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Stacked Symbols Slots - List of Slots with the Stacked Symbol Feature

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How does a stacked symbols slot work?

If you are unsure as to what a stacked symbol is, simply put, it is when the same symbol appears on top of another, which is more commonly known as stacked on top. There are many slots out there that include these symbols as one of their features. Some of these will have one specific symbol that can appear stacked - usually the wild - whilst others will enable full reels to be covered with various stacked symbols. This means that with this type of slot, you could end up with the entire reel set covered in the same stacked symbol.

Stacked symbols may feature in the main base game; alternatively, some slots will save the fun for their bonus game or special feature. This is now quite a common occurrence in modern slots and one that can help you to come away with a pretty huge prize.

Some of the most popular stacked symbol slots

Black Widow

In this mysterious, crime-based IGT slot, the stacked symbols differ with each spin. Rather than there being one specific symbol that can appear stacked, a random one is chosen before each spin. This means that the stacked symbol will change each time the reels land, upping the excitement and leaving you hoping that you might just find the chosen symbol to cover the reel. Just be careful that the Black Widow doesn’t capture you in the process, particularly if you are of the male persuasion.

Jungle Giants

Another variation of the stacked symbols comes in the form of giant symbols. These appear in Playtech’s Jungle Giants, where singular symbols appear stacked to form one giant symbol. Rather than your standard stacked symbols, which will only appear on top of each other, these symbols can expand to the sides; in turn, this creates one huge symbol to increase your chances of winning.


This steampunk-inspired slot does a great job of using stacked symbols to create an interesting and exciting game to play. Game maker Microgaming has utilised the character symbols Victoria and Maximillian, who appear as stacked and will take up the entire reel to reveal the whole figure. There are also mystery symbols, which will also be super stacked.

Double Stacks

A slot that keeps the stacked feature a little more simple is Double Stacks from game maker NetEnt. This slot looks like a traditional fruit machine-style slot that has been given a bright burst of colour to keep it looking fresh. It has two stacked features, the first of which will double the symbols on the reels to create stacked symbols. The second feature occurs during the free spins round, during which the wild symbol will appear as stacked to help increase your payout.