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Games Lab now has more than 300 slot games in its repertoire, bringing vivid colour, creativity and enjoyment to each one. The niche for social slots has been developed with their Slots Central project, which has increased in popularity on Facebook and via a mobile app. This collection has grown to now encompass more than 24 games, such as River Wild and Run Rabbit, with over 300,000 players. In addition, some are available in real-world casinos and as paid online games.

Specialist Software And Talents

Games Lab designs and develops their imaginative offerings from their studio base in Chatswood, where more than 50 staff now head up the robust, talent-filled team. All design, development, management, 3D animations and soundtracks are handled in-house, and this collective power behind Games Lab makes them a strong contender in the industry.

The talent at their disposal from their multidisciplinary team and their use of advanced software mean they are best placed for top-of-the-range gaming. It also makes them an ideal choice when it comes to tailor-made games, customised and made to measure with the specifics a client or online casino requests. Games Lab devise stunning storyboards to meet client specifications, but they are also skilled enough to start with initial concepts and build these from the bare bones themselves in line with the client’s vision.

Games Lab offerings are perhaps most revered for their aesthetics. Artists and designers combine efforts to come up with gorgeous graphics and beautiful animations. Their fantasy art is something to marvel at. From elves to dragons, the team conjure up results that are cinematic in effect. Themes and environments are brought to life in vivid detail with bold, plush colours that welcome the eye and invite the player into the fantasy world. Sound effects and soundtracks complement each game to bring out the theme and truly engage players in an immersive, memorable experience.

Games Lab pay attention to both the bigger and the smaller, poignant details that keep gamers coming back for more. They ensure gameplay is smooth, working from a conceptual idea through to the fine details to ensure it is engaging, entertaining and efficient when it comes to user experience. The user interface is therefore a key consideration, so gamers can expect straightforward controls and layouts that are seamlessly integrated into the game.

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