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High Volatility - List of Slots that have a High Volatility Rating

What Are High Volatility Slots?

Every online slot has a volatility level of either low, medium or high. This indicator lets you know how often a game pays out its prizes and how big you can expect those prizes to be. In a low volatility game, you’ll get smaller, more frequent prizes while a high volatility slot is the opposite.

In a volatility game, you’ll (potentially) get prizes that are a bit bigger than in low or medium-volatility games. However, these prizes come by a lot less frequently. As such, these games are often referred to as higher-risk slots. This means you can go on long runs without winning.

High Volatility Slot Payouts

When playing high volatility slots, you will notice that the prizes are larger than in your average slots game. Top prizes range anywhere from 500x to 100,000x your stake.

Who Will Enjoy High Volatility Slots?

As we mentioned, high volatility slots are perfect for players who want a bit of extra thrill. If you want to step outside of your comfort zone and play slots for bigger and better prizes, then these are the ideal games for you.

You should be prepared, however, for the lulls in gameplay. Prizes come along less often than they do in low and medium volatility slots, so be sure that you’re aware that these are high risk games.