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Endemol is a television production company that also develops online casino games. Established in 1994, the company has produced over 500 different television shows in 200 countries around the world. That’s why it is the perfect studio to develop branded slots based on the most popular TV series on the air today. Endemol Shine was created in 2015 when Endemol merged with Shine Group.

Quality Television Entertainment

If the name Endemol sounds familiar, that’s probably because at least one of your favourite shows has been produced by this company. This Dutch-based media powerhouse has been around since 1994 and has produced hundreds of television shows in this time. Every year, Endemol Shine programs 40 000 hours of television in 200 countries around the world. These are just a few of the shows that you’ve likely seen that have come from Endemol:

That’s why you’ll find that most of Endemol’s online slots are based on popular television shows. One of the company’s most popular games is Deal or No Deal, which has become a huge hit at online casinos across the web.

Branded Casino Content

Branded games are the biggest trend in online slots gaming today. The present pop culture fans with a whole new way to interact with their favourite television shows, movies, celebrities and musicians using thrilling gameplay. When it comes to creating branded slots, it is important for games developers to be careful and concise in order not to alienate fans of the source content. Since Endemol already produces the shows on which the slots are based, you can always rely on these games to feature appropriate bonuses and impressive graphics.

Recently, Endemol and Endemol Shine have been branching out into more original content. Oliver Twist, for example, is a novel and a musical but the developer has put a new spin on it to make the content its own. You’ll see this tactic with plenty of slots developers, who recreate fairy tales in their own vision. While it’s not entirely-unbranded, it does diversify Endemol’s online slots catalogue.

Cross-Platform Development

You can play Endemol slots on both mobile and desktop devices. The games are developed using cross-platform technology that means that you can give them a spin using your tablet, smartphone or PC without having to download any software. This innovative approach to games development caters to the need of more modern players who prefer to have their favourite games instantly available at their fingertips.

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