click on this, you will bring up another panel below the arrows. This panel has three elements in it.

The first one says "Home". Beneath this is another element with "Game Rules" written on it, and below that is the last element, with "Paytable" on it. These elements are a long, thin rectangular shape, and at the far right side, there is a small arrowhead pointing right. To see the Paytable, click on the arrow at the right side of the Paytable element. When you do this, the Paytable will appear, and it will cover the reels.

The Paytable is set out quite clearly, with all the symbols in a grid and the payouts listed next to them, in columns of what players receive for lining up five symbols, four symbols and three symbols. The most valuable symbols of the game are found at the top of the table, with the most valuable symbol being the howling Wolf Wild, which pays a magnificent 1,000 times the total bet when you line up five of this icon.

The next icons listed on the paytable are the wolves of the game, which are the brown wolf and the white wolf. The next icons listed are the Native American totem symbols. Beneath these are the card symbols. King and Ace are the most valuable of these, delivering a very worthwhile 150 times payout on the total bet should you be lucky enough to line up five of them on the reels.

At the bottom of the Paytable is the 9 symbol. This card symbol is rendered in an alluring orange shade and still delivers quite a decent payout, giving players a 100 times return on their total wager for the round should they line up five of this symbol on the reels. Lining up three of these symbols will deliver a payout of five times the total wager for the round. This is also true for all of the card symbols, including King, Ace, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9.

There is a separate paytable for the free spins bonus feature. The values do not appear to really differ, but the symbols on the reels do change during the bonus. Symbols such as the Native American symbols and the card symbols had white backgrounds during the base game; during the free spins bonus games, these symbols will now have black backgrounds.

As before, the howling wolf Wild is still the most valuable icon in the game, and five of them will still pay out a massive 1,000 times the total wager for the round. However, with the Stacked Wilds feature of the Bonus round, the chances of collecting those five howling wolves are increased substantially, which gives you many more chances to collect this rich and satisfying reward.

Changing the colour of the background for the Bonus feature is a really nice touch for this game, and it is this kind of attention to detail that continues to inspire players and help to make Wolf Run one of the most popular and beloved slots games available today.

When you have finished looking at the paytable, you can close the panel by clicking on the X in the small yellow box at the top right corner of the panel. To the far left of the panel at the same level as this box, you'll find two blue arrows that allow you to move through the different pages of this Paytable section. You may want to click on the arrows and have a look at the details of the 40 paylines or examine more information about how the game pays out its rewards and prizes.

If you return to the gold box with the double downward arrow, you can click on this gain and return to the three long segments already mentioned. The middle one is labelled Game Rules, and by clicking on the arrow at the right end of the segment, you will be taken to some more pages of information about the game. There are additional details on the Stacked Wilds feature and some more information on how to adjust your bet during the game, which has been discussed already. There is also more information about the free spins bonus in case you want to read more about this.

There is an additional page that sets out some rules for the game, and it is probably worthwhile to take a look at those and make sure that you are familiar with them. Again, to close this section of the game, there is a small yellow box with an X in it, and clicking on this will return you to the base game. To scroll through the different pages of this section, you simply click on the blue arrows at the top left side of the information pages.

If you have clicked on the gold box to reveal the three segments and decided that you don't need to look at them after all, there is a gold box with an X on it at the top right of the segments. Clicking on that will return the segments to their place of digital repose so you can get on with playing the base game.

When you first launch the game, there will be a panel asking players whether or not they wish to have the soundtrack playing while they are enjoying the game. You have the option of clicking the yes or no box. If you click yes, you will be treated to the full and evocative atmosphere of the Wolf Run soundtrack.

Other versions of Wolf Run

Some versions of Wolf Run may have the navigation tools arranged along the bottom of the screen. If you are playing this version, the yellow Spin button will be in the centre of this array. The Line Bet set up may be slightly different, but it will have a panel on the screen where you can easily adjust the bet up or down using the small arrows at the sides. At the far left, there may also be a small panel where the number of lines you can play are displayed, and you may be able to stay with playing the maximum 40 lines or decrease this to a lower number depending on how you feel. There might also be separate panels displaying your balance and your wins to the right of the central Spin button. At the far right, there may be a small blue disc with a spanner icon. By clicking this, you will be able to access various settings functions for the game.

The Paytable should still be accessible at the top right corner of the reels. It may be a small blue lozenge with Paytable written helpfully on it. Clicking on this will take you to more information about the symbols and what they are worth. When you have this blue lozenge for accessing the Paytable, there may also be a small button where you can switch the soundtrack on and off, along with another small button that has a question mark on it.

Clicking on the question mark button will take you to panels where you will be able to access more information about the game and its rich rewards. A deep green forest setting will still be the backdrop for playing the base game. Whatever version you are playing, you will be enjoying the very best in slots entertainment and will have the chance to win a large range of great prizes.

Some background on Wolf Run maker IGT

This dynamic company is a global leader in slots gaming entertainment. The letters stand for International Game Technology, and the company is a leading provider of technology, services and products, especially end-to-end gaming solutions. The company is based in the UK and has offices in Italy and America. The company is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company is incredibly successful and employs more than 12,000 people throughout the world.

The company's mission is to be a world leader in providing innovative and imaginative slots games. The company also works in other areas, such as digital, social gaming and lottery, and operates across channels including web, mobile and retail. The company produces superb gaming and content, which is why so many players are devoted to their games. Wolf Run is yet another example of their successful formula of creating wonderful entertainment that also delivers exciting slots action wherever players happen to be and on whatever devices players wish to use. This company is a major force in gaming action and its slots are always of the highest quality, giving players the latest and most technologically developed imaginative content.

Disclaimer: Wolf Run trademark / license is owned by IGT. This site is not endorsed by IGT.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Wolf Run
Software: IGT
RTP: 94.98%
Volatility: Low volatility
Paylines: 40
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): $0.40 (CAD)
Max Bet: $800 (CAD)
Top Win: 1000
Features: Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Free Spins, Low volatility, 5 Reels

Wolf Run FAQs

What is the RTP of Wolf Run?

Wolf Run from IGT has an RTP (return to player) of a 94.98%.

What bonuses can I win in Wolf Run?

Wolf Run features free spins and stacked wilds.

Is Wolf Run a high volatility game?

Wolf Run is a medium volatility online slot, which means that you're likely to cash in on prizes more consistently than you would on a high volatility game.

What is the biggest win possible in Wolf Run?

The largest payout that you can cash in on in Wolf Run is worth 1000x your stake.

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