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The company was established in 2011 with the aim of developing systems and content for the gaming markets both in the UK and on a global basis. The team behind Betdigital comes with more than 50 years of experience between them in developing and marketing gaming systems. Combined with their desire to offer a greater variety of cross-platform content, this has enabled the business to grow quickly into an important cog in the gaming world.

Multi-Platform Approach

The team at Betdigital created System X, which is a multi-platform interface that enables a single game to be accessed on a variety of platforms using a common interface. This reduces the time and cost of development, makes the system easily upgradable, and offers a stable platform.

System X was the first real cross-platform approach in the industry and it gained interest from across the sector, including online gaming developers who wanted to make their content available on land-based systems.

Rapid Integration And Development

Betdigital has also developed the Game Rapid Integration and Development System (GRID), which is a framework that provides a quick game development process. The system can be configured easily using XML files so that developers can create high-quality games in short periods of time.

GRID also works in conjunction with System X to offer even faster platform integration, and the whole development cycle can take a matter of weeks, with the release and deployment of games able to take only a day in order to get games into the public domain quickly.

Betdigital works with its customers to fully integrate a multiple platform approach and can deal with all elements of the process, including compliance requirements, so that products reach the market as soon as possible.

The Future Approach

In May 2016, Betdigital was acquired by NYX Gaming Group Limited, which is one of the leading technology and content suppliers to casinos, gaming companies and lotteries in the world. The business is based in Las Vegas, US, and employs more than 1,100 people across 14 countries in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

It has one of the biggest content and technology portfolios in the world and one of the widest distribution bases. This acquisition will provide development opportunities for both parties.

Popular Games

Some of Betdigital’s most popular titles include Wild Jewels, a 5-reel slot with Expanding Wilds where you need to match up the precious gems to win big; and Super Pots Bar-X, which features classic symbols across its 20 paylines, including the X and O symbols and the bar icons, for players who enjoy a retro experience.

We have a number of Betdigital titles available to play on this site covering a range of styles and themes, so there will be an online slot that appeals to you.

Betdigital Slots FAQs

Do Betdigital just offer slots?

No; Betdigital’s slot offering is actually just a small selection of their overall portfolio. They offer a range of products, most notably of which is their GRID and SystemX platform - a gaming engine that allows operators to take their content to the land-based gaming industry.

Do they have a partnership with Scientific Gaming?

Yes; Betdigital’s games are, primarily, delivered through Scientific Gaming’s NYX platform. This allows their games to be pushed out to a wider number of online casinos than were they doing it themselves. However, they do have some deals with specific online casinos.

When was Betdigital founded?

Betdigital was established back in 2011.

Where is Betdigital located?

The company is British, and has their offices located in the famous city of Oxford.