Fishin Frenzy Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Introduction to Fishin Frenzy

With Fishin Frenzy, players get a real treat from Blueprint Gaming / Merkur as this game is gorgeous to look at and is all about great slots, fantastic prizes and the sense of relaxation and well-being that chasing after fish can bring. You can almost feel the sun and the salty spray. Plus, you can play this game whether you are a total land lubber sitting on the sofa, perched up a tree or even on top of a mountain. If you are cruising any of the seven seas, you can probably play it as this Blueprint Gaming / Reel Time Gaming slot is available on desktop PC, mobile and tablet. All you need is an internet connection, a device and a sense of adventure.

Lure of the deep

From the moment a player opens the screen for Fishin Frenzy, they will know that they are diving into a wonderful sea- and fish-themed game. The first screen players see is comprised mainly of enticing shades of blue, with a cheeky and vibrant fish wriggling in the centre and Fishin Frenzy written across the screen in bright, colourful letters. You just know that chasing the perky fish in this slots game is going to be a lot of fun, provide some fabulous gaming moments, and be very rewarding with lots of salty surprises.
The game has a rather hypnotic and soothing soundtrack, which ups its tempo when symbols match up to form a win on the reels. In addition, there is a rather alluring ding-ding-ding that continues while the win is being tallied. The bigger the win, the more lively the music gets, which all adds to the satisfying briny atmosphere of playing Fishin Frenzy. Blueprint Gaming / Reel Time Gaming has injected this game with plenty of seafaring action to keep players entertained while they accumulate rich rewards. In fact, Blueprint Gaming / Reel Time Gaming has designed a very responsive game, as various factors including the soundtrack change as players increase their total stake per spin. Increase the bet and listen to how the sound effects change. When you land a really big fish - or rather a really big prize - the music turns into a particularly jaunty sea shanty.

To make the game even more enticing to look at, many of the icons on the reels become animated when they are lined up to form winning combinations, so pelicans will nod their beaks, fishies will swim and the more basic icons will flash and change colour.

How to play Fishin' Frenzy

When you look at the screen for Fishin Frenzy, players will see that it is a game with five reels, three rows and up to 10 ocean-conquering ways to win. The aim of the game is to line up matching symbols on the reels and unlock some of the game’s great prizes, along with bonus features that will bring you even more prizes.

When you examine the setup for Fishin Frenzy in a little more detail, you will undoubtedly notice that most of the essential equipment you will need for fishing for prizes in this game is arranged along the bottom of the screen. The Start button is a bright green square in the bottom right corner of the screen. This is the equivalent of the Spin button found in many games, and clicking on this will set the game in motion.

Above Start, there is a small blue rectangle that is labelled Auto. This is the button to use for a faster and smoother playing experience. With this button, players can choose to set the game in continuous motion for a series of spins that only breaks to rack up prizes. In line with the relaxing feel of angling, it is easy to use the Auto setting.

Simply click on the Auto button, and you will have five automatic spins. This will be indicated by a tiny square with the number 5 in it that appears to the left of the Start and Auto buttons. If you change your mind, don’t worry; another red rectangle with Cancel on it appears above the Auto button, and you can select this to cancel the Auto order. To set your Auto spins in motion, click on the Start button. Should you decide that you want to discontinue the spins before they reach a natural conclusion, this is easy to do. When the spins start, the Start and Auto buttons both turn red. The Start button becomes a Stop button, as it does during any normal spin of the reels. The Auto button becomes a Stop Auto button, and clicking on this will finish the series of spins.

At the far left side of the bottom of the screen, there is a panel labelled Credit, and this tells you what credits you have to play with, added to any that you have won. To the right of this is a button labelled Change Lines. This button allows players to change how many lines they want to bet on quickly and very easily. Clicking on this button will allow you to choose how many lines you want to have in play. If you are only playing with one line, click on it again to play with two. Click again to go up to three lines, and keep clicking on this button to take the number of lines up. When you reach 10 lines, you have arrived at the maximum number of lines you can play each spin in Fish Frenzy and cannot go any further. After reaching 10 lines in play, if you click on the Change Lines button again, you will go back to one line in play. It is really easy to reach 10 lines again as you just keep clicking on the Change Lines button.

Changing your bet is just as easy to do. The Change Bet button is found to the right of the Change Lines button. The bet per line can start as low as 0.01 credits per line, especially if your winnings are getting a bit low or you don’t have many credits left to play with. When you total is low, clicking on Change Bet will increase your bet by 0.01 credits per click up to 0.02, then another click will take your bet up to 0.05 credits per line. The next click will take the bet per line up to 0.1 credit per line, and the following click will take it to 0.2 credits per line. The design of the game means that the bet increments are geared to the amount of money or credits that you are playing with. When there are more credits in the bank, the bet per line will go up higher and faster. The maximum bet per line is 10 credits.

To the right of the Change Bet button is a small panel labelled Total Bet, and this tells the player how much they are wagering all together every time they spin the reels. To the right of this panel is another panel labelled Bet/Line, which tells players how much they are wagering per line of the game. If you were wagering one credit per line and you were playing 10 lines during each spin, the total bet per spin would be 10 x 1, which adds up to 10 credits in total. The panels on the screen are extremely handy when you don’t feel like doing any arithmetic and just want to see at a glance how much you are wagering on each spin.

To show you which lines are helping you win those prizes, they are numbered at each side of the reels, and the successful lines are highlighted when you line up some matching symbols for a win. The lines are also highlighted for you whenever you change your bet. Blueprint Gaming / Reel Time Gaming have done a great job of making sure that the design of the game looks really pleasing, and it is really clear and informative at the same time.

All aboard for Fishin' Frenzy

Fishin Frenzy has a bright, cheerful appearance, and most of the symbols on the reels fit into the seafaring theme in one way or another. To add to the marine ambience, the reels are framed by crystal blue waters, with some coral reefs to add a bit more ocean atmosphere.

To find out more about the different features of the game and what the various symbols are worth, it is a good idea to take a look at the pay table, which can be accessed from the information button. You will find this at the top right corner of the screen, and it is a rectangular shape with an "i" in a circle on it. Click on this, and the pay table will slide down from the top of the screen, accompanied by its own distinctive whooshing sound.

When it does appear, you will see a lot more information about what the different symbols are worth. You do not need to worry about making the pay table return to its origins; after a few moments, it will go back automatically. On this fishing expedition, everything is easy!

The lowest-paying symbols are taken from the deck of cards and are the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The design is quite straightforward, but the imaginative team behind the game has given these symbols a fishy flourish where they can. The J for Jack has a fishy little tail, the zero of the 10 is shaped like a fish, and the A for Ace has a cutout in it that is shaped like a fish. Any of these symbols lined up in winning combinations essentially pay out the same amount, which is 5 times the total wager for three symbols in a winning combination, 25 times the total bet for a winning combination of four symbols, and 100 times the total bet when five of these symbols are lined up on the reels for a substantial win.

Symbols, Layout and Gameplay

There are more fishy symbols to look out for when casting your net in Fishin Frenzy. Pelicans love fish just about as much as anglers do, and you will find a beautifully rendered pelican on the reels of Fishin Frenzy holding a fish in its beak that it probably intends to consume as a tasty snack. The pelican is a really big water bird that can live up to 25 years in the wild. They are known for their long beaks and their big throats, which are perfect for catching the fish that they love so much. Pelicans often live in or around coastal waters, where there are plenty of fish for them to catch. A really large pelican can weigh more than 9 kilos.

You will be pleased the see the pelicans swoop onto the reels as they can bring more rewards your way. Even two pelicans in a winning combination will bring you a prize of 5 times your total wager. If three pelicans fly in to boost your chances of winning, you will receive a payout of 50 times your total bet. That is quite a good result, but four pelicans in a winning combination will really bring the aquatic good cheer with a prize that is 200 times the total you bet on that spin. If five-fish loving pelicans decide to grace the reels with their presence, you will definitely be in a mood to sing the praises of the sea-going life as five pelicans on a payline will reward you with a colossal payout of 2,000 times your total bet. Now that is worth fishing for.

The fishing rod is essential in the kit of a keen angler, and you will want to see it on the reels of Fishin Frenzy, too. It is mainly the reel and a bit of rod that you see when the symbol lands on the reels, but the prizes are full of fishy goodness. If three of the fishing rod symbols land on the reels in a winning combination on a payline, you will be rewarded with a payout of 30 times what you bet on that spin. If you have Neptune on your side long enough to land four fishing rods in a triumphant combo, this will mean an even bigger prize of 150 times your total wager. If, however, the sea breeze is blowing luck your way, you may end up with five fishing rods in a winning combination on a payline and be able to collect a bountiful prize of 1,000 times your total wager.

As you can probably tell by now, the picture symbols on Fishin Frenzy are worth their weight in gold-plated plankton.

The Fishin Frenzy Boat

Every boat needs its safety precautions, and the Fishin Frenzy vessel is no exception. All who sail aboard her will be pleased to know that there is a red-and-white life ring or lifebuoy should someone get too enthusiastic and fall overboard into the water. If you were on an actual boat, a life ring is an absolute necessity, and it would be attached to the boat with a line connected to the boat so that ring can be thrown to anyone in the water and give them something to hang onto until they can be rescued. Landing some of these life rings on the reels may not rescue you from the depths of the ocean, but they will bring you some welcome treats.

If three of those red-and-white life rings land on the reels in a winning combination on a payline, a prize payout of 20 times your total wager will be yours. Should four of those highly visible life rings drop onto the reels and form a winning combination of four symbols on a payline, you will be rewarded with a payout of a 100 times your total bet on that spin. The biggest payout is for five life rings matched up on a payline, and if you manage to land all of those, you won’t need rescuing from anything because you'll be full of joy at receiving an amazing payout of 500 times your total wager.

Box of Bait Symbols

Another symbol that fits into the marine theme of Fish Frenzy beautifully is the box of bait that every angler needs to equip themselves with before they go out to hook some fish. You have got to get their attention somehow, and some tasty bait is the best way to do that. The Fish Frenzy box of bait is quite a fancy one, with two levels containing all the necessary items that anglers use, from hooks and weights to the irresistible morsels that tempt those fish to swim your way. Similar to the life rings, landing three boxes of bait in a winning combination on a payline will yield a significant reward that is a payout of 20 times your total bet for the spin. That box of bait with all its tricks and interesting bits and pieces can achieve so much more when you use it correctly.

Land four boxes of bait in a winning combination on an active payline, and you will be delighted to see that you are rewarded with a mighty payout that is 100 times whatever your total wager was. That is something to celebrate with a prawn or two. What could be better than four boxes of bait? Five boxes of bait, of course! Land five of those extremely handy boxes of bait on the reels to match up and form a winning combination, and you will have an arrangement that will give you a payout of 500 times your total wager for the round. That is a prize any angler playing this game would be pleased to have.

Fish Symbols

The other picture symbol in Fishin Frenzy is the mesmerising blue-and-orange fish. These are lovely fish, designed mainly in blue and orange, which seem to be the theme colours of Fishin Frenzy. These colours are used in a delightful fashion to render these happy creatures of the sea. When these fish swim onto your reels, they will bring prizes your way.
Land three of the fish in a matching combination on a winning payline, and you will collect a glorious payout that is 10 times your total wager for the spin. A win like that will have you swimming round in circles with joy, but there is more to come. Land four of those blue and orange fishes in a matching combo on a payline, and your catch will be rewarded with a very generous payout of 50 times your total bet for the spin.

If you thought catching fish could not get any more rewarding, think again. If you are lucky enough to land five of those blue-and-orange fish to make up a winning combination on a payline, the payout on that feat will be a massive 200 times the total bet for that spin. Catching fish has never been so much fun or so well rewarded. Just knowing those rewards are out there probably makes your fingers itch to get to a device and load up the game so you can start playing for terrific prizes right away.

Fishin' Frenzy gamble feature

After a win, you will have a choice to make things more interesting and enjoy the chance to increase your winnings dramatically. Of course, you will be winning a lot and you will have plenty of chances to take advantage of this feature, but it is a good idea to be prepared and know exactly how it works.

When you score a matching combination for a prize, you can take your winnings after that win, or you can choose to wager the prize in a bonus game. If you want to take your prize, you can click on the Start button, which will be labelled with the words "Take Win". If you are in the midst of a series of auto spins, you will need to decide quickly what you want to do as the auto spins will only pause for a moment. If you want to take advantage of the gamble feature during an auto spin session, you will need to click on Stop Auto, and then you will have the chance to play the bonus game. Otherwise, the spins will just continue and that chance at the gamble feature will be gone.

If you decide to gamble, you have another choice to make. You can either hit the Red Gamble or the Black Gamble button at the bottom of the screen. It doesn’t really matter much at this point which one you pick as both take you to the same place. This is a panel where a mystery card will be vibrating for your attention in the middle. To the left of the card is a rectangular button with "Red" written on it, and to the right of the card is a rectangular button with "Black" written on it. By choosing one of these buttons, you are guessing what colour you think the suit of the mystery card might be. In addition to these buttons, the Red Gamble and Black Gamble buttons at the bottom of the screen become simply Red or Black buttons, and you can click on either of these to indicate your choice.

On this panel, there is also more information as the cards from previous rounds are displayed at the top so you can keep track of what has been happening in the gamble feature. On either side of the card and at the height of the top border of the card, small tabs are displayed that contain the amount that you could win if you make the correct choice and select the suit that corresponds to that of the vibrating mystery card.

With this interesting and versatile bonus feature, you can gamble five times in a row, which can substantially increase your winnings. You get to choose the colour of the mystery card, and you can stop and take your winnings at any point, so you can relax and play this bonus feature at your leisure for as long as you feel like it.

The long display tab between your winnings total and the Start button tells you which round of gambling you are completing. If you win the gamble, you can bet those winnings again. However, if you guess the suit of the mystery card incorrectly, the gamble feature closes down and you lose your winnings and return to the base game.

If played well, the gamble feature can be a great opportunity to add some more excitement to the game and get more mileage out of even a modest win. Even a tiny win that is gambled and doubled five times will be something to shout about. If you gambled a win five times and won every time, you would have a significant prize and would probably want to celebrate with some champagne and a delicious seafood supper.

Fishin' Frenzy Scattered to the winds

Another wonderful feature that Fishin Frenzy offers is the bonus game that is available to players when they land the Scatter symbol on the reels. The Scatter symbol itself is a boat. It's not just any old boat; it's an angler’s dream boat with enough space on it to sit and relax and a deck out back for sitting with the rod and reel and waiting for the fish to bite. In fact, the Scatter symbol boat looks like it might even be a sports fishing boat. It's almost like a more modern version of the kind that the famous author and deep sea fisherman Ernest Hemingway took to the seas in and around Cuba to reel in some giant marlin.

It sure is a handsome boat, and many people would be glad to call it theirs for a day out on the waves, and then drop anchor and enjoy a drink as the sun slips below the horizon before heading back to harbour. If a player lands enough of these boat Scatter symbols on the reels, an actual boat could be in their future with all the prizes that they will be racking up.

You will be happy to see the Scatter symbol appear on the reels as landing these means that some fun and rewarding free spins could be coming your way. You need to land at least three Scatter symbols to activate a round of free spins.

If you land three Scatter symbols, you will be rewarded with 10 fabulous free spins of the reels. If you are fortunate enough to land four Scatter symbols, your reward will be an incredible 15 free spins of the reels for collecting prizes. If you are really sailing into the big time, you could land five Scatter symbols and be treated to an amazing 20 free spins of the reels that give players unbelievable opportunities to push their winnings to the highest limits. The Scatter symbols do not need to be lined up on the reels in any particular fashion. They just need to appear on the reels to bring those bonus games and free spins your way.

To make the free spins even more fun and more rewarding, the fish symbols with different price tags on them will be appearing on the reels. In addition, there will be appearances by a cheerful-looking angler who is holding up a fish that he has caught. He will drop in on the reels in a random fashion, and then he will reel in some of those fish with the price tags just to help the player get even more value and more bonus prizes from their free spins. If you are really sailing with Lady Luck by your side, two cheerful anglers holding up their fish may appear on the reel during the free spins to reel in those bonus prize fish and make sure that all those extra rewards you are reeling in are doubled and added to your tally.

Fishin' Frenzy Imagination and innovation

Blueprint Gaming / Merkur has been a creative force in the gaming world since 2009. The company is now proud to offer more than 100 slots games, all delivering superb design, wonderful graphics and the highest levels of player entertainment. Based in Australia, this innovative game developer is a small but talented concern where the staff have plenty of expertise in developing software and combining this with a sense of fun and adventure that makes their games irresistible to players around the world. Slots produced by this company are easy to access, as their games are available online through many of the most notable web casinos. The games can be played on mobile devices, which makes them convenient for players to enjoy wherever they happen to be.

Blueprint Gaming / Merkur started with slots that were available within bricks and mortar establishments but have since moved convincingly into online gambling and have become a welcome fixture in the gaming portfolios of many countries around the world. Most of the company’s games feature five-reel setups, and they all take players on a series of adventures, whether they take place on the waves, revving it up in the fast lane with vintage racing, or even kicking up the dust with horses in the Wild West. Visually, their games feature plenty of detail and exciting animation that means players are always entertained and absorbed by what is happening on the screen.

Many of the games have compelling bonus features and free spins, which are not only thrilling but give players plenty of opportunities to win more prizes and push those winning tallies sky high - such as Slots O Gold. Blueprint Gaming / Reel Time Gaming also addresses fantasy themes with mythical creatures, and it tackles unusual storylines emanating from the worlds of science and alchemy that you don’t see very often. Other games take players to the life-and-death atmosphere of a Spanish bull fight, and there are games with a more humorous approach. In Holey Moley, for example, the game follows the antics of a mole with spectacles who scurries around his breezy cartoon kingdom helping players win free spins with the assistance of a wild mole symbol. Speaking of wilds, some slots games from this great company even feature sticky wilds to add to the fun and make sure players collect even more rewards.

For slots that are filled with bold colours and exciting bonus action, Blueprint Gaming / Reel Time Gaming is a company to watch.
Just as there isn’t enough time to go fishing on the real ocean as often as one would like, there are not enough slots game in the reel ocean, either. Fishin Frenzy is a fabulous game that combines slots action with all the fun of fishing, and it has been deservedly popular with all kinds of players who appreciate its style and rhythm. Have fun playing Fishin Frenzy, and may your catch of the day bring you plenty of excitement, bucket loads of relaxation and an ocean full of delightful prizes whenever you load it up on your screen.

Fishin Frenzy FAQs

🐟 Can I play Fishin' Frenzy Slot for Free?

Yes, you can give Fishin' Frenzy slots a spin for free here at Slots Temple. Just scroll up and click on "play demo".

🐟 Does Fishin' Frenzy Slot have Free Spins?

Yes, you need to land at least three Scatter symbols to activate a round of free spins. If you are after a free spins offer to try the game at an online casino you might like to try BGO - they currently have a 10 free spins offer on Fishin Frenzy.

🐟 Can I win real money playing Fishin' Frenzy Slot?

If you are over 18 then you can register at a casino which has Fishin' Frenzy, make a deposit and play for cash. You're not guaranteed to win (payout of 96.12% suggests odds are against) but it's possible.

🐟 Can I Play Fishin' Frenzy Slot without making a deposit?

To play Fishin' Frenzy slot for real money without making a deposit you need to find a free spins welcome offer like the one currently available at BGO - 10 Free Spins on Fishin' Frenzy on registration.

🐟 Can I Download Fishin' Frenzy Slot?

Fishin' Frenzy slot might be available within some casinos downloaded software, however these days instant play via desktop or mobile by launching the HTML game is more common.  

* Fishin Frenzy trademark / license is owned by Blueprint Gaming, Merkur Gaming, Reel Time Gaming. This site is not endorsed by Blueprint Gaming, Merkur Gaming, Reel Time Gaming.

Game Name: Fishin Frenzy
Software: Blueprint Gaming, Merkur Gaming, Reel Time Gaming
Themes: Animals, Fishing, Nature, Sea life
Volatility: Medium volatility
Features: Bonus Game Wild Symbol Free Spins Medium volatility 5 Reels
Paylines: 10
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.2
Max Bet: 400
Top Win: 10000
RTP: 96.12%
User Reviews
Overall score: 3.8 out of 5 stars
M MaskedMan
Gone Fishin' 04/12/2019

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this game, I have both won and lost big on it in the past! Sometime the 96.12% RTP seems a million miles away! Love the felling of hitting the x5 scatters for x20 free spins!

P Player1Slots
Good potential 30/11/2019

Always enjoy Blueprint Games and this one has plenty of potential. Plenty of free spins though so far have only landed 10 but still walked away with some nice wins. Its pretty basic tho and I’m a sucker for Megaways so will probably play that version next at Slots Temple.

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